Turin and Genoa are located at a distance of about 180 km from each other, so if you come to one of the cities, then you have the opportunity to visit the second (even for one day). I will tell you how to get from Turin to Genoa and how cheaper it is to travel between cities in this article.

As I said, the distance between Turin and Genoa is less than 200 km, travel time from 2 to 3 hours, whatever transport you choose. We traveled by bus, bought tickets in advance. But more on that later.

I recommend starting your search for public transport tickets by browsing omio.com . You will immediately see the schedule and price of tickets for buses, trains and even airplanes.

Turin Genoa Train

Accessible from Turin to Genoa can be on the train . In time it will take about 2 hours. Trains depart from Turin from Porta Nuova Station and arrive at Genova Piazza Principe Station in Genoa. Trains run quite often, the first leaves at about 5:30 in the morning, the last one at 21: 30-21: 50.

train turin genoa
Along the coast: from Savannah to Genoa

The price for a regional train is from 12.40 euros, for an Intercity train – from 20.50 euros.

The exact schedule and ticket price can always be found on the official website of the Italian railways trenitalia.com or on the site indicated at the beginning of the article.

Since tickets for these trains are “without seats”, you can buy them directly at the station, before departure (at the ticket offices or self-service terminals)

You can buy it in advance on the Trenitalia website, but there will be some difficulties, because to register on the website you must enter the Italian address, the authority (Italian) that issued the passport, as well as the Codice Fiscale (that is, the Italian TIN), which can only be obtained at consulate! Therefore, if you want to buy Italian railways in advance (for example, in a different direction, where the number of seats is strictly limited), use the SelectItaly website where you can buy train tickets (but only for high-speed trains) with a small margin, but without any troubles, with support in Russian.

Buses Turin Genoa

Also a simple and convenient option. That is what we used. You can buy your low cost ticket from Turin to Genoa on carrier Flixbus. These are such modern green buses running throughout Europe.

Travel time by bus will be about 3 hours, tickets cost from 5 to 17.90 euros (we bought for 7.90). The timetable and place of departure can be viewed on the official website and on omio.com , which I wrote about above. It’s better to buy tickets in advance (omio goes to the official website). You can read my review about flixbass and the ticket purchase guide here .

Turin Genoa bus
To see such landscapes it is better to get on the bus on the right side

The bus of this line also makes a stop in Savona, and after Genoa leaves further – to Ancona. A short video shot from a bus window.

From Turin to Genoa by car


I recommend my article “Car rental in Italy”


Of course, it is very convenient to travel by car – you can visit several cities, make stops in beautiful places and not be tied to the schedule of buses and trains.

You can get to Genoa by car in about 2 hours.

You need to move along the E70 route, then in the area of ​​the city of Alessandria, turn onto the E25 route. On google maps you will see exactly these numbers – these are not motorway numbers, but route numbers. Motorways in Italy are paid, have the designation “A”. The route passes along the A6, A55, A21, A26, A10, A7 motorways.

Turin Genoa by car
On the way you can admire the green meadows and the Alps

To calculate how much it will cost you toll roads in Italy, please visit http://www.autostrade.it/en/home

On the Turin-Genoa route, the approximate cost is 14 euros.

Toll roads from Turin to Genoa

It is also necessary to lay the price of gasoline. As of May 2017, the cost of gasoline in Italy is about 1.60 €, at a flow rate of 10l / 100km, you need to spend about 20 euros on gasoline. Total 34 euros, excluding car rental.

You can find out the rental price and choose a car directly from this page

Turin Genoa by taxi / transfer

You can also get by taxi or transfer. This, of course, will be more expensive than public transport, but nevertheless, I will mention this method. Travel time will be from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the traffic situation. The cost of an individual transfer is from 330 euros per car. You can order a car in advance, for example, using this service .

how to get from turin to genoa
Part of the road is accompanied by such landscapes

These are the main ways to get to Genoa from Turin. Of course, there are also hitchhiking, bicycles, hiking, etc., but this is a completely different story. 

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