In this article I will talk about how to go to Turin on your own: how to get there, where to stay, what to see, how to book excursions and how you can save.

Turin is a city in Northern Italy, in the Piedmont region. I will say right away that Turin is not “typical Italy” as we imagine it (with emotional Italians, linen on clotheslines, shabby buildings and lemon trees). If you need all this “traditions” – then welcome to Sicily 🙂 If you want antiquity, ancient excavations, crowds of tourists, then it is better to go to Rome . Being in Turin, sometimes it seems that you are somewhere in Germany or Austria: clean streets, buildings in orderly rows, many luxurious Palazzos (palaces), green lawns, trams, parks …. Personally, I did not expect that I would like the city so much, and two days in Turin is clearly not enough.

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General information (visa, language)
How to get to Turin
Where to live in Turin
Public transport in Turin
Car rental in Turin
What to see
Excursions in Turin

Turin travel alone
Some areas of Turin are very reminiscent of Germany or Austria.

General information

Visa to Turin

Turin is an Italian city, so any Schengen visa is suitable. If you do not have an open visa, then I recommend applying for an Italian visa. Do not forget to take out insurance, it is necessary.

Language in Turin

Turin speaks Italian, but unlike the south of Italy, they understand English almost everywhere (at the minimum level, of course, this is more than enough).


alone in turin
In Turin, everything is clean and well maintained.

How to get to Turin from Europe and italian cities.


I recommend my article “How to buy cheap flights to Italy. How to fly to Italy for free”

Find the best flight to Turin

You can also pick up flights to cities such as Milan, Bergamo , Genoa. There is an excellent bus and train connection between them and Turin, or you can rent a car. A small video (flying over Turin)

Turin Airport

The distance between Turin Airport and the city center is only about 17 km, it is not difficult to get there. You can use the bus (stops at the station Porta Susa, Porta Nuova, Lingotto, as well as at stops along the route if necessary). You can also take the train, but it goes to Dora Station. If your hotel in that area is an excellent option, you will have to get to the city center by bus or on foot (about 3-4 km). Of course, you can also take a taxi, including order it in advance, for example, on this site .

There is an article about Turin Airport . I wrote in details how to get to the city by bus, train and taxi.

Where to live in Turin

The choice of accomodation in Turin is quite large. I recommend staying in the center, or areas close to it. For example, we lived near the railway station of Porta Susa, and reached the center (about 1-1.5 km) on foot. Review of  Dock Milano hotel (where we stayed) you can read in the article.


You can read about the nuances of booking hotels on different sites in my article “How to book a hotel yourself via the Internet”


Also a popular area for living in Turin is the Lingotto area, next to the metro station of the same name. Not far from it is located the famous automotive museum, which I recommend you visit. If you choose a hotel in the area, then try to settle closer to the subway. It is convenient to take the metro to the center, to the Porta Nuova station (approximately 12-15 minutes). The cost of a ticket for 1 trip in the subway (and for 90 minutes on other modes of transport) is 1.5 euros. Consider this in your budget when booking a hotel out of center.

Good deals can be found at Booking, for example:

If you are planning to rent an apartment, then the local daily rental housing sites will help you – homeaway and airbnb (about the service in detail here , do not forget to take advantage of the discount  from me for the first booking)

Public transport in Turin

Public transport in Turin is represented by a network of buses, trams, as well as one metro line (15 stations). A public transport ticket in Turin is a single ticket, valid for 90 minutes from the moment of composting (but only one metro ride). Here is a ticket for city transport:

metro ticket turin

Ticket price 1.5 euros.

There are also tickets that are valid in the transport of the suburbs of Turin, it does not contain urban, but suburban and its price is 1.3 euros.

5 tickets valid in both zones will cost 6.50 euros. You can also buy subscriptions for a day (5 euros), two days (7.5 euros) or 3 days (10 euros). Also, transport discounts are valid with Torino & Piemont Card

You can buy a ticket for the subway both at kiosks (Tabbacci), and at the station in vending machines or ticket offices. To travel by bus or tram, you need to buy a ticket in advance, and you need to validate it on the bus.

public transport tickets in turin
It looks like a ticket vending machine

A map of Turin’s public transport and other information can be found on the official website of Turin’s transport, you can also create your own route there. To download the map in good quality, click on the image below:

Turin public transport map

Car rental in Turin

roads in turin
The roads in Turin are good

For the convenience of moving around the region, you can rent a car in Turin . Turin is a large city, therefore, rental problems should not arise – all international car rental companies are in Turin. To choose the right one, read the reviews about the companies in relation to this city or country. It happens that in one country it performed poorly, and in another – on the contrary, everything is fine. I also recommend booking not through the sites of rental companies, but through a broker. For example, I book through Rentalcars , prices are 10-15% lower, and their support is good, they respond promptly.


Details about car rental can be found in my article “Car rental in Italy”


The cost of car rental in Turin starts from 40 euros for 3 days (that is, about 12 euros per day), with a longer rental period, the price should be even lower. Pay attention to the deductible (part of the amount that is not covered by basic insurance) and the deposit (the amount that you need to leave as a deposit).

If you plan to cross the border, be sure to notify the rental company about this, for this, an additional fee will be charged. Nevertheless, it is mandatory if something happens to a car in a country that you have not warned about leaving, then insurance (even full) may not cover these losses, you will have to pay from your pocket.

Parking in Turin is paid. The cost is from 0.3 to 2.0 euros per hour. Below is the current parking map for 2017 from the official website. At the time of writing this article, there was a 2012 scheme on the site, so I think this scheme will be relevant in the next few years 🙂 To see in good quality, click on the picture below

parking in turin

What to see in Turin (main attractions)

About the sights of Turin there is a more detailed article ( read about the sights of Turin ), however, I will outline several places worth visiting, even if you are in Turin for only 1-2 days. In addition to the central square with the Royal Palace , as well as Madama Palace (you will certainly get there), I recommend that you go to the observation deck to the church of Santa Maria del Monte. From there, you will have a breathtaking view of the whole of Turin and the mountains. Of course, visit the Turin Cathedral, which houses the Christian relic – the Shroud (the so-called Shroud of Turin). And also – drink the traditional Turin drink – Bicherin in the same name cafe founded in 1763 .

turin observation deck
View from the observation deck on Turin

If you have free time, you can also visit one of the museums ( Automobile museum , the cinema museum in the Antoneliana Tower, the Egyptian Museum, for football fans – the Juventus Museum)

Guided tours in Turin

In order not to waste time studying information about the sights of the city and drawing up a route, as well as hearing interesting facts that you won’t read on the Internet, you can book a tour. This can be done online. I’ll tell you about the most, in my opinion, interesting, as well as the most popular excursions in Turin.

Of course, if this is your first time in the city, then you should visit a sightseeing tour.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment! Also, if you have something to supplement, this information will be very useful to readers of the blog.


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