The end of April and the beginning of May in Japan is the flowering season of wisteria (or wisteria, or Japanese fuji). We hear much less about it than about sakura blossoms, therefore, it is believed that the flow of tourists to Japan at this time is much less. Nevertheless, do not expect that you will walk alone in a half-empty park, enjoying flowering. Parks will be filled with locals and tourists – in the main Asian appearance.

Wisteria in Japan

As for travel prices, then for this period they are really lower (1.5 times) than for the sakura blossom period. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to see a lot of beauty and not go broke. By the way, the end of April-beginning of May is the sakura period in the northern regions of Japan, so if you really want sakura, you can plan your route based on this.

But back to the wisteria. Wisteria also blooms in cities (for example, in Tokyo, a popular place is the park at the Kameido Tenzin Temple  ), but we did not reach there, therefore, there is nothing to show. And also in Japan there are 2 popular parks.

white wisteria in japan

  1. Ashikaga Flower Park (Ashikaga Flower Park). It is located about 100 km and 2 hours from Tokyo, and it will be discussed in the article.
  2. Kawachi Fuji Park in Kitakyushu, 1026 km from Tokyo, is famous for its wisteria tunnels.

The flowering period of wisteria in Japan is from mid-April to mid-May, but the peak of flowering occurs in the last week of April and early May. Of course, everything is individual from the season, so check the photo on the Internet, for example, on Instagram.


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Ashikaga flower park (Ashikaga flower park in Japan)

purple wisteria in japan

Ashikaga Park is a flower park open all year round. Every season you can admire different plants in it. That is, if you arrive in Japan at any other time, then a visit to the park should cause you a lot of pleasant emotions. There are 8 “flower seasons” in the park:

  • January – February: adonises, Christmas roses, lilies of the valley
  • March – mid-April: tulips and crocuses
  • mid-April – mid-May – wisteria, azalea, peonies (we were on April 27, 2018, some wisteria had already faded at that time, the peak of flowering was 2-3 days before this date. Peonies had not bloomed yet, but were ready to here to blossom)


  • mid-May – early June: roses (the first buds bloomed in late April), rhododendrons, clematis

ashikaga park

  • early June – early July: iris, hydrangea, clematis (hydrangea bloomed as early as April)

hydrangea asikaga park

  • beginning of July – end of September: lantana (verbena family), water lilies (by the way, in April you could also see lilies!)

ashikaga lilies

  • beginning of October – end of November: sage, violets
  • end of October – beginning of January: festive Christmas decoration, violets, pansies.

Now I’ll write practical information about the park, and at the end of the article I will show the remaining photos of the Ashikaga flower park.


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The official website of the Asikaga Wisteria Park: (there is an English version). I also recommend bookmarking the park’s Facebook page and Instagram to track flowering.

Park layout (clickable):

asikaga park map

The price of visiting the Ashikaga Garden in Japan depends on the season and flowering period. Prices range from 300 to 1800 ¥ (approximately from 3 to 18 $).

During the Wisteria Festival, prices are the most expensive from 900 to 1800 ¥ (from 9 to 18 $).

27 April 2018 we were at the peak of flowering, the price was 1800 yen, but the good Japanese aunts from the next line at the cash desk gave us a newspaper with a discount coupon of 100 yen (oh, these Japanese!), Respectively, we paid 1700 ¥ (in rubles) it’s about 1000).

ashikaga flower park

Ashikaga park: how to get from Tokyo

You can get to the park by train. From Tokyo or Ueno Station, you need to catch a train in the direction of Oyama Station, and then transfer to the JR Ryomo Line train and get to Ashikaga flower park station.

ashikaga flower park
Some branches of wisteria reach 1 meter!

The entire route is covered by the jr pass, read about it here . The transfer at Oyama station is comfortable – there is enough time, everywhere there are signs and artificial wisteria flowers, go towards them, you will not make a mistake.

The timetable can be viewed on google maps (just get directions) or on (I talked about both services in the article about jr pass mentioned above).

Ashikaga flower park station – a new station, opened in April 2018! Before entering the park from her for 2-3 minutes on foot.

It takes about 2 hours to get from Tokyo. If you do not have jr pass, then the ticket price is about 2000 ¥ (about $ 19)


What to do in the wisteria park

1. Walk, take a picture, be surprised

flowers in asikaga park
A riot of colors in the park

2. Try wisteria-flavored ice cream (400 ¥)

3. You can have lunch (ramen – a huge plate of soup, enough for two, takoyaki (balls with octopuses) and beer will cost about 1250 yen or $ 12)

4. Buy souvenirs, incl. edible with taste / smell / type of wisteria.

souvenirs asikaga park
Some wisteria-flavored lemonade
wisteria sweets
Wisteria sweets

Park Hours

From 9:00 to 18:00 all year round (in the winter from 10:00 to 17:00)

From 9:00 to 21:00 during the wisteria festival. In the evening, the backlight lights up, judging by the photo, it is very spectacular!

More photos of Wisteria from Ashikaga Park in Japan

ashikaga flower park japan
Crazy beauty corridor of white wisteria
asikaga flower park
All branches – from one wisteria tree!
photo of asikaga flower park
Here it is – a thick trunk!


wisteria in japan photo
There is wisteria with long branches, but there is one with short branches!
blooming wisteria in japan
Violet madness!
flower park asikaga
Compositions of various flowers
asikaga how to get
Incredible colors!
wisteria gardens in japan photo
The Japanese admire Wisteria – they just sit and enjoy!

This is where I end. My main advice: if you come to Japan during the flowering of wisteria, be sure to go to this park! Honestly, an incredible sight!

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