Universal Studio Park in Osaka (Japan) is the main goal of our visit to Osaka. Universal is a huge amusement park based on Hollywood movies. In general, the same Disneyland, but with other characters. And a little cooler 🙂 In the article, read about my impressions, prices in the park, thematic areas and how to get.

Still, the park is somewhat different from Disneyland. Attractions. If there are more classic rides in Disneyland (roller coasters, swing-carousels), then rides at Universal are more modern, more interactive and high-tech. This especially applies to two attractions – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Despicable Me (the minions zone is the newest zone in the park, and perhaps the brightest and most fun).


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The park itself was opened in 2001 and it was the first Universal park opened in Asia. The Harry Potter attraction was opened in 2014. This ride is just a must! You cannot skip it. BUT! The queue for it reaches 5 (!) Hours !!! At the end of the article there will be a couple of life hacks, how to manage to ride at maximum rides!

The park is divided into several thematic zones.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

There are two attractions: in fact, the most important – “Forbidden Journey” and the second (classic roller coaster) – “Hippogriff Flight”. At the entrance to the zone there is a train leaving for Hogwarts, sometimes it really releases steam)) Shops, souvenirs, street entertainment and a keg of creamy beer. You can go to Hoggwarts Castle and just see it without riding the rides, this is a separate turn, but since it’s better to get to the rides, it makes no sense to spend time and go separately to watch the castle.

harry rubbed universal

harry potter zone universal osaka  hogwarts universal japan   hogwarts castle osakaharry potter japan


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Minions park

New zone in Universal. Here the main and only attraction is Despicable Me. In the queue for him, we spent about 2 hours and this is not the maximum that is possible. The thrill of the ride was worth every minute in line! This is an ultramodern attraction of virtual reality. Do you know a game for smartphones where minions run around the city jumping over different obstacles? So, here you really feel like this minion!))) Going here is a must!

minions universal japan minions universal japan

minions universal
In the queue for the attraction show cartoons

The zone itself is very bright, fun, positive. You can see how cookies are made and, of course, try the famous “banana cookies” yourself)))

banana cookies japan universal studio japan


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Zone New York.

The main attraction is Spiderman. Here – 5d immersion in the film, Spiderman on the hood of your car, villains, flights and fire in your face. Super!

spiderman universal osaka
In line for Spiderman

Also in the New York area are many theatrical shows. We were at the Terminator. 5th dive show. The effects are cool, but before the start of the performance, there is some kind of performance of one actor where the girl speaks Japanese, everyone around laughs, and you stand stupid and do not understand what is happening))) For me, you should not waste time. Even Sailormoon was more spectacular)

universal osaka zone

Hollywood Zone.

Of the rides here are roller coasters. You see them while walking in the park. Also theatrical shows Sesame Street and Shrek. Unfortunately, in this zone we did not participate in anything.

universal park japan

San Francisco Area.

This area has the most eating places, so when you get hungry you can run here 🙂


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Jurassic Park.

The main attraction is a dinosaur flight, while this flight takes place upside down and with several dead loops. Probably cool 🙂 For those who are not afraid and who are fine with the vestibular apparatus 🙂

The second attraction is a descent in a boat from a cliff. I rode such a thing in Port Aventura in Spain, it’s not scary, but it’s better to ride in good weather, because then you will be wet from head to toe 🙂

jurassic park universal japan
One of the attractions of the Jurassic Park zone

Amity village

Attraction “Jaws”. It’s funny You are sailing on a boat with a captain and a shark suddenly pops up. Explosions of fuel barrels – as a bonus 🙂

In the article, I did not list all the rides and, of course, not all the shows. At the entrance to the park, be sure to take a map (available in English) and immediately plan your approximate route and decide which attractions you want to ride on.

universal park osaka

Official site Universal Studios Japan

Park website: http://www.usj.co.jp/

Universal Studio Osaka: price per visit

Visit price: 7900 ¥ (about 66 euros, 1 day, buy online ), 13 400 ¥ (2 days) – adult, for children and adolescents, see the website.

On the official website you can buy express access to attractions: from 7,600 ¥ (for 7 attractions), from 5,200 ¥ (for 4 attractions). Keep in mind that in the park there will be lines from those who bought a ticket to pass without a line. And on the same attraction Harry Potter will have to stand for about 1 hour.

At prices for souvenirs and food: a cap like mine costs about 2000 rubles, lunch in the park for two will cost about the same. Butter beer – 600 yen – about 400 rubles, banana cookies about 350 rubles.

In general, get ready to leave at least 100-150 euros per person in the park.

universal studio prices


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How to get to Universal Park

Near the park there is a JR Universal City station. Therefore, getting on public transport is not difficult. The fare is covered by the jr pass . If your goal in Osaka is this park, then I recommend to book a hotel near the JR station so that you can easily reach the park.

So, now the main life hack is how to visit the maximum of attractions.

  1. Come to the opening of the park. See opening time on the website. Immediately go to the main attractions – Harry Potter and the Minions. Most likely, by the time you ride these 2 attractions, the queues will already begin. Therefore, you can stand for an hour and a half for another 1-2 rides. After that, go take a picture, watch a show, have lunch, try street food.
  2. Wait about 7 pm, at this time the number of people in the park will begin to decrease. Then you can go to the rides again 🙂 And from about 8.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. there will be practically no lines. And in this hour and a half you will have time to roll enough.

snuppy universal studio

To stay in the park before closing it is better that your hotel is either near the park or near the JR station so that you can safely get to your hotel. Below are examples.

Hotels near Universal Studios Osaka

Prices are per night, for a double room at the time of writing.

Hotel Keihan Universal City from $ 109

Hotel Keihan Universal Tower from $ 112


The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan TM from $ 160

La’gent Hotel Osaka Bay from 123 $

Hotels near train stations:

Infinity Hotel Nishikujo from $ 100

HG Cozy Hotel No.48  from 91 $

Hostel Jin from $ 65 for a double room!

Rota Hostel from $ 57 for a double room!

This is where I end. Be sure to plan a trip to Universal Park, regardless of whether you are traveling with children or not!


Have fun in Osaka!

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