Helsinki Airport is located in the suburbs of Vantaa, about 20 km from the city center. How to get to the city by public transport and how to order a taxi, as well as how much it will cost and what services the Helsinki airport offers, I tell in this article.

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Helsinki Vantaa Airport: services

Helsinki Airport Official Website:

Helsinki Airport has 2 passenger terminals that are connected by a passage. Terminal 1 mainly serves Schengen flights, and Terminal 2 – international.

See the interactive map of the airport on the official website at the link .

At the airport there is Wi-Fi, left-luggage office, cafe.

There is duty free at Helsinki Airport, quite good, with plenty of choice.

There are also numerous stores of famous brands, including Finnish brand Marimekko, a lot of stalls with products featuring Mummy Trolls – Finnish national characters.

On the 1st floor of the airport (to the passport and security controls) there is a large Alepa supermarket where you can buy something to eat, groceries and edible souvenirs.

I am glad that there are a huge number of places for charging gadgets at Helsinki Airport, and they are located next to the seats and you can use them absolutely free.

If you want to recharge your smartphone during shopping, you can leave it in special boxes that close and open with your credit card. This charge is also absolutely free.

Helsinki how to get to the center

Helsinki Airport Hotels

There are 2 hotels at the airport:

Hotel GLO – located at level P in Terminal 2. Booking rating 8.5.

Go Sleep Lounge is a capsule hotel at Helsinki Airport, you will find it at gate 12 of Terminal 1. To use this hotel, only for transit passengers, you must a) register for your flight from Helsinki; b) go through all the formalities – passport and security control. Booking Rating 7.4.

2 more hotels are within walking distance from the airport:

Hilton Helsinki Airport (5-minute walk). Breakfast is served from 3:30 in the night. Departures board is in the hotel lobby. By booking rating 8.7

Scandic Helsinki Airport – 200 meters from Terminal 2, accessible via a covered walkway. Breakfast is served from 4 in the morning. The booking rating is 9.0.


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How to get from Helsinki Airport to the city center

Taxi / transfer from Vantaa Airport (and to Helsinki Airport from the center)

A taxi / private transfer is convenient, first of all, for those who arrive in Helsinki at night, or for passengers with luggage and children. In these cases, you always want to get to the hotel as quickly and comfortably as possible. In case of good traffic conditions, a taxi ride to the center takes about half an hour. You can catch a taxi at the exit or you can book a private transfer in advance online. In the latter case, they will meet you with a sign, help with your luggage and wait in case of a flight delay. Order and payment (partial or full) takes place in advance via the Internet (for this you only need a credit card), you do not have to go anywhere and even call somewhere. The price is from 55 € per car. For the price and detailed conditions, see the link .

Train to Helsinki Vantaa Airport

You can also get to Helsinki airport / from the airport to the city by train (high-speed train). Perhaps this is the fastest and most reliable case. Suitable if you have a long connection in Helsinki and you want to spend time in the city (for example, we went to the city during a 9-hour transfer to Tokyo ).

Trains run every 10-20 minutes from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m., and on the way – no more than half an hour.

Finding a train station at the airport is easy. It is located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. After leaving the arrivals hall, follow the signs for “Train”. You can literally walk to the station in 10-15 minutes.

The fare is 5 €.

It is easiest to buy tickets in the machine (payment in cash or by card). Such machines are in the transition between the Terminals before accessing the elevators leading to the station.

Helsinki Airport Train
It looks like a ticket vending machine

You can also buy tickets at the Alepa supermarket (Terminal 2, arrival hall 2B), at R-Kioski (a small store with goods for traveling in T2, arrival hall 2A), at the tourist office (Terminal 2, arrival hall 2) or via mobile applications.

Please note that you cannot buy a ticket on the train!

When buying in a vending machine, you do not need to compost the ticket; time is considered from the moment of purchase.

Helsinki bus
To get to the center, you need a regional ticket

A regional ticket (namely, it is necessary to get to the center of Helsinki) is valid for 80 minutes on all types of public transport. That is, when you get to Helsinki station, you can catch a bus or a tram and get on the same ticket to the place you need.

Bus to Helsinki Airport

The main advantage of this method is that the buses to Helsinki are around the clock. On the route airport – Helsinki or Helsinki – airport, 2 buses are suitable:

  • No. 615: central station – airport
  • No. 617: Hakaniemi Market Square – Airport.

The journey takes 35-40 minutes with favorable road conditions.

Tickets cost 5 € daytime and 8 € nightly (from 2:30 to 4:30 at night).

A bus to the airport can be found at platform No. 12 (Terminal 1) and No. 25 (Terminal 2).

You can buy tickets in vending machines (as well as in the case of a train, you need a regional ticket – regional / seutulippu), or from the driver (50 cents more expensive).

I recommend to look at the current schedule on this site .

Express from Helsinki Airport to the train station

From Helsinki Airport to the central station, in addition to bus number 615, you can get on the Finnair City express train. This shuttle leaves from platform No. 11 (Terminal 1) and No. 10 (Terminal 2) every 20 minutes. It takes about 35 minutes to get there.

Ticket price 6.70 €.

You can buy tickets at the machine (at the airport or at the bus stop) or at R-kioski.

Parking at Helsinki Airport

If you arrive at the airport with your own car, then parking information will be useful to you. There are several parking lots at the airport:

  • P4 – long-term outdoor parking, the most budget. Cost 10 € / day, 40 € / week. A free Airport Bus runs from P4 to the terminals (schedule from 3:30 to 1:30 on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends)
  • Parking P1 and P2 are the most expensive, located near the terminals. The price is 25 € -30 € / day and 110-130 € / week.
  • P3 parking – close to both terminals (50-300 meters). The price is 15 € / day and 65 € / week.


Car rental at Helsinki Vantaa Airport

If you are planning a car trip around Finland, then it makes sense to rent a car right at Helsinki Airport, immediately upon arrival.

Rental price from 33 € per day for rental for a week. I usually book in advance via the Internet, so that when I fly into the city I don’t have to think about it. I already booked a car several times through the service , the rental was successful. You can read my review, for example, here . And here I wrote in detail about car rental abroad.

The price of gasoline in Finland is 1.55 € per liter.


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Have a good trip to Helsinki!

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