There are several articles on my blog about Switzerland and the information would be completely incomplete without this article, where I will tell you how to get to the center of Zurich or other cities if you flew to the Zurich airport of Kloten.


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Airport website :

Zurich-Kloten Airport is 13 km from the city of Zurich. There are 3 terminals at the airport: terminal A (for flights within the Schengen zone), terminal B (both flights of the Schengen zone and flights outside the Schengen zone), terminal E (international terminal)

You can view or download the Zurich airport map on the official website of the airport using the link .

Taxes at Zurich Airport can be issued for purchases of more than 300 francs. The tax free Global Blue office is located near Transfer desk A. It is open from 6am to 10pm. When refunding taxes in cash, you must pay a fee of 5CHF

Luggage storage at the Zurich airport is. According to reviews, there are two of them: manual and automatic. They are located on the 1st level of the airport (see the above diagram) behind the Service Center counter. On the diagram they are marked as Left Luggage Office and Lockers Level 1. Prices for an automatic left-luggage office: 6CHF for a small left-luggage office, 8 CHF for an average one (storage up to 12 hours)

How to get from the airport to the center

You can get to the city by different means of transport: taxi / transfer, train, tram, car.

Zurich Airport Transfer

A transfer to the center of Zurich costs from 62 €, you can order a transfer online, for example, on this service  ( my review ). The advantage of ordering online is that you will be assigned a car of the class of your choice, the driver will wait for you even if the flight is delayed and taken to the address indicated in advance. The cost will be known in advance and there is no need to pay extra for anything.

Train from the airport to Zurich

If we consider public transport, it is most convenient to get to the city by train. There is a train station at the airport that connects the airport with Zurich and other cities. To find the station, follow the signs for Bahn or Train (the signs also show a train). The road to the city will take from 6 to 15 minutes, trains run with a frequency of 15 minutes.

Schedule and prices at (official website of the Swiss railway)

You can buy a ticket at ticket offices or self-service machines located in front of the station.

When buying in the terminal, you need to select   Zurich HB-> via direct -> One way (1 hour) / Round Trip (24 hours) -> 2 nd class (you can choose the 1st class, but comfortable in the second one too) -> Adults without half-fare card (if you are without children) / Half-fare card / children (for children or privileged categories)

Ticket price: adult 6CHF, children’s 4CHF (Swiss franc is approximately equal to the US dollar)


Zurich airport how to get
The narrow streets of Zurich

Zurich Airport Tram to the City

In addition to the train, you can get to the center by tram. You need tram number 10, which takes 15 minutes to Zurich Central Station. Fare: adult 6.6 CHF. Buy tickets at the box office or ticket terminals.

From Zurich Airport to the city by bus

A bus stop is located at the exit of the airport. A bus runs to the Oerlikon train station, so if you need to go to the center, it is better to choose a train. The cost of a bus ticket is 5 CHF adult and 3.6 CHF children’s.

You can also catch a shuttle bus to the hotel at the bus stop. Such a shuttle costs a little more – about 15 francs per trip (purchase tickets from the driver).

Blablacar in Switzerland

Switzerland is a rather expensive country, and if your budget is limited, but you want to travel around the country, then you can try to find travel companions with a car. The easiest and safest way to do this is through the well-known website . You drive in the departure and destination addresses, and if someone is traveling in this direction, they will give you a lift for a relatively small amount. To always be able to search for travel companions, I recommend installing the application on your smartphone.

How to get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne

  1. By train from Zürich Flughafen station in 1 hour, from 15 CHF, timetable and prices at
  2. By taxi from 149 €
  3. By car in 45 minutes.
  4. Find fellow travelers on blablacar


How to get from Zurich to Lucerne also read in the article about Lucerne .


from zurich to lucerne how to get
Symbol of Lucerne – Clock Bridge and Water Tower

How to get from Zurich Airport to Lugano

  1. By train with a change in Zurich. From Zurich – direct flight (Direction Milano Centrale) to Lugano, 2 hours’ journey, from 35 CHF,
  2. Transfer from 496 €
  3. By car in about 3 hours, you need a vignette worth 40CHF for traveling on the autobahns.
  4. With fellow travelers with blablacar for about 10-15 € and 3 hours.


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from Zurich to Lugano
Three hours and you are in a completely different Switzerland

From Zurich to Basel: how to get

  1. By train (direct from the airport or from the central train station), about 1.5 hours, from 20CHF,
  2. Bus Flixbus ( instructions and feedback ) from Zurich to Basel EuroAirport, 1.5 hours, from 11.90 €, it is convenient to search for tickets through In the search you need to score Basel (BSL) France.
  3. By car, about 1 hour.
  4. With fellow travelers with blablacar from 5 €
  5. Individual transfer from 200 € 

How to get from Zurich to Strasbourg

  1. By train in about 2.5 hours, but with at least 1 change. Tickets 55-60CHF,
  2. In transfer from 348 €
  3. By Flixbus bus , from 9.90 €, the journey takes 3.5 hours.
  4. With fellow travelers with blablacar
  5. By car in about 2.5 hours. For driving on the Swiss autobahns, you need a vignette worth 40CHF.

How to get from Zurich to Geneva

  1. By train (direct or with transfer), in about 3 hours, on average from 30CHF,
  2. By bus Eurolines (27 € -33 €), Regiojet (9 € -21 €), about 4 hours
  3. By car in  about 3.5 hours
  4. With fellow travelers Blablacar for about 15 €

Zurich Airport Hotels

If you have a late arrival, early departure, or a long night dock in Zurich, I recommend staying at a hotel nearby. Within walking distance of Zurich Airport is the Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport . You can walk to the airport terminals from there, and breakfast is served from 5 in the morning. The cost of 1 night for two from 246 €.

Other hotels are located a bit further from the airport. For example, Mövenpick Hotel Zurich Airport , also with a good rating (8.3) and with a free transfer to the airport. Price for one night for two from 134 €

More budget option – ibis budget Zurich Airport from 76 €.

See all hotels near Zurich Airport here .

Car rental at Zurich Airport

Renting a car at the Zurich airport will not be difficult (read more about car rental abroad ). I usually rent in advance via the Internet. The two most popular online booking services are  (my review can be read, for example, here ) . The cost of renting a car in Switzerland is from 100 euros per day, the cost of gasoline in Switzerland is about 1.39 euros per 1 liter.

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