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The time has come for a traditional gastro article in which I will tell you about popular Czech dishes and give recommendations on where to eat in Prague and try national food and Czech beer. 

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What to try in the Czech Republic. National dishes.

Perhaps I’ll start by listing the most popular dishes of Czech cuisine.

    • Utopenec – a sausage marinated in vinegar with onions, red pepper and spices. Served for beer.
    • Smazhak is a traditional appetizer. In fact – fried breading cheese.
    • Česnečka is a garlic soup that becomes the most popular with the onset of cold weather. The restaurants served in a bread pot.
    • Goulash. A beef dish that doesn’t look like Hungarian goulash or even German goulash. Often served in bread.
    • Svichkova is the “brother” of Czech goulash. It is a beef tenderloin, which is served with creamy or sour cream sauce, as well as dumplings, lemon, and sometimes cranberry sauce.
    • Smoked pork with stewed cabbage and dumplings is one of the most popular dishes among Czechs.
    • Pečené vepřové koleno (pork knuckle, pork knee, boar knee) – this is the Czech brand (although the dish is also popular in Germany). As a rule, the shank is designed for several people, check in the menu or at the waiter. But there are also small shanks, which are within the power of one.
    • Fried sausages – a dish popular in beer or street markets, especially during Christmas markets
    • Pečená kačka (Roasted duck in Bohemian style) – served with dumplings and braised red cabbage.
    • Roasted / Baked Rabbit
    • Bramboráčky  – potato cakes like potato pancakes.
    • Knedlíky are dumplings made from regular or potato flour. Ordinary dumplings often replace bread or a side dish, and sweet ones (for example, stuffed with fruit filling) are served for dessert.
    • Oplatky – large round waffles with different fillings, Karlovy Vary dessert. In Karlovy Vary you can buy hot waffles. Everywhere in the Czech Republic, oplatky are sold in stores (in boxes of a few). A good souvenir from the Czech Republic.
    • Trdelnik is the national Czech sweet street food (in fact, this dish appeared with the advent of tourists in the Czech Republic). You can try both a regular cake-box and a cake-box with chocolate (or even with ice cream). 
    • Numerous sorts of Czech beer


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Where to try national food and beer in Prague

I turn to the popular restaurants and cafes in Prague, where you can eat, drink beer or just relax with a cup of coffee. Here will be presented not only the places I managed to visit, but also the places recommended by the locals and other tourists, which I included in my list. I share it with you, and you just have to choose.

My reviews and recommendations

Restaurant U Modre Ruze 

According to tourists, in December 2018, the restaurant in the cellar is closed!


Czech restaurant. It is located in the center of the Old Town, in a very colorful medieval cellar. We entered it by accident, after prices in neighboring restaurants seemed to us a bit high. As a result, we had dinner there two times, and if we hadn’t had to leave, we would have gone again.

The menu contains almost all national Czech dishes at very nice prices.

On our first lunch, we tried baked knee (290czk) and goulash soup (169 czk) in bread, 2 beers (50czk + 35czk):

Prague restaurants

Lunch cost 544 korunas + tips (23 euros)

The second time: goulash with dumplings (197czk), “Prague delicacy” (assorted different kinds of meat) with dumplings (238czk), fruit dumplings (99czk), three beers (35czk + 35czk + 50czk), tea (50czk)

Prague cafe

dumplings czech republic
Sweet Dumplings For Dessert

Lunch cost 704 korunas + tips (30 euros)

I took a brochure with the menu:

Czech national dishes

Everything is very tasty, especially dark Kozel beer. The service is good.

Restaurant Address: Rytířská 403/16

Restaurant U Medvidku

Restaurant u medvidku prague

One of the popular restaurants in Prague, also in the Old Town. In summer, the summer terrace outside the restaurant is open (you need to go around, there are signs).

Ordered: a baked duck with stewed cabbage and 4 kinds of dumplings (333czk), a crouton snack with beer cheese (85czk), Budvar beer light and dark (45czk + 45czk)

Czech national dishes

Total lunch cost 508 korunas + tips (22 euros).

In principle, I liked everything, the service is very fast. 

UPD October 2019: in 2019, they once again visited this restaurant. Came in the evening for dinner. All the tables were occupied, we had to wait about 10 minutes. Therefore, it is better to book if you do not like waiting. This time they were sitting in the inner room. The design is interesting, unfortunately, did not take a photo.

We tried three types of beer from their own brewery (35 czk per 0.3 l).

restaurant at medvidku prague

And the light Budvar variety (32 czk per 0.3 l)

have medvidku beer

We ordered schnitzel, it was served with french fries (225 CZK per serving). Honestly, it was completely tasteless and ugly, I did not even take a picture.

Total score: 394 korunas. Cards are accepted.

Address: Na Perštýně 344/5




Restaurant U Tří růží (“At the Three Roses”)

beer restaurant Prague

Visited it in 2019. A large restaurant-brewery in the Old Town. There is a bar on the ground floor, and a restaurant above. There are many empty seats during the day, in the evening, I think it is better to book in advance. 

Cool design, very colorful

restaurant near three roses prague

We ordered local beer, light and dark (59-65 czk per 0.4 l), grilled cheese (175 czk) and pork ribs in beer sauce (320 czk). The ribs were very tasty, tender. That was enough for two.

where to eat in the center of prague


Prices starts from 70 czk for starters, 85 czk for soups, from 260 czk for main dishes.

Our bill was 619 korunas / 25.80 euros. You can pay both in crowns and in euros. Cards are accepted. Gratuities are not requested, but notified (in Czech) that they are not included in the bill.


Restaurant Potrefená husa Na Verandách

The next restaurant is located in the Smichov district, on the west bank. We had lunch on the veranda (entrance through the restaurant), the veranda is very cozy.

We ordered a smazhak with french fries (179czk), pork schnitzel with a salad, which is very similar to russian salad 🙂 (169czk) and two beers (43czk + 45czk).

Smazak Czech Republic

The total amount is 436 czk + tips (19 euros)

French fries were obviously superfluous here, but overall a good institution. They brought beer right away, they had to wait for food, but not for long. I did not notice anything negative in service.

Czech beer

Address: Nádražní 43/84

Restaurant Kozlovna (Lidická)

restaurant Kozlovna Prague


We visited the restaurant in 2019. It is also in the Smichov district, not far from the stop . Traditional Czech cuisine and Kozel beer.

Funny design with goats

Prague restaurants with beer good beer in Prague where to drink Prague where to drink beer


Good beer, we took black, light unfiltered (35 korunas for 0.3 l), rezany (48 korunas for 0.5 l). Rezany looks interesting, but there is nothing outstanding in taste.

beer goat prague
Kozel Rezany

We ordered goulash soup in bread (80 korunas) and potato soup “Starocheshka Bramborachka” (60 korunas) as well. If you are not very hungry it is a good option. The portions are not very large.

national Czech dishes in Prague


We had lunch on the terrace. It’s very cozy, just look

restaurants with veranda in prague


Our bill was 293 korunas / 12.74 euros. They accept korunas, euro, credit cards. Nobody said anything about tipping, but we almost always leave.


There are other “Kozlovna” in the city, just search in gogle maps.

Výtopna railway restaurant

bar with trains Prague


Recently advertised a restaurant where beer is delivered to your table on trains. For the sake of this, in fact, we went there. Located on Wenceslas Square

Only beer was ordered: Krušovice dark (35czk), light (29czk), radler (49czk).

If you do not book a table, then you must pay 25czk per person per entry (book on vytopna.cz)

restaurant vytopna prague
The interior of the restaurant Vytopna

Total: 163czk + tip (7 euros)

The place is certainly unusual and interesting. Beer, in general, is ordinary, food is not cheap. I didn’t like that you need to pay for entry.

Restaurant beer prices for September 2017

restaurant vytopna prices

Address: Václavské nám. 802/56

The monastery brewery and restaurants Peklo and Klášterní pivovar Strahov

Brewery Strahov Monastery
Restaurant and brewery at Strahov Monastery

Restaurant, brewery and beer garden at the Strahov Monastery. We stopped by for a beer on the terrace. By the way, beer is very amateurish, strong enough. Nevertheless, it is interesting to try. I can’t say anything about food in a restaurant, but in the photo in Google, it looks quite tasty.

We ordered 2 beers at 70czk (5.40 euro)

restaurant cluster

Here are the prices:

cluster czech republic

Address: Strahovské nádvoří 301/10

Restaurant – brewery in the Břevnov Monastery

Another monastery brewery. Was visited in 2019. Located in the Břevnov district, it is even further than Petřín and Hradčany, so you have to travel on purpose (trams 22, 25, 97 to the stop Břevnovský klášter). Therefore, it is better to book a table in advance, there are a lot of people, we were just lucky and a waiter found a table for us.

The monastery has a beer bar (Abbey Granary), according to reviews, beer is cheaper there than in a restaurant, you can also buy monastery beer in bottles. But the bar is open until 20:00.

Opposite the bar is a restaurant (Abbey Inn or Klášterní šenk), open until 23:00.

Classic medieval interior, little light and wooden tables

Břevnov Monastery

Beer has been brewing since … 993 year!

We ordered Benedict dark (45 CZK per 0.3 L), light (Benedict 12, 45 CZK per 0.5 L) and rezany (55 CZK per 0.5 L).

Břevnov monastery Prague

Food: a half a loaf of black bread (115 korunas) and a duck leg with mashed potatoes, dumplings and two kinds of cabbage (259 korunas).

beer benedict


The menu is in an interesting monastery style, the prices are in pennies (they are equal to korunas):

beer benedict Břevnov beer Břevnov monastery restaurant

It is very unusual that this restaurant serves a lot of ostrich dishes.

Our bill: 519 korunas / 22 euros. You can pay in korunas, euros, they accept cards as well. They do not hint at tips, but they are very actively asking to leave, you can even use a card. Seeing that we had already prepared a tip in cash, the waiter simply blossomed.


Hospoda v Lucerně

Restaurant – Pub next to Wenceslas Square. We visited it in 2019. We were looking for where to eat in the center of Prague, we found this place with a good rating on Google (4.3). It’s not very easy to find, because is in the passage. At lunchtime (around 13-14) there was no one besides us. In the review we read about some kind of angry Russophobic waitress, but we were served by a nice girl who spoke Russian with us.

They brought beer very quickly, after another 10 minutes, food.

We ordered Kozel light beer (36 czk for 0.3l) and Prazdroj (49 czk for 0.5l), appetizer (125 czk) and a svickova with knedliki (225 czk). Strange, but the svickova was with whipped cream: the combination is interesting, but, of course, not for everybody.

restaurant on Wenceslas Square

Our bill was 435 korunas.


Pivnice U sadu

Restaurant and pub in the area of ​​Zizkov, not far from the Zizkov television tower. Was visited in 2019. Last time (in 2017) we passed this beer house, there were a lot of local people, we immediately said that we would definitely visit this place the next time we came to Prague. The premonition that this is a good place did not deceive us.

It turned out that the street veranda is only a small part of this institution, since inside the restaurant tables are located on two more floors. A lot of locals, especially on Friday-Saturday, a telly works, you can watch matches, there is a hockey machine or football (paid), local people play between beers.

We ordered Plzensky Prazdroj beer, which my husband still remembers (49 czk per 0.5 l), their own Sadek beer (31 czk per 0.3 l), Merlin beer (38 czk per 0.3 l).

Food: Pilsen goulash and Moravian sparrow (Moravsky vrabec), in fact, stewed pork. Both dishes were with sauce and dumplings. Each costs 165 czk.

where to eat in the zizkov area

We just rolled out from there, and when we calculated the price of such a dinner, we were already rolling with laughter – 448 korunas or … 20 euros !!!


Žižkovská štrúdlárna

This is not a cafe and restaurant, but a bakery in the area of ​​Zizkov, where you can buy quality home-made strudel at a price of 2 euro! I found the address of this place on the Internet before my trip in 2019. It is located in a residential area, a 15-minute walk from the Zizkov TV Tower. Of course, you should not go specifically from the center. But if you stopped somewhere nearby, run to the local baker.

Strudel can only be taken out. Price – 55 CZK. There are apple, cottage cheese and poppy seeds. When we arrived, the baker just got apple from the stove, only apple strudels were available.

This is what a kiosk in a residential building looks like.

bakery prague

It works only on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00 (break from 12:00 to 13:00).

These are such huge strudel

strudel prague


strudel in prague


Good Food bakery

The bakery is probably with the most instagram trdelnik in Prague. It is located in a very touristic place, next to the Charles Bridge.

We tried strawberry and chocolate ice cream trdelnik

Price 120 czk

Trdelnik without filling is cheaper – 60 CZK (and, frankly, tastier).

Address: Karlova 160/8

Ice Cream Angelato

Delicious ice cream in Prague. Almost inferior to the Italian gelato. Came in 2019 on the recommendation on the Internet. There are many tastes of ice cream and all of it is natural. The showcase looks “right.” Even in Italy they told me that if ice cream is laid out on a display case and decorated with various fruits, cookies and other attributes, then this is “commercial”, not the best ice cream. But if the ice cream is in containers, and you do not see it, then this is natural high-quality ice cream.

Near the park and funicular to Petřín Hill.

Price – 80 CZK for 2 balls.

ice cream prague


Local recommendations

Here are a list of restaurants that local recommends. I took all of the following from this guy’s video:

Jídelna Světozor

This is something like a dining room in a shopping center right on Wenceslas Square. Here you can eat less than 100 CZK!

Address: Vodičkova 791/39

Repre restaurant

Another budget institution. Here you can order Svichkov national dish for less than 100 CZK. According to reviews, suitable for lunch, but there may be many tourist groups and Chinese.

Address: Nekázanka 4/857

Grand cafe Orient

Cafe with a beautiful view from the balcony and instagram stairs for photos. By the way, the cafe building is also very beautiful:

interesting places in Prague

Address: Ovocný trh 569/19

Kavarna cekarna

Coffee shop with delicious coffee and a beautiful indoor garden. It is located on the way to Vysehrad.

Address: Vratislavova 30/8

Secret Student Bar Celetna

Located on the busy street of the Old Town behind a large door without a sign. Entrance there is free for everyone. There is a guard post inside, but he doesn’t even ask where you are going. To get to the bar, you need to go down the ladder down (there are signs). We wanted to go in, check this place, but there was nobody in the bar, not even the staff.

Address: Celetná 562/20


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Tourists Recommendations 

In this section I will write restaurants recommended by other tourists.

restaurant SOVA Prague
Author’s dark beer ice cream with buckwheat mousse at Sova Restaurant

Restaurant SOVA

New restaurant in Prague with a very unusual menu. The concept of the restaurant is modern cuisine with elements of traditional Czech dishes. Here you will not try the traditional knee! The restaurant’s specialties are a salad with smoked carp (they smoke it yourself), veal cheeks stewed in red wine with mashed potatoes and the most unusual is beer sorbet made of real dark beer with buckwheat mousse (pictured above). Krušovice beer, 40 korunas per 0.5l.

Serving some dishes, like in gourmet restaurants (I saw a lot of such things with the hosts with a gold card in heads and tails), but the prices are ordinary, sometimes even lower than in ordinary Czech restaurants

Menu with prices on the website https://www.rest-sova.com/menus

Address: Balbinova 4, Vinohrady District

Plzenska Restaurace U Graffu

“For ridiculous money they really bring half a duck. I also recommend their knee “

Menu with prices on their website http://www.restaurant-graff.cz/jidlo-piti.html

Address: náměstí IP Pavlova 1790/6


“Awesome jellied meat, delicious beer of the same name”

Visit them at the website http://www.ferdinanda.cz/ It is very original and interactive. There is also a menu with prices.

Address: Politických vězňů 1597/19

Petrinske terasy

“An optimal opportunity to have a cheap and very tasty meal in huge portions of food with the best view of Prague”

Located on the hill Petrin.

The menu with prices is on the website https://www.petrinsketerasy.cz/en But what is really “very cheap”, I would not say. Perhaps the price includes a view of Prague)

Address: Petřínské sady 393

U Flecu

A popular tourist restaurant, but “going there is just for the atmosphere and a couple of glasses of delicious beer.”

A 0.4 mug of beer costs 64 korunas. Only one sort of beer.

Soups are 2 times more expensive than in a restaurant #1 in my list. But, probably, for the sake of atmosphere you can look into this restaurant. Menu http://ufleku.cz

Address: Křemencova 11

Pivovarsky Dum

It is recommended to order a duck, and also the famous beer carousel.

Address: Ječná 15, Nové Město


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Where to eat fowl in Prague

Restaurace Zvonice in the Heinrich Tower in the center of Prague

Historic restaurant in a historic location. Located on two floors of the reconstructed tower.

The restaurant is not cheap, and the menu is exquisite, for example,

“Old Bohemian tender crayfish cream, served with crayfish meat, creamy croutons and sour cream”, 190czk


“A hare leg stuffed with homemade smoked meat and vegetables with gingerbread sauce, served with a toppings stuffed with bacon, mashed parsley and garlic and potato cream on bacon, with fried white mushroom”, 690 czk

or else

“Roasted back of roe deer in a pistachio crust with sweet potato jam on thyme, served with fried bean pods, pumpkin puree and fresh morels glazed in demi voice”, 850czk

Menus and prices are available on the website http://www.restaurantzvonice.cz

Address: Jindřišská věž

Restaurace Art & Food

A good selection of wine and the opportunity to taste fowl.

Address: Plaská 617/4, Malá Strana

U Zizniveho Jelena

It is considered the simplest of these three restaurants. In fact, the prices here are more affordable.

For example, deer meat goulash soup 48czk, meat dish for 4 people 760czk.

There is a menu on the website http://www.uziznivehojelena.cz/

Address: Vltavská 15/523

Prague restaurants on the map

All restaurants marked on the map

I wish you a tasty and budgetary Prague!

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