If you came to this page, I can assume that you are the lucky owner of a smartphone 🙂 And therefore, I highly recommend that you use the Aviazails application for smartphones.

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I’ve been using the mobile application for a long time, it’s convenient if you are looking for tickets not only from a computer (home or work), but also, for example, in traffic. Or you need to quickly check the ticket price — do not turn on the same for this computer. I told how to use the Aviasales site in this article , and here I will show the main functionality of the mobile application.

So, after downloading, open the application and get to the main screen. Here you can either proceed immediately to the search, or familiarize yourself with the functionality of the application. In order to see what the application can do, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner.

air sales mobile versionI’ll tell you about the search later. Now briefly about other functions. I highlighted the functions “History”, “Price Map” and a very interesting function (rather, for convenience) — “Passengers”

aviasales app



In the history, you can see, accordingly, your search history, and if necessary return to this search and, perhaps, this time, find a suitable ticket.

air sales application
My story — the search was unsuccessful)))

 Price map — an analogue of the price map, which is presented on the main site. The bottom line is to find a suitable ticket from your city, taking into account the dates, your budget and some other parameters. To set these parameters, you need to click on the “levers” in the upper right part of the screen, then a new window will open.

buy tickets airline sales application

air sales application map
Create filters for your Price Chart

Once you have found a ticket on the map, click “Find” and proceed to the reservation.

An interesting feature that was introduced relatively recently — “Passengers”. Here you can enter your data so that every time you buy a ticket, you do not have to enter it, and accordingly, in a cold sweat, do not double-check whether you made a mistake in the passport number (I judge by myself). Simply check everything once and book it calmly. In addition, there it is proposed to photograph the bottom line of your foreign country, and then the data will be entered automatically.

tickets in the aviasales app

Now back to the Search. Let’s look for tickets from Moscow to Bangkok for May. Enter the data, click «Search for tickets»

how to buy tickets in the mobile version of air sales

In the search results, note the following. There is a price calendar by which you can choose the dates when it is most profitable to fly, and also at the top you can see direct flights and the “best” ones.

aviasales application buy a ticket

If a flight with a transfer in this case costs 24 800 rubles, then a direct flight is only 1000 rubles more expensive, namely 25 800 rubles. In addition, a direct flight is operated by Aeroflot. Personally, I am accumulating miles of this airline, so if I bought a ticket, I would choose this option.

find cheap aviasales ticket

By the way, there are also some useful tools here — filters, sorting, and a price calendar. There are a lot of filters — this is the number of transfers, and their duration, and the airline, and even the airport of transfers (if you fly with a connection).

aviasales mobile app

You can also sort by different indicators (by departure, by duration, by rating), and not just by price

mobile sales application

In the price calendar we see prices for the coming dates. The minimum prices are May 6, 10 and 13. You can mark “direct flights only” and compare them

air sales calendar application

Since I am satisfied with the Moscow-Bangkok option on Aeroflot’s direct flight, I’m moving on to buying a ticket. You can buy tickets on various sites, including the airline’s website. To see the list, click on the price.

buy a ticket in the aviasales mobile app

how to use the aviasales app

As you can see, the price on the airline’s website does not differ at all. Other things being equal, I would prefer to buy it on the airline’s website. But this is my personal opinion 🙂 Go to the Aeroflot website, enter all the data there and buy a ticket!

buy a ticket from mobile

That’s all, we can prepare for the trip. Remember to get health insurance no matter which country you go to. Read more about travel insurance here .

All cheap tickets and unforgettable travel!

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