In this article I want to talk about travel insurance (traveling abroad). In fact, insurance can be issued not only for traveling abroad, but also for traveling around your home country. However, sometimes I will use the term VZI insurance.


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What is travel insurance and is it mandatory
How to get insurance online
Price of travel insurance
If an insured event occurs


What is travel insurance and is it necessary to have it?

To begin with, what is travel insurance and why is it needed. And it is needed most often for 2 reasons. The most common is obtaining a visa (Schengen and some others). Everything is clear here – it is necessary, then it is necessary. We clarify the requirements for the policy before applying for a visa, arrange insurance according to the requirements and provide it to the Consulate / Visa Center. But to be honest, I am not happy that most travelers perceive insurance as obligatory, only as a tool for obtaining a visa. Indeed, in essence, the insurance policy is our assistant in a critical situation, this is not only the opportunity to receive qualified assistance, including legal assistance, but also a “bag of money”. With money that in an emergency will help maintain your health and the health of your loved ones.

Travel insurance is, first of all, medical insurance. That is, having an insurance policy, in case of illness or injury, you will be provided with qualified medical assistance (examination, if necessary, examination and treatment will be prescribed) and / or your treatment expenses will be compensated. The costs of medical transportation to a medical institution, home transportation of minor children, in case of illness of the insured person, emergency dental care are also paid.

IMPORTANT: if an insured event occurs, all issues must be resolved only through official representatives of the company by phone (email) specified in your policy. If you do not agree on any actions or expenses with a company representative, no refund will be made! Therefore, when obtaining a policy, be sure to pay attention to the contacts where you need to contact in an emergency, specify whether there are representative offices or local phone numbers in the country where you are traveling!

In addition to medical care, your insurance policy (more often – for an additional fee) may cover the following risks:

  1. Accident (additional payments upon injury)
  2. Lost or damaged baggage
  3. Trip cancellation
  4. Civil liability (in case the insured unintentionally causes harm to a third party, for example, skiing, injure an unauthorized person)
  5. Flight delay
  6. Loss or theft of documents (reimbursed for the issuance of a duplicate passport)
  7. Legal assistance, consultation
  8. Pregnancy complication

It is worth noting that insurance programs, as well as insurance rules for different insurance companies can vary significantly, I have cited only general principles.

Travel insurance online

You can apply for an insurance policy in several ways:

  1. Contact the office of any insurance company
  2. Get reliable insurance online. 

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Travel Insurance Price

Many neglect travel insurance, believing that it is expensive and that it is a waste of money. In fact, this is not so. Of course, the cost of travel insurance depends on the country in which it will operate and on the level of prices for medicine in this country. But the price of the policy is not comparable with the cost of medicine in case you need help.  Insurance for Schengen countries costs, as a rule, 0.80 – 1 euro per day, that is, about 7 euros per week. The most expensive insurance is for US, Australia, Canada, New Zeland. The price is from 2$ per day.

If you still have an insured event

Honestly, when making out insurance, you least of all want to think about it! Nevertheless, it is better to be fully armed! So what to do if an insured event occurs:

  1. Do not panic! The main thing is to calm down and soberly assess the situation. If you have a common cold or callus on your leg, you will probably solve this problem yourself using the medicines available in your travel kit. If something more serious, then we collect all the nerves in a fist, and act clearly and without panic!
  2. Be sure to find the policy and phone numbers of the assistant company. Contact them and receive instructions from them on how to proceed. Remember: if you go to the doctor or buy medicines BEFORE agreeing with the company, most likely the funds will not be refunded to you.
  3. Follow the instructions of specialists: wait for a doctor, or go to the specified clinic.
  4. Be sure to keep all your checks if you pay for medical services or medicines from your pocket, as well as bills for telephone communications. If all this is agreed with the operator, then these expenses will be refunded.

That’s all! I wish you never need an insurance policy!

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