Verona is one of the popular tourist cities in Italy. Attracts tourists as the city of Romeo and Juliet, as well as numerous ski resorts located in transport accessibility. And, of course – Italian lakes: Garda and Como.

In this guide, I will tell you how to travel to Verona on your own, how to get to this city from Russia, Europe and Italy, where to live, what to see in a couple of hours or a couple of days, where to eat delicious and inexpensive pizza, how to order excursions and how to get to an airport.

How to get to Verona

It will not be difficult to get to Verona from Russia, S7 Airlines operates direct flights on the Moscow-Verona route, and charters from the regions are added in the winter season. You can also get to the dock in Rome, Amsterdam, Istanbul and other European cities. You can find and buy plane tickets to Verona through such popular search engines as and skyscanner


See also: “6 Ways to Buy Cheap Flights to Italy and How to Get a Free Air Ticket”


 You can find out the price of a ticket and buy a ticket to Verona from your city through the low price calendar:

You can also buy a ticket to the city of Bergamo , and Verona can be reached by train (from 2 hours and 12 €) or by bus (from 1.5 hours, from 7.90 € – read about low-cost buses here ).

To get to Verona from European or Italian cities, you can use both air and rail and bus services, or even better, rent a car. If you prefer trains, check the timetable at Check the bus and train options on – I found this site recently, it works like a search engine for airline tickets, but it looks for bus and train routes.

By car, getting to Verona is not difficult. Do not forget that the autobahns in Italy are paid (for the Bolzano – Verona autobahn we paid 10 €). Toll roads are usually duplicated for free, by the way, they are not always worse. To calculate the fare on toll roads, refer to the site

Car rental in Verona

If you have not rented a car, and want to do it in Verona, read my article about car rental in Italy .

I prefer to book a car not directly from the rental companies, but through a broker – it is cheaper, and I don’t have to open the website of each company to compare prices, I just choose the most advantageous offer. See what auto offers are in Verona on this site .

car rental in verona

Parking in Verona

Mostly parking in Verona is paid, as in all of Italy. On average, the cost of parking is 1-2 euros per hour. In parking lots in the historical center, prices are off the charts – from 4 euros per hour. We found free parking about a 15-minute walk from the center – marked parking on the map in the Sights section .


Verona Valerio Catullo Airport: how to get to the city

Verona Airport is located 10 km from the city. You can get there by public transport, namely, by the ATV bus to Porto Nuovo Central Station (every 20 minutes, fare 6 €), or by taxi / transfer. Transfer will cost from 40 € per car. You can order in advance via the Internet, for example, on this site .

See details about Verona Airport here .

Hotels in Verona (Italy)

The choice of hotels in Verona is great. You can stay both in the city center and outside Verona (if you are with a car). The cost of housing in the historic center of Verona starts from 45 € per night for a double room, for example, B&B Cittadella (from 65 €) – with a private bathroom and breakfast. From personal experience with a few b & bs in Italy, I would recommend either booking a bit more expensive, or choosing a hotel anyway, because in most cases at b & b everything is quite old, unpretentious, breakfast is modest, and not always the staff speak English. Take a look at, for example, the Best Western Hotel de Capuleti (from 85 € per night) – a modern international hotel in the city center.

Or a good b & b Accademia (80 € per night), where we stayed in 2019, is 3 minutes from the central square of Verona, from the station about 15-20 minutes on foot. A standard but clean room in a residential building, with its own bathroom and, in principle, a good breakfast for Italy (not only bread, but also yoghurts, cheese, meat cuts, like even cereal). Photos from booking, here we had such a room:

The only negative: despite the fact that we wrote what time we will arrive, no one was waiting for us, we had to make a phone call. The girl came up for 5 minutes. Again, after eviction, you can leave your luggage. And they also returned the charger forgotten in the room.

The five-star Hotel Gabbia D’Oro (from 207 € with breakfast) is a different level. There will be both service and luxury of the Italian palazzo. Hotel-Museum, as it is called in the reviews.

All Verona hotels in the center, see >>>

If you travel by car, then in order to save money, you can stay in a hotel near Verona. In 2017, we stayed at Ai Santi B&B (from 60 €) in the town of Dossobuono, which is near the airport (no planes can be heard). Rating for booking 9.5. Housing for 3 rooms, all with a private bathroom, perfect repair, everything is thought out, everything is clean, comfortable and pleasant. Here are a couple of pictures:

hotels near verona
Red room
hotels in verona
Shared kitchen in b & b

Verona was reached by car, about 15 minutes. Below on the map I mark the parking lot, where we parked the car for free (another 10-15 minutes walk to the city center):

You can also book apartments, a large selection on airbnb, do not forget to pick up your $ 25 coupon for your first booking 🙂

Sights of Verona: what to see on your own in 2 hours, 1 day, 2 days

Here I will briefly list the sights of Verona that you can see on your own – from several hours to several days.

So, in a couple of hours on your own you will have time to inspect externally the following attractions:

  • Castelvecchio Castle and the Castelvecchio City Museum (Museo di Castelvecchio), entrance € 6, Scaliger Bridge, with views of the river and the city. Official website

sights of verona

  • Piazza Bra central square with Vittorio Emmanuele statue

what to see in verona

  • Arena di Verona, Verona ‘s Colosseum is one of the three best-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the country. The theater is operational – there are various concerts and performances (ticket price from 30 € to 200 €), and during the day you can go on an excursion (10 €). Official website

  • Juliet’s house with the famous courtyard and Juliet’s balcony, under which, supposedly, Romeo confessed to Juliet his feelings. There is also a statue of Juliet with a polished right breast. A lot of confessions and wishes written on anything (paper glued to chewing gum, adhesive, etc. …). And many, many tourists.
house of juliet verona
Photo from the category “expectation – reality”
All in chewing gum, plasters and other unpleasant things … Not a romantic attraction at all.
  • The Museum of Juliet’s House (with Juliet’s balcony) can be visited as part of the tour. The cost is 6 €, the museum’s work schedule is from 13:45 – 19:30 on Mon, and from 8:30 – 19:30 from Tue to Sun. Entrance to the courtyard is free. If you don’t get on time for some closed event. The address of Juliet’s balcony in Verona is Via Cappello, 23 (noted on the map below) Official website

house and balcony jelietta verona

  • Piazza delle Erbe – in the afternoon it is a market square, and in the evening it is filled with tourists and locals who sit in a cafe and drink Aperol 🙂 By the way, the square itself is surrounded by Renaissance palaces.

what to see in verona in 1 day

Erbe Square Verona Fountain
Fountain in the square
  • Adige River Embankment
  • Ancient bridge in Verona Ponte Pietra
  • Roman Theater and Castel San Pietro on the other side of the river.

Verona in 1 day

You can eat tasty and cheap in the trattoria Da Mario. In the spring, we already went to the Mario trattoria in Genoa and we really liked it, we decided to check out Verona Mario. Apparently, Mario is a master of Italian cuisine. Lunch from a snack (prosciutto and melone), two huge pizzas and drinks cost us 34 €, which is 2 times less than lunch at a restaurant in the center of Verona. However, the restaurant is open from 12:30 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 22:00. The location of the restaurant is marked on the map with the sights:

If in Verona you have a little more time than a couple of hours, then you can

  • Spend a few hours visiting museums
  • Climb to one of the observation platforms, for example, to the Lamberti Tower (on foot, or by elevator for 1 €) – a ticket price of 8 € also includes a visit to the Palazzo della Ragione
lamberti tower verona
Lamberti Tower
Palazzo della Ragione Verona
Palazzo della ragione
  • Visit the Cathedral of Verona (Duomo di Verona) – admission 5 €, external examination – free.

Verona Cathedral

  • Visit Giardino Giusti Garden, entrance 7 €, official site

Well, do not forget that the medieval Italian towns are just a pleasure to take a walk.


Especially in the evening when the streets are empty

Verona alone in 1 day

Verona Card (Verona Card) 

If you plan to visit several paid attractions, it makes sense to buy a tourist card Verona card. On it you can visit museums and other sights of Verona for free, and the city’s public transport will be free for you. What places you can visit on the Verona Card, you can see on the official website . Cost card for 2019 : € 20 for 24 hours and EUR 25 for 48 hours. You can buy in tourist offices or in advance via the Internet – here is the link . It is activated from the moment of the first entrance to the attraction and is valid, respectively, 24 or 48 hours. That is, if you plan to visit the Arena (10 euros), the Juliet House (6 euros) and the Lamberti Tower (8 euros), totaling 24 euros, then a 24-hour card will already be profitable.

Verona map 

If you are not using electronic maps yet (I recommend the Maps.Me application), you can download the Verona map with the sights and print it or save it on your phone or tablet. To save the map, you need to “Open the picture in a new window”:

Verona map in Russian

Guided tours in and from Verona

If you have little time to visit the city, I recommend ordering an individual tour of Verona  – in a short time the guide will show you the most popular places in Verona and tell you a lot of interesting things.

Transportation in Verona

City transport in Verona is represented by taxis and city buses (20 routes). Walking in the center, you can do without transport – everything is within walking distance. If you still need to use public transport, then for 2019 the following rates are relevant:

1,30 € – ticket for 90 minutes, you can buy it only at the ticket office

2 € – ticket for one (current) trip. You can buy on the bus in the machine (the machine does not give change), you can’t transfer to another bus with this ticket

11,70 € – 10 one-time tickets (90 minutes each), they can be used only together

4 € – daily ticket for an unlimited number of trips

20 € – Verona card with free travel (wrote in detail in the Verona card section )

What to taste in Verona

  • The main dish of Northern Italy is risotto (Al Tastasal with sausages, pork and pepper or Radicchio with the same plant, onions, bacon and red wine)
  • Bigoli pasta (bigoli) – thick spaghetti – with various sauces
  • Gnocchi (Gnocchi) – dumplings with cheese, potatoes or spinach
  • Ancient recipe stuffed duck
  • Pickled Sardines
  • Dessert Pandoro (traditional Christmas cake)
  • Verona dessert “Juliet’s Kiss” (chocolate cakes with almonds and chocolate filling)
  • T-bone young beef (Bolito con la peara)
  • Wines Amarone, Soave, Kustosa

Where to eat in Verona: tasty and inexpensive

Arriving at our B&B, I asked the owner where he would recommend eating in Verona. To which he replied that they did not eat in Verona, but in the center, by the arena, it was definitely not worth eating, on his advice it was better to move closer to the river. Which we did. The prices in those trattorias are an order of magnitude lower, and the quality, I do not think, is worse.

Here’s the price tag at the Arena restaurant:

prices in verona

UPD 07/18/2019: the aperol in the restaurant at the arena is tasteless and not the cheapest.

Here are the pizza prices at the Da Mario restaurant, which I already wrote about in the Attractions section.

where to eat in verona is tasty and inexpensive

For 34 euros we got prosciutto e melone:

what to eat in verona

And two huge pizzas:

where to eat cheap in verona

Plus drinks, service and tip. And we didn’t even finish the pizza and took it with us.

Da Mario Restaurant Address: Via Santa Maria in Chiavica, 5

There are many restaurants around in the streets, there are more expensive establishments on the waterfront.

Since we drove to Verona for several hours, I cannot recommend more personally inspected places 🙂 The main thing – do not forget about the advice of a local resident – “not at the Arena”, and you will be happy 🙂

If you have questions or additions, please write in the comments. Please like the post and make a repost! Thank you! And a have a nice trip to Verona!


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