Treviso Airport in Venice (Italy) is often also called Santangelo Antonio Canova Airport. The airport is located three kilometers southwest of the small Italian town of Treviso, because of which, in fact, it got its name. The city itself is provincial, but the airport is famous for being located near one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy – Venice. The distance from Venice to Treviso is 20 km. The article tells how to get to Venice by bus, train, and how to book a transfer.


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Services and refund of tax free

In the duty free area of ​​Treviso Airport you can buy many different things, in particular, souvenirs and gifts from Italy.

The waiting room has the ability to connect to the Internet for 30 minutes. Treviso Airport also offers a tax-free return option. To do this, you will need to contact a special point at the airport.

Official site of the Treviso Airport .

The scheme of the first and second floor is presented below, as well as on the airport’s website.

Ground floor map

Venice airport treviso scheme

Scheme of the first floor

airport treviso how to get

How to get to Treviso Airport from Venice and back

Travelers have several ways to get from Treviso Airport and back by different means of transport. Below we consider the most popular of them, so that you can choose the most affordable for yourself.


How to get from Treviso airport to Venice by bus?

Many travelers use Terravision buses that depart from the airport from 9am to 9pm. Buses go to the Tronchetto and Mestre stops. As for how to get in the opposite direction, the buses run even longer – from half past six in the morning to half past seven in the evening.

You will travel about 40 minutes. Tickets can be bought online. A ticket for one adult will cost 11 euros. A round-trip ticket will cost you 20 euros.


Please note that a return ticket can be used within 10 days after the first trip. If you plan to use the second ticket later, you need to buy two one-time tickets for 11 euros!


Buying tickets locally can be more expensive, so purchase in advance through

For children under 10 years old there is no need to buy a ticket.

A bus stop is directly opposite the exit from the terminal.

Another option is ATVO buses. In the city, the bus stops at Piazzale Roma, as well as in Mestre. The exact schedule of the bus from and to the airport can be found on the official website of the bus carrier A single ticket for one person costs 12 euros. If you buy from two tickets, then the cost will be 11 euros for each.

You can also buy a comprehensive ticket for 30 euros, which will include a bus ride to Piazzale Roma and a water taxi to the center.

Compost the ticket before boarding. There are special composters for this.

The duration of the trip is about 70 minutes.

How to get to Mestre

Terravision buses that run from the airport from 9am to 9pm can be used to get to Mestre. They make an intermediate stop at this place, so that you will not have problems in getting directions.

The only thing – pay attention to the schedule on the day of the week when you are traveling.

Other buses that suit you are GoOpti and Barzi Services. You can find the right flight and buy an electronic ticket through the Europe ticket search service .

How to get to Treviso airport and back by taxi / transfer?

From Treviso Airport, you can also take a taxi to Venice. If you are traveling from the airport, you can catch a taxi directly at the exit of the terminal. You can find a car in the city on Piazzalla Roma. The duration of the trip in this case will be up to 40 minutes. You will need to pay for a taxi from 60 to 80 euros.

In order not to overpay for taxi drivers who work directly at the airport, it is better to book a taxi in advance online. So you get a fixed price and you will probably know that upon arrival, the car will be waiting for you at the terminal. It will also be convenient if you are traveling with a child and you need to install child seats. Recently in Spain I ordered a transfer from , the plane was delayed for 2 hours, I quickly contacted the operator, the driver was warned and by the time we got to the airport, the driver was already waiting for us with a sign. They didn’t require any additional payment, but since I paid for the order completely via the Internet, I didn’t have to pay anything at the place.


Book a transfer on >>>

How to get from Treviso airport and back by train?

If you want to ride the train, then such an opportunity exists, although one mode of transport is not enough for you. First you will need to take bus number 6 (schedule, next to Treviso Centrale Station. From Treviso Airport, buses leave at intervals of 6-10 minutes. Trains from the station to Venice on weekdays depart once an hour.

From Treviso Centrale you can already get to the main station in Venice (Santa Lucia) or to Mestre.

Car rental at Treviso Airport

If you do not want to hope for a taxi or wait for any public transport, then the ideal solution would be to rent a car at Treviso Airport.

Good service where you can order a car – . If your plans suddenly change – this is not a problem, you can cancel the order in two days at no extra charge. It is possible to provide for the presence of additional functions, the installation of child seats or navigators.

It is necessary to pay for the order by credit card, while no commission is charged, and the possibility of free cancellation is retained up to 48 hours before rental.

You can read my reviews about rentalcars service: rent in Armenia and the Czech Republic . Also, you can always book a car directly on the dealer’s website, but in this case, usually the price is higher.

How to get to Treviso from Padova and back

If you want to get from Treviso to another popular town, then by renting a car you can drive to your destination in 50 minutes.

It takes the same time to get a taxi. Having ordered the transfer in advance at , you will pay from 87 euros (depending on the class of the selected car).

It can also be reached by public transport. To do this, use the direct Mobilità di Marca bus that runs from Treviso (stop in Treviso at 23 Lungosile Mattei, in Padova – Viale della Pace). See the schedule on the company’s website Ticket price 4-6 euros. Tickets can be bought at the bus station.

Hotels Near Treviso Airport

Hotel Rovere  (9.2)

This hotel is located directly in Treviso, the area is quiet and cozy, ideal for families. The airport is a 10-minute drive away. If you need to get to Venice, then you can catch a bus from the railway station and in half an hour you will be there.

For a double room you will need to pay about 85 euros per night. There are non-smoking rooms, free parking and Wi-Fi.

Hotel Continental  (7.8)

The hotel is an 8-minute drive from the airport and close to Treviso city center. Non-smoking rooms are offered, the possibility of ordering a transfer to the airport, room service, family rooms.

Near the hotel there is a railway station and bus stops.

The cost for one night in a double room is 90-95 euros, depending on the date of booking. There is only one bed in the room, no prepayment required.

Dafne B&B  (9.4)

The hotel is only 4 km from Treviso Airport. The hotel remains highly sought after by the affordable cost of rooms. The numbers on the site fly apart very quickly. Each room has a bathroom, kettle or coffee machine. In addition, it is worth noting the area in which the hotel is located, where a beautiful view from the window will delight you every day.

A daily continental breakfast is served here in the mornings. By the way, breakfast is included in the room reservation.

The cost of a double room for one night is 53 euros. Cancellation is free, no prepayment required.

You can also look at possible options on , the site searches for all booking systems, perhaps somewhere will be cheaper than

That’s all! If you have questions or additions, leave in the comments! Have a good rest in Venice!

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