Since the magical Italian city attracts many with its beauty, the question of whether there is an airport in Venice is very common. In this article I tell you what services the airport provides, as well as how to get to the city (to the center and train stations) by taxi and public transport, including water.

“Marco Polo” is the international airport of Venice. It belongs to the largest airports in Italy in size. The place is named after the eminent Italian navigator, who is famous for the discovery of China.

Where is Marco Polo Airport located?

The location of the air port is the small town of Tessera, in the suburbs of Venice. The city can be reached by taxi or public transport. Travel time is approximately half an hour. The location of the airport is shown on the map.


Official website of the airport

Links to the online scoreboard are presented on the official website of the airport. 

You can also see the terminal layout on the official website at the link .

The airport has special facilities for caring for children and people with disabilities. There are bank branches and ATMs for cash withdrawals.

If you have to expect your flight here, then you can pass the time in numerous cafes. You can also buy souvenirs if you haven’t managed to do this while traveling, here.

The airport has luggage storage facilities.

A service that is often provided in Europe – Tax Free Refund is also provided directly at the airport.


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Tax Free in the airport

Departing from Italy, you can arrange a tax refund service for purchases made in the country.

To do this, you will first need to fill out special forms and present them to inspectors at customs. In order for the refund to pass without problems, be sure to save your receipts for purchases. After customs, you will be sent to the appropriate VAT refund point. It works from 6 am to 8 pm daily.

Please note that the maximum amount for a refund in foreign currency is 999.5 euros.

How to get to the airport and from the airport to the city center

Taxis and transfers from Venice Airport

You can get to the center by taxi; an official service is available at the airport. In this case, you will need to pay about 40 euros for travel, add about 1 euro for each piece of luggage and be prepared for an extra charge for a traffic jam, a detour in the case of closed roads, etc. What will be the total amount is unknown.

To avoid “surprises”, I recommend ordering a taxi in advance through the internet website. There you will not only independently indicate where you need to go, but you will also know the total amount in advance. You can even pay the full amount immediately online, so that in Italy you can safely get to the hotel and not worry about payment. I recently ordered a taxi in Valencia this way , it’s very convenient, and besides, they often send a car of a higher class and a bigger size (without surcharges, naturally), which is especially convenient if you come in company or family.

On the service you can order vehicles of any capacity, which depends on your needs. Upon arrival at the airport, a person with a sign will be waiting for you. At the same time, the cost of the trip will be known in advance and will not change in case of any unplanned incidents.

Please note that through this service you can order a taxi to Roma Square (from 50 euros) , and a taxi to your hotel (from 160 euros). In the second case, a water taxi will be included in the price .

Bus from Venice Airport

This is the cheapest type of transport that will take you to Piazalle Roma in 30-40 minutes. Buses run here at intervals of 15-30 minutes. It is not difficult to see them, as they are all painted in blue or orange. Orange buses – buses of line No. 5, fare 8 euros (for November 2018), you can buy tickets at vending machines at a bus stop or in the baggage claim area, or at the box office in the airport building. Before boarding you need to validate the ticket. For this, special machines are located at the stops. Buses run every 15 minutes.

The blue bus is a shuttle express train, also next to Piazzale Roma. The fare is 6 euros (November 2018). Tickets are purchased from the driver, in a vending machine at a bus stop or in the arrivals hall. Bus waiting time – no more than 30 minutes.

Also, you can buy a ticket for the shuttle to Venice Airport – Piazzale Roma online (you can not print the ticket – mobile vouchers are accepted). Buy a ticket >>>

Water transport, vaporetto from Marco Polo airport, water taxi

water taxi from venice airport

If you want to immediately feel the whole atmosphere of Italy, then an ideal option is a trip on a water shuttle. Of course, gondolas do not go from the airport, but you can ride a motor boat.

Such a trip will take a little more time, namely an hour or a half, but still it is worth it. In what other city could you afford this?

From the airport to Venice you can go by boat Alilaguna, this water taxi has 2 lines – blue (year-round) and pink (from April to October). The cost of a ticket for water transport is exactly the same as for a bus – 8 euros. Motor boats depart at intervals of 30 minutes and arrive at Piazza San Marco or at the port.

Venice airport how to get

You can get directly to the hotel by ordering a group water transfer. In this case, the waiting time will not exceed 40 minutes, and the fare is 32 euros per person. Buy a ticket online >>>

How to get from Venice Airport to Mestre and Santa Lucia train stations

From the airport, Santa Lucia Station is accessible by train. You will need to sit on line 5. The duration of the trip is 20-30 minutes. Ticket – 2 euros.

A bus ticket to Santa Lucia Station will cost from 1 to 4 euros. Buses leave every 20 minutes.

To get to Mestre Station from Marco Polo Airport, you need to take the bus line 15 or 45. The stop is located directly at the airport exit. Ticket price for one and a half hours– 8 euros.

The fare for a taxi is from 44 euros. You can order a car online .

Car hire at Venice Airport

If you want to get to the Marco Polo airport by your transport, then pay attention to the fact that there is no parking directly near the terminal. To do this, correctly calculate the time in order to catch passengers, park the car near the terminal and return to check-in.

If you want to rent a car at the airport in order to get to the center, you can do this in advance on the site autoeurope . A convenient service allows you to quickly optimize your search settings, choosing the exact time of receipt and delivery of the car. You can choose the required class of vehicle and its capacity. You can pay rent by credit card, no fees are provided. You can also change your mind about renting a car in Venice two days before arrival. In this case, you do not have to pay fines.

The average cost of renting a family car is 16 euros per day. You can also purchase insurance on the site.

How to order a car through the service, I spoke in detail in this article (you can read my review there), and here – in detail about car rental in Italy.

Hotels near Marco Polo (Venice) Airport

If you plan to stay at a hotel near the airport, then you can consider the following options.

Annia Park Hotel Venice Airport 

The Annia Park Hotel Venice Airport is located directly in Tessera. It is located in a very atmospheric old building, so living here you can experience the unique atmosphere of small Italian towns. Hotel guests can receive a free shuttle service to and from the airport. Breakfast is served from 4 in the morning, there is Wi-Fi. Here you can enjoy both Italian and international dishes. Each breakfast is served as a buffet. There is free parking. The price for a double room is from 104 euros, breakfast is included.

Hotel gronda lagunare 

Another beautiful place located near the airport is Hotel Gronda Languare. It can be reached in just two minutes by bus running from the airport. Parking on site is free, there is Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning and heating. In the morning, enjoy Italian breakfast here. Late arrivals and early departures are available. Price per night from 40 euros for a double room with shared or twin beds, breakfast is included.

Dolce laguna 

Dolce Laguna Guesthouse is located less than two kilometers from the airport. A family room is available here. All apartments have free Wi-Fi. There is free parking with the possibility of placing a car with full occupancy of the hotel. Venice is only 8 km from here. Padua will need a drive of 37 km. This hotel opened more than twenty years ago, but during its existence managed to improve the quality of services provided and directly the appearance. Externally, the guest house looks in a traditional Italian style. The rooms have everything for the convenience of tourists. For example, bathrooms, LCD TVs, refrigerators. Price per night from 88 euros for a double room with one bed, breakfast is not included.

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