Verona is a fairly small city and, I think, 2-3 days is enough for it even for those who are used to slowly exploring the city and visiting all the sights. Having walked around the cities of Romeo and Juliet, I recommend you to go to other cities of Italy or even to neighboring countries. In this article I will tell you where you can go from Verona for 1 day, or how to get to other cities and resorts in Italy and Austria.

The article will discuss how to get from Verona to Lake Garda (the city of Sirmione), to Venice, Milan, Bologna, to the resort of Abano Terme, to Bolzano, how to visit Innsbruck and get to Prague.

Each city can be reached by rented car. In more detail about car rental in Italy read this my article here . You can find a profitable rental option on this site . To get directions and calculate the fare for toll roads, use the site of Italian highways I recommend using navigator on the way (you can download this application on your smartphone – do not forget to download maps of the necessary areas!)

The main railway carrier in Italy is trenitalia. You can see the schedule and price of tickets in all directions on their official website I don’t see any reason to buy tickets for regional trains in advance, you can buy them before leaving at the ticket office of the station or self-service terminal.

Regarding bus services, I will most often mention carriers such as and Flixbus is a popular low-cost carrier that has “captured” almost all of Europe with its green buses. Prices for the trip from 5 euros. I also used these buses twice, here is a detailed article about it . You can find a suitable bus or train flight, as well as buy a ticket through (my recent discovery is that it works as a search engine for airline tickets, only searches for ground transportation)

From Verona to Lake Garda on your own

Getting to Lake Garda is easy. Focus on the city of Sirmione. Distance Verona – Sirmione 36 km.

By car you need to go along the highway E-45, the journey time is 45 minutes.

The Verona – Sirmione train leaves from Porta Nuova Station. Buy a ticket to the station Desenzano del Garda Sirmione. The journey takes only 20-25 minutes, the ticket price is from 4.45 euros.

The Verona – Sirmione bus leaves from the bus station near the station. You need a bus with ATV number 162 or 163, the schedule can be viewed at the link. Ticket price 7-8 euros.

Private transfer Verona – Sirmione will cost from 87 euros. You can order here .


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How to get from Verona to Milan

(From Milan to Verona – similarly, in reverse order).

Verona Milan how to get

The distance between Verona and Milan is 160 km.

You can overcome this distance by car in 2 hours on the A4 Autobahn (Turin-Trieste).

By train can be reached in 1h20m-2h. Tickets between Verona Porta Nuova and Milano Centrale stations will cost from 12.75 euros (regional). High-speed train will cost from 25 euros. Similarly, you can take the train from Milan to Verona by train.

There are several bus services per day on the Verona – Milan (and Milan-Verona) route. Flixbass from 7.90 euros, Eurolines (1 flight per day) – from 19 euros. Find tickets for these or alternative buses here .

Private transfer costs from 283 euros. You can order here .

From Verona to Venice

Verona Venice how to get


You can also visit the city on the water yourself. Distance 175 km.

By car, the Verona – Venice route can be reached in a couple of hours (along the E-70 highway).

The train travels in 1-2 hours. The ticket price is from 8.85 euros, for a high-speed train – from 19.90 euros.

There are also several flixbass flights – from 5 euros.

Private transfer from 210 euros. Order here .

Verona – Abano Terme

Abano Terme is a ski resort just 100 km from Verona. Direct transfers from Verona to Abano Terme are possible only by car or by private transfer (from 154 euros).

As for public transport, there are two options: train + train and train + bus.

If traveling by train, you must take a ticket to the Terme Euganee Abano Montedrotto station. The change will be in Padova (Padova). Ticket price from 7.55 euros.

Verona Abano Terme

A bunch of train + bus works as follows. You need to buy a train ticket from Verona Porta Nuova to Padova (about an hour on the way, 7.10 euro ticket). Next in Padua with Padova Autostazione buy a ticket for buses A, AT, ATL, M, T, TL. On the road another 25 minutes. The fare is 2.5 evo.

Verona – Bolzano

Verona Bolzano how to get

If you want to be in South Tyrol, in the region with the beautiful name Trentino Alto Adige, then from Verona you can get to Bolzano ( my article about Bolzano )

The distance between cities is 155 km.

By car, you can get in about 1.5 hours on the A22 highway (we paid about 10 euros).

Train Verona – Bolzano on the way 1h40m-2ch20m. Ticket price from 9 euros.

Verona Bolzano Train

The Flixbas bus will reach you in about 2h20 minutes and from just 7.90 euros. Do not forget to buy a ticket in advance – it will be cheaper.

Transfer will cost from 259 euros. You can order here .

Verona – Bologna

Another popular destination from Verona is Bologna. The distance is 143 km.

On a car about 2 hours. Highway E45 – paid, duplicated by a free road.

Train from Verona to Bologna on the way from 50 minutes to 1h30m. Ticket price from 10.20 (regional), from 13 euros (fast).

Flixbas buses only with a change – to Trento or Brescia. Price from 10 euros. Direct Eurolines 9-10 euros, 2 hours in transit

Verona Innsbruck

Verona Innsbruck

Between Verona and this Austrian city – 274 km.

By car can be reached in 3 hours. If you use the autobahns, you will have to pay more than 30 euros (Verona – Bolzano about 10 euros, Bolzano – Brennero I can’t say, we drove on free roads; the road from Brennero to Austria – 9 euros a fixed price, plus an Austrian vignette – about 9 euros )

The Verona – Innsbruck train can be reached in about 3.5 hours and from 29 euros.

verona innsbruck train

“Budget Rescue” – direct flights to Flixbas. Bus Verona – Innsbruck on the way 4 hours, tickets from 15 euros. Search on

Eurolines in this direction – from 50 euros.

Verona – Prague

If you need to be in the Czech capital, then the fastest way is by plane. The trip takes 2h40 minutes (direct flight), the minimum cost (with connection) – from 131 euros. Verona – Prague or Prague Verona tickets can be bought at ( detailed instructions )

Verona Prague plane

You can get to the car in about 10 hours.

By bus – with a change in Munich to Flixbas – from 55 euros. Also see Eurolines and Tour Bus (


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