I decided to write this article in the form of a small guide in which I will highlight the main points regarding independent travel to Yerevan. I’ll tell you where to live in Yerevan, where to eat, and also give an approximate route for visiting attractions.


Article contents:
Where to live in Yerevan
Where to exchange money
Where to buy food
Where to eat
Where to rent a car
Where to go on your own for 1,2 and 3 days
Tours in Yerevan
Tourist card Yerevan Card

An independent trip to Yerevan

An independent trip to Yerevan turned out to be one of the easiest independent trips for me. A visa to Armenia is not needed (for citizens of the Russian Federation), you can not bother with currency (Armenians are very willing to change rubles), the main attractions of Yerevan are in the center, and the remaining moments were also solved very easily.

Where to live in Yerevan

After buying tickets, the question arose about accommodation. The only difficulty here was that we were driving on New Year’s holidays (from December 31 to January 7), but we did not want to spend a lot. As a result, we booked an apartment  at a price of $ 30 per day (more about this here ). By the way, there are many hostels for budget travelers in Yerevan, prices start at just $ 4 (per bed in a dormitory room)! For wealthy tourists – some five-star hotels – this Marriott  (located in the center at the Republic Square), and the Radisson BLU  (near Victory Park), and, of course, the Golden Tulip – The oldest, but today one of the most prestigious, hotel in Yerevan. I recommend choosing accommodation in the center, so it will be easier for you to see the sights without using public transport or a taxi. Examples of hotels in Yerevan are given below:


Where to exchange money

The currency of Armenia is the Armenian dram. We didn’t change a lot of currency, since in Yerevan they almost everywhere accept cards (paying with a card turned out to be more profitable – at the rate of about 7.8), but still it’s worth carrying some cash with you. Outside of Yerevan, it’s unlikely that you will be able to pay with a card.

Dram to dollar exchange rate – 478, to euro – 502 (approximately at the beginning of 2017)

Where to exchange money in Yerevan
Currency exchange rate at the airport on 12/31/2016

You can exchange money at the airport upon arrival, the rate is approximately the same (on the day of our arrival it was 7.57). To take a taxi or public transport to the city, you will need local money.

In the city, we exchanged rubles for drams in exchangers at SAS supermarkets. I think that it is possible to change at banks either by withdrawing money from your bank card at an ATM.

Where to buy products

For those who come to Yerevan on their own and rent an apartment, the issue of buying products is relevant. In this case, or if you just want to try Armenian food, I recommend shopping either in the City supermarket (a huge store in the former Central Market building on Mashtots Avenue) or the SAS supermarket (some are larger, some are smaller, however, in any of them a good selection of food and drinks). By the way, in the SAS supermarket there is a confectionery department – be sure to try the cakes, it is very tasty, and also beautifully packed))

Where to buy products in Yerevan
Previously, the Central Market was located here, and now – the City supermarket

Where to eat

The last time we travel, we always try local food, I even make a list of places to visit. Independent travel to Yerevan was no exception. But, unfortunately, somehow it did not work out right away with food in Yerevan itself. Despite the fact that I wrote out the most popular places, places with the best reviews Tripadvisor, with the best comments from fellow bloggers, as well as from the program “Food, I love you”, none of the places impressed us. We were in the Kavkaz tavern, in Khinkalnaya on Tumanyan, in the Tun Lahmajo restaurant on Teryan Street, as well as in the cafe of the Dalan Gallery, but the shawarma for 1000 drams on the corner of our house turned out to be the most delicious. There is the article about the food of Armenia and the Yerevan cafes and restaurants .

where to eat in yerevan
Very beautiful khinkali design, but we didn’t like khinkali there!

Where to rent a car

Car rental in Yerevan will not be difficult – there are international rental offices here (Europcar, Hertz, etc.) and local ones. You can rent on the spot, but for me, this is due to many inconveniences. Firstly, you need to go around several companies to compare conditions, and this is a loss of valuable time. Secondly, the car that suits you may not remain (only expensive options may remain). And thirdly, when booking in advance, even if the company did not have the car you booked, you must provide a car with a higher class or give an additional bonus. For example, they gave us a car on a machine, although we paid for the mechanics. If we just came to the rental, then immediately it was necessary to pay for the car on the machine, and this is 7-8 thousand more. If you are traveling during the season or on holidays, here, I definitely recommend booking in advance. When we took the car on January 3, other customers were told that until January 6 there were no cars for rent. By the way, we rented a car at Travel Car, but we did it through a service Rentalcars.com (it turned out to be more profitable), we really liked everything – both the service and the car were new with a range of about 15,000 km. You can read my article about car rental in Yerevan , where I share our experience, and also talk about the nuances of car rental, about the necessary documents, and about where to look for reviews about car rental companies.

Where to go: Yerevan on its own for 1.2 and 3 days.

What to do, what sights to visit in Yerevan in one, two or three days on your own (or with a guided tour). We just got 3 full days in Yerevan when we went sightseeing. There was still a day of arrival on December 31, but on this day we only managed to go to the supermarket, and at night to celebrate the New Year on Republic Square. There is already an article about the sights of Yerevan . Therefore, I will not dwell on each attraction in detail, but only “outline” an approximate walking route. Of course, you can swap something, or delete it from the program.

1 day in Yerevan . On the first day, I recommend visiting the most important, iconic sights of Yerevan: start from the Republic Square, walk along the Northern Avenue to the Opera House and Freedom Square. Be sure to visit Cascade (an incredible building, which has no analogues in the whole world), and pay attention to the sculptures in the square in front of Cascade. Also on this day you can visit the museum of Armenian manuscripts Matenadaran, and if you came to Armenia in the summer, then take a walk around Victory Park.

By the way, you can go to Victory Park from the upper tier of the Cascade, although Google doesn’t make this road on the map. Or you can take a taxi for symbolic money.

2 day in Yerevan. On the second day in Yerevan, I recommend you to visit one of the cognac factories – Noah or Ararat with a tour. It is better to book an excursion in advance by phone or e-mail, or assign it to your personal guide. After the tour, you can take a taxi to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex, see the memorial to the victims of the genocide, go to the museum or just take a walk. If you are lucky with the weather, you can see Ararat. Visit the Kond district (this is the district of old Yerevan, built in the 19th century). The place is safe, but honestly, not for everybody. In the evening, take a walk to Charles Aznavour Square and buy souvenirs at the Dalan Art Gallery. By the way, in the cafe on the second floor you can eat. It is better to use a taxi on this day, since the distances are quite decent.

3 day in Yerevan

On the third day in Yerevan you can visit the Blue Mosque, be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator, which is the largest in Yerevan and the second largest in the Caucasus, and also take a walk around Vernissage. There you can buy souvenirs to your loved ones if you did not buy them yesterday in the Gallery.

Guided tours in Yerevan

Touristic card Yerevan Card

For those who plan to visit many museums and excursions, actively engage in shopping and use public transport, I can recommend issuing a Yerevan Card. This is a classic tourist card for 1, 2 or 3 days (there is also an unlimited option), with which you can save a lot. The price includes free admission to museums in Yerevan, 5 excursions, discounts in cafes and restaurants, airport transfers, 10 metro rides, as well as a direct guide with a city map and a SIM card with internet. Card cost from $ 30, you can buy online .

Read all the details about the card on the official website https://yerevancard.com/


Read also the article “How to Travel to Armenia : Guide for independent travelers”


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