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If you are looking for the answer to the question of where to go from Berlin for one day, this information is for you! I will tell you that it will be interesting to see in the vicinity of the German capital which cities are worth visiting. You can go on an independent trip to the suburbs of Berlin or book an excursion.

Germany has a well-developed public transport network, and there are several options for where to go from Berlin and what to see. Most popular cities for visiting:

  • Magdeburg
  • Leipzig
  • Potsdam
  • Dresden
  • Oranienburg and Sachsenhausen.

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We turn to independent trips from Berlin to the suburbs and the most interesting sightseeing tours.


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Where to go from Berlin for 1 day

From Berlin to Magdeburg

Berlin-Magdeburg is a very popular tourist destination. The distance between these cities is 156 km. There is something to see in Magdeburg! Take a leisurely look at the city park Rotehorn and the Town Hall – a vivid example of the Renaissance architectural style. It has chimes with 47 bells. Do not miss Magdeburg Cathedral – the burial place of the first emperor of the Roman Empire, Otto I and one of Germany’s oldest Gothic cathedrals.

How to get from Berlin to Magdeburg yourself

Option number 1. By train. On the official website of the carrier you can see the train schedule, and it is better to buy an electronic ticket in the specified direction through the understandable service . The train leaves from central railway in Berlin. It will take you 1 hour 40 minutes on the road. Ticket price – € 22.

Option number 2. Bus Berlin-Magdeburg. If for some reason the train does not suit you, cover the distance from Berlin to Magdeburg by bus. Carrier . The story is the same – book a ticket in advance via the Internet, it’s more reliable and cheaper. You can buy a ticket at the ticket office of the central bus station before departure. There are many direct flights to Magdeburg during the day. On the road – 1 hour 50 minutes. Tickets start at € 10.

From Berlin to Leipzig

The great Goethe spoke of Leipzig. In his immortal Haust, he called him “little Paris.” In this picturesque and largest square city of Saxony, the following sights are interesting:

  • St. Thomas Church, which houses the tomb of composer Sebastian Bach. The building itself is built in the Gothic style, impressive in size;
  • old and new Town Hall;
  • memorial Russian church;
  • Schiller’s house-museum, in which the famous German poet and playwright wrote the second act of his famous work “Don Carlos”. It regularly hosts exhibitions, which feature original literary exhibits.

How to get to Leipzig from Berlin

The distance between Berlin and Leipzig is 190 km. There are two options for overcoming, as in the past case:

  1. The first train Berlin-Leipzig leaves from the capital railway station at 12:30, the last – at 21:28. Book a ticket at a convenient time for you. Spend 1 hour 20 minutes on the road. For money – from € 26. You can buy an electronic ticket on the 
  2. The Berlin-Leipzig bus takes 2 hours. You can also reserve a place and find out the schedule at . Ticket price from € 7.99.

From Berlin to Potsdam

The capital of the federal state of Brandenburg, the city of Potsdam, is famous for its luxurious palaces and adjacent parks. It is, first of all, about Sanssouci. This attraction is from the must see category. The former summer residence of the monarch Frederick the Great was erected in the XVIII century. It covers an area of ​​300 hectares, on which there are several castles, an ancient temple, a tea yard, a greenhouse, alleys and fountains. Amazingly beautiful place!

Even in Potsdam you can see the Church of Peter and Paul, whose bell tower is 64 meters high, the old market square, and the local Brandenburg Gate.

How to get to Potsdam yourself

You need to go a distance of 35 km. This can be done by train or train. Ticket – € 3.4 per person (ticket for ABC zones). You will drive only 25 minutes. There is no direct bus service between cities.

From Berlin to Dresden

Where you can go from Berlin for one day – this is the ancient city of Dresden, which is 193 km from the German capital. In it, you can explore art museums that store valuable exhibits. In the local art gallery is the immortal “Sistine Madonna” by Rafael, “The Prodigal Son in the Tavern” by Rembrandt – a total of 750 works by prominent artists of Western Europe, the so-called “old masters”. The gallery of new masters contains a collection of 2500 paintings from the period of the XIX-XX centuries. In Dresden, the baroque church Frauenkirche, the Blue Miracle Bridge, is of interest. The last attraction was built at the end of the XIX century and connects the urban areas of Loswitz and Blazewitz. It got its unusual bridge because of the rare construction type and blue color at that time.

How to get from Berlin to Dresden on your own

Option number 1. By train. Departure point – Berlin train station. The train will reach Dresden in about 2 hours. The flight is direct, non-stop. Give the ticket back from € 20 (if purchased in advance).

Option number 2. Buses Berlin-Dresden run daily. The salons are excellent, with air conditioning, comfortable seats. If you book a ticket in advance, you will know for sure that there is a place for you. Price – on flixbass from € 7.99 ( buy an electronic ticket on ), on eurolines and regiojet buses – from € 5 ( buy an electronic ticket on ).

Excursion to Dresden

“One-Day Tour to Dresden from Berlin”. Its duration is 10 hours, the price is € 59 per person. You will listen for stories about the centuries-old city, its rich cultural heritage, as well as visits to interesting architectural monuments. The tour is conducted in English.


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From Berlin to Oranienburg and Sachsenhausen

You will certainly remember a walk from Berlin to the former Nazi camp Sachsenhausen. The atmosphere that reigns here leaves a lasting impression. One of the most famous Nazi concentration camps, in which, according to historians, 100 thousand people died is located in the city of Oranienburg.

How to get from Berlin to Sachsenhausen 

The distance between Berlin and Sachsenhausen is –35 km. And from the city to its most famous attraction – another 7 km. You will have to use two types of public transport.

From the central railway station of Berlin, trains and trains leave for Oranienburg every day. A ticket costs € 3.4 per person (ABC zone). There are 2 stops on the way, but the whole road will take 30 minutes. Drive to Oranienburg train station, get off. After 100 m – bus stop. You need flight number 804. On the way, awaken for another 8-10 minutes. You need to get off at the Aderluch stop. Prepare € 2.8 for the ticket.

Excursion to Sachsenhausen

You can book a group tour in English “Berlin: Memorial afternoon tour in Sachsenhausen” (from € 17 per person for a 6-hour walk in the company of a guide).

Not far from the German capital there are several beautiful cities in which you can spend all day without boring. Choose your own and get ready for the road!

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