The Orcia Valley (Val d’ Orcia) is considered the most beautiful place in Tuscany. After all I’ve seen, I don’t want to argue with this at all. I show my photos of the valley and tell the main points how to get to this place from a postcard, what to see and what to try.

Val d’Orcia on the map

What is Val d’Orcia? This is one of the valleys of Tuscany, located south of Siena. If you look at the map, then approximately it is located here:

Val d Orcha on the map


Since 2004, Val d’Orcia has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its landscapes are depicted on most Tuscan postcards. Hills, cypress trees, traditional houses and churches, endless vineyards – all this is Val d’Orcia.

Ideally, it is better to inspect Val d’Orcia by car ( my itinerary: Tuscany. Umbria, Puglia ) to be able to stop at any time in the most beautiful places, take photos and slowly admire the scenery, take a walk through the picturesque towns, stop by the winery and taste the famous wines of the valley – Nobile de Montepulciano and Brunello and Montalcino, and at the farms buy olive oil and local natural cheeses. Read all about car rental in Italy here .

Hotels in Val d’Orcia

If it is not possible to rent a car, then a good option would be an excursion. With public transport in such a “backwoods” is very problematic, therefore, I do not recommend inspecting this area, traveling by bus.

Excursions to the Val d’Orcia Valley

Group excursion to the Val d’Orcia from Florence (English) , 70 € per person

 Group tour of the Val d’Orcia from Pisa (English) , 78 € per person

Group excursion to Val d’Orcia from Siena (English) , 55 € per person. I went for this excursion.

Group Tour to Val d’Orcia from Rome (English) , 119 € per person


val d orcha


As I said, I went on this excursion from Siena. Excursion team (collect tourists from Florence and Siena), a large double-decker bus, the group is very large (about 50 people), you need to be mentally prepared for this. Also, city tours are not included in the price, you examine them yourself. In fact, this tour is your transport, which brings you to the cities and tastings, but for the price of 55 euros, you should not count on anything more. For me personally, this option was the most ideal, since I traveled alone: ​​booking an individual tour was very expensive, and you can chat with other people. The group is multinational, I talked with tourists from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. In general, it is much more interesting than silently riding a bus with compatriots 🙂

Probably everything with organizational information, then there will be photos with small comments.

Val d’Orcia (Tuscany): my photos

The inconvenience of the bus, compared to the car – you can not stop at any time to take good photos, you have to take a picture from the window. However, these species can not be spoiled:

Val d Orcha Tuscany Val d Orcha Italy valle d'orcia

valle d'orcia toscana valle d'orcia italy


The first stop is the city of Montepulciano:

Montepulciano Tuscany

Montepulciano City Hall is a prototype of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. One cannot but notice the similarities:

Montepulciano Italy

The main church of Montepulciano on the Piazza Grande:

Montepulciano tours

The city is one big liquor store 🙂

Montepulciano TuscanyMontepulciano Tuscany Italy

Of course, you can not do without tasting Nobile de Montepulciano wine, as well as olive oil and traditional snacks:

Nobile de Montepulciano nobile de montepulciano tasting

Wine Barrels:


Of course, you can buy wine in the store at the tasting room 🙂 By the way, no one insists on this and does not devote an entire hour to this.


We go further. The next stop is the picturesque Pienza, and along the way we again admire the scenery:


Val d Orcha Valley Val d Orcha photo


Pienza is, in my opinion, the most comfortable, picturesque and flowery town of all where I have been. It is no accident that Pienza itself is also included in the UNESCO list!


tuscany kid


Duomo di Pienza in the central square of the city


Tuscan Landmark picnic tours


Streets from a postcard:


Val d Orcha how to get from Florence Tuscany tour


Here I am:

Tuscany excursion from Florence


One of the gates to the city:


group excursion from florence to tuscany a kid what to see pienza toscanapienza


Be sure to try gelato here, for example, in Fredo Il Gelato Artigianale:


gelato pie


You will see the most beautiful landscapes along the road between Pienza and Montalcino:

Tuscany valley Val d Orcha from Florence to the Val d Orcha Valley

Tuscan excursions with a Russian-speaking guide


One of the postcards – Capella di Vitalete, just between the towns of Pienza and Montalcino:



By the way, Agriturismo Poderino is located nearby , where you can buy wine, olive oil, or stay for a couple of nights. Price from 70 euros per night.

Montalcino is the third town we visited during the tour. Like Montepulciano, it is known throughout the world for its Brunello di Montalcino wine, marked by high wine statuses.


excursions in montalcino

City center 


montalcino tuscany


And, of course, liquor stores:


Tuscan excursions from Pisa


Montalcino Church:




And cozy corners:



The Montalcino Fortress (Fortezza di Montalcino) is one of the significant attractions of the city. From its walls overlook the city. Admission is 2 euros.


fortress montalcino


And this view opens if you just climb a little higher up the hill.


what to see in montalcino


Wherever you look – postcard


montalcino toscana


Montalcino is the third city after Rome and Siena, the symbol of which is the Capitoline Wolf:


Val d Orchi hotels


Well and, of course, we go for a wine tasting of Brunello di Montalcino. vineyards along the way:



Tasting takes place at the Abbadia ardenga il Poggio winery



The owner of the farm is 87-year-old Mario:



Which is very active for its age:



It can be assumed what is the secret of his longevity:


Brunello di Montalcino tasting brunello do montalcino


2017 Montalcino Wine Barrels


wines of montalcino and montepulciano


This excursion ends


wine tasting in tuscany


I’d like to come back to Val d’Orcia, this time by car. Take plenty of pictures in Tuscan landscapes, buy wine, cheeses and salami. And I wish you to definitely visit this place – at least as part of a one-day excursion. I guarantee it will be one of the most beautiful days in your life!

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Wish you a pleasant travel to Toscana!

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