We went to Zurich after visiting Lucerne, and since that day we planned to drop into Liechtenstein , and by evening it was already necessary to be in Germany, the visit to Zurich was in the style of “galloping across Europe.” Looking ahead, I’ll say that Zurich didn’t impress me personally, and even made adjustments to our budget with magnets of 8 euros 🙂 I will tell everything in order and, of course, I will give useful information about attractions, hotels, and excursions.


How to get to Zurich from Europe and Switzerland

If you are not already reading the first article on my blog, then you know that we stopped in Switzerland for 1.5 days as part of our auto-trip to the countries of central Europe. Behind were Lugano , a monument to Suvorov at the Devil’s Bridge (as well as a real mountain pass) , Reichenbach Falls and Lucerne .

We rented cars for travel in Prague (booked in advance through this site ).

I search tickets through skyscanner search engine ( instructions ) or through the calendar of low prices of jetradar.


Alternative: how to get from Memmingen to Zurich

Those who want to save on flights to Zurich can take advantage of a bunch of air + bus. You can fly to Memmingen Airport (Germany) 

And then – on the airport shuttle http://www.allgaeu-airport-express.de/ (not every day) – for 34.50 €, or from Memmingen to Flixbus ( my review ) to Zurich. Direct flight from 15 €. Conveniently search on omio.com

memmingen zurich how to get

Zurich can also be reached from other cities.

From Zurich Airport to the city

There is a the article about Zurich airport , it describes in detail how, on what and how much to get to the center of Zurich and other cities. In short, there are the following options:

  1. Transfer from 62 €
  2. By train from 6CHF (about $ 6)
  3. By tram for 6.60 CHF
  4. By bus from 5CHF
  5. On a shuttle from 15 CHF
  6. On a rented car from 28 euros per day.

car rental in zurich

Car rental in Zurich

You can get to the city center, as well as go on a further trip to Switzerland and other countries by renting a car. There is an article on the blog about car rental on travel, where I described the basic principles and methods of renting, as well as the necessary documents.

You can rent a car both at the Zurich airport, and in the city, and at the central train station. To find the best option, I recommend using services such as the above rentalcars.com or autoeurope.ru , specializing in car rental in Europe.

At the airport, the choice of rental companies is wider. Prices for economy cars from 270 € per week. For example, VW Polo at Europcar


Zurich car hire


By the way, exactly the same car when renting directly on the Europcar website (on the same dates!) Will cost 10 € more!


car rental zurich airport


You should not be afraid of such a difference, simply large brokers offer a “wholesale” price, as more armor passes through them.

Zurich attractions

Zurich old town
In the center of the old town


I turn to the sights, tell you what you can visit in Zurich in a couple of hours and what to see if you have a little more time. Zurich is “famous” for its prices and is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Therefore, I will start with free attractions.


Zurich attractions in 1 day
You can walk around the city streets for free 🙂
  • Bahnhofstrasse is the main pedestrian street of the city with many shops, expensive boutiques, restaurants. The length of the Bahnhofstrasse is 1200 meters. Numerous fountains, ancient houses, elements of modern art are generally accessible. But for shopping or for lunch in a restaurant you have to fork out well.
  • The promenade around Lake Zurich is completely free entertainment available at any time of the city. And there are swans on the lake.
Zurich attractions what to see
Swans on Lake Zurich
  • Lindenhof is a square located on a hill in Old Zurich. One of the most popular free attractions with panoramic views of the center of Zurich. In the 4th century there was a Roman fortress, and later (in the 9th century) – the royal Carolingian palace.
  • Funicular Polybane is the main and oldest funicular of Zurich. It was launched in 1889 and is still operating – not only as a tourist attraction. Polybana line consists of only 2 stations. Upper (University) is located in an old wooden structure of a rural view, and the lower (Limmata embankment) is in a residential building in 1888 (entrance at Starbucks)! The length of the line is 175 meters, and the height difference is about 40 meters. You can look at this ancient miracle for free, and a trip to the oldest cable car in Zurich will cost a symbolic 1,20CHF.

You can also visit the famous Zurich churches for free or for a small fee.

  • Grossmünster – This church is the hallmark of the city and is located in the heart of Old Zurich. The Cathedral was built in the 9th century on the site of the graves of St. Felix and Regula. The official website of the Cathedral is http://www.grossmuenster.ch/de/ Entrance to the Cathedral is free. Climbing to the observation deck (184 steps on foot, no elevator in the Cathedral) costs 1.5 €. Cathedral Tour – 8 €
  • St. Peterskirche Church is the oldest church in Zurich. It is not difficult to get to know St. Peter’s Church – a clock with the largest dial in Europe adorns the high tower. The diameter is more than 8.5 meters, and the clock shows the correct time now. Inside the temple there is an organ where organ concerts are constantly held. Entrance to the church is free.
Zurich Attractions Photos
St. Peter’s Church is easily recognizable by the tower with a huge dial
  • Fraumünster (Fraumünster) along with the main Cathedral (Grossmünster) and St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most significant churches of Zurich. Initially, the Cathedral was built as a convent (9th century), but in the 16th century the abbey was closed and the monastery was destroyed. The main value of the Cathedral is the stained-glass windows made by Marc Chagall himself. Entrance to the Cathedral is free.


Zurich Attractions Description
Fraumunser – church with a green spire


I will include museums, a zoo, and a theater as paid attractions.


Zurich Opera House
Zurich Opera House is worth a visit if you have the financial opportunity and one evening in the city
  • Kunsthaus Zürich (Zurich Museum of Fine Arts) is one of the oldest museums in Europe, where works by not only Swiss masters of the 17-18th centuries, but also by such eminent artists as Monet, Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso and others. Museum website http: //www.kunsthaus.ch/en/ Entrance tickets 23 CHF, including an audio guide (prices for November 2017). You watch the current prices and the schedule on an official site of a museum.
  • Schweizerisches Landesmuseum (National Museum of Switzerland) – located in the city center and occupies two floors of the castle. The museum exposition introduces the history of Switzerland – from the Stone Age to the present day. Museum’s official website http://www.nationalmuseum.ch/r/ Entrance tickets: 10CHF, children and adolescents under 16 years of age – free of charge (prices for November 2017) From Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday is a day off.
  • The Rietberg Museum presents the history of the art of non-European peoples. In the museum you will find Indian sculptures, Tibetan and Chinese paintings, Asian ceramics, art objects of the Middle East and North America. Museum website http://www.rietberg.ch/en-gb Entrance tickets 18CHF (as of November 2017). You watch the current prices and the schedule on an official site
  • The territory of the Zurich Zoo is divided into zones close to natural, where animals feel “at home.” The zoo is open year-round from 9 am to 6 pm (in winter up to 5 hours). Zoo website https://www.zoo.ch/en Entrance fees: adult 26CHF, youth (16-21 years old) 21 CHF, children (6-15 years old) – 13 CHF (prices for November 2017)

  • Opernhaus (Opera House) was built in 1891 and today is recognized as one of the most famous in Europe. The theater is noteworthy for its unusual productions of classical works. On Saturdays, excursions are available for visitors (180 CHF per group). The price of theater tickets is from 15 CHF to 320 CHF. The official website of the theater https://www.opernhaus.ch/en/ There you can buy tickets for some performances.

Popular sights near Zurich

  • The Rhine Falls is probably the most famous waterfall in Europe. It is located 50 km from Zurich. Official website http://www.rheinfall.ch/en/ There are several viewing platforms around the waterfall, entrance to the viewing platform is from Zurich (Schloss Laufen) 5 CHF, parking is free. Payment is possible in euros. The second observation deck from the side of Neuhausen am Rheinfall is free, parking 5 CHF in the first hour and 2CHF for each subsequent. From 6 pm to 9 am, parking is free. At the waterfall, various activities are offered. Rhine Falls Live

  • St. Gallen is a city on a hill about 60 km from Zurich. Very popular among tourists. One of the attractions for which tourists come from all over Europe, and indeed the whole world, is the Monastery of St. Gall. It is notable for the fact that the cell of the monk Gall once grew to a territorial principality, in fact – an independent state. The monastery’s library contains many centuries-old books and ancient manuscripts.

Hotels and apartments in Zurich: where to stay

Housing prices in Zurich start at 30 € for apartments 5 km from the center. But for this price you will get apartments with a very low rating (less than 7.0 for booking), and I do not recommend such housing.

Zurich hotels in the center
Prices for hotels in the center of Zurich start from 120 euros per night

The cheapest apartments with a good rating are Swiss Star District 10 , 5 km from the main pedestrian street. From 64 € per apartment 60 sq.m per day. At least getting a separate apartment for 60 € in Switzerland is not very bad. But add to the budget the cost of breakfast and public transport tickets to get to the center.

Hotels and b & b closer to the center start from 120 € per night for a double room. Hotel Montana Zürich 3 * 1.5 km from the center and with breakfast from 122 €. Booking Rating 8.3. Near the train station and with a supermarket around the corner. Not a bad option.

From 139 € (154 € with breakfast) you can book a hotel in the Old Town – Hotel California 3 *. The reviews are good, the breakfasts are delicious, and all sights are within easy reach.

Higher-level hotels – from 250 € per night. For example, the four-star Helmhaus Swiss Quality Hotel with a rating of 8.9. located in the very center of the city. The price includes breakfast, Wi-Fi and a free welcome drink. From 238 € per night.

Five-star Savoy Baur en Ville , furnished with antique mahogany furniture – from 472 € with breakfast.

Many prices include a 10% discount on “genius”. This status can be obtained by booking the hotel several times through booking.com. Therefore, I recommend that you create your personal account and book through it. Details about booking and other reservation systems can be found in this article .

Also browse airbnb.com ( read about the service ), you can book apartments outside the center from 84 €. If you have not registered yet in the service, register using my referral link and get 22 € into your account, which can be applied already to the first reservation. By inviting friends, you can earn a few more coupons and then the discount on housing will be even greater.

And here are some more special offers from booking


Zurich Transport and Parking

I will start with parking, because we arrived by car and for us it was very important. Before the trip, I found the following list of Zurich parking lots *

  • 299 car places Parkhaus Opera (0,93€/30 min and 42€/24 hour)
  • 11 car places Cenrtum Neumunster (1,90€/1 hour, 7,5€/3 hour, 14,95€/6 hour)
  • 346 car places Parkhaus Feldegg (0,93€/15 min, 6,54€/3 hour, 21,50€/7 hour)
  • 3701 car places Zrh – P6 (5,61€/1 hour and 44€/24 hour)
  • 300 car places Parkhaus Trafo (0,47€/30 min and 4,67€/180 min)
  • 2000 car places Parkhaus Messe Zurich (1,87€/45 min, 14€/5 hour, 27€/all day)

* Prices may be a little outdated

In short, parking in Zurich is sooo expensive. We parked in the underground parking at the Opera (Parkhaus Opera). Half an hour 2 francs, for 1 hour 20 minutes we paid 6 francs, which is about 5 €.

Here are the prices for September 2017:

Zurich parking in the center

As for transport, it is represented by buses, trams, trolleybuses, S-bahn trains, funiculars and taxis. You can travel by public transport from 5:00 to 0:00, at night you should use night buses. The official website of Zurich transport is https://www.zvv.ch, for commuter trains – https://www.sbb.ch/ There you can see the fare from point A to point B. The scheme of night buses can be downloaded from the official website . Also on the site you can see other information about the transport of Zurich.

Tickets can be bought at self-service terminals at stops. Adult ticket for 1 trip 4.40 CHF (Single Ticket), valid for 1 hour in one central zone (110), price for September 2017


transport in zurich


Here are all Single Ticket pricing from www.zvv.ch


Zurich fares


There is also a 24-hour pass, a pass for one zone costs 8.80CHF


transport prices in zurich


Here are the prices for all tickets from the site www.zvv.ch


how much does it cost to travel in zurich

You can see all types of tickets on the above site

Prices in Zurich

And finally, let’s move on to prices in Zurich. I already wrote about the prices for hotels and transport. I will return to the prices of souvenirs. Magnets in Zurich cost from 7.5 CHF.

Prices for Tissot watches are similar to ours (I specially photographed a showcase with price tags). To view larger, click on the picture

prices for tissot watches

Pastries in the confectionery 3-5CHF.

prices in zurich

Prices for fast food on the promenade from 6 CHF (hot dogs, french fries)

prices in zurich do not go

There is a the article about prices in Switzerland (including food), but in short, sandwiches (ordinary sandwiches that cost € 1 in Spain) cost 4.95-7.95, tomatoes 4.60CHF, apples 3.90 CHF, cola (0.33) 0.85 CHF, milk 1.95CHF per 1 liter, yogurt 0.45-1.15 CHF, juice per 1 liter 0.65-1.75CHF.

This is where I end, if you have any additions or questions, please leave a comment on the article. If the article turned out to be useful to you, share it with your friends on social networks, they will say “thank you”! 

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