Finally, the time has come for the final article about our road trip to Europe 2017 and, of course, the new route. The article will tell you how to rent a car in Europe. I will show and tell about our route every day and give an approximate budget for traveling by car.

Car rental in Europe

car rental in europe
Our car

So, the first question that arises for those who want to go on a road trip to Europe is the question of renting a car. You can rent a car in almost any city in Europe, however, I recommend doing it in large tourist cities – there is more competition among car dealers, respectively, prices are lower. Also focus on the city of arrival or departure to start a road trip from it. So, we rented a car in Prague using website (can be rented at the airport of Prague or in the city). You can read more about this in the article:


Car rental in Prague: documents, prices, review .


In the article, I not only share my rental experience, but also provide a detailed list of documents for rental, prices, as well as conditions for a deposit and a franchise.


Europe travel itinerary

I pass to the most interesting – our route. This part of the article will consist mainly of links that lead to relevant articles: I wrote about these places in detail on the blog. But first, the map:

All days are clickable – you can see the route by day (to do this, open the map panel by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner). At the main points, not only the places where we were marked, but also other interesting places, a little far from the route, are marked, therefore, you can include them in your own.

Travel in numbers

So, our entire route lasted 16 days, of which 12 with a car, 11 on the way.

During this time, we drove 2635 km by car, on average, we traveled 200-250 km per day. Passed a maximum of 326 km per day. We spent 135 liters of gasoline.

Daily travel itinerary

travel route in europe
Start of trip – Prague

Day 1: Arrival in Prague. Prague .

Day 2: Prague (sightseeing in Prague ).

Day 3: car rental -> Pisek -> Hluboká nad Vltavou castle -> Ceske Budejovice -> Cesky Krumlov (overnight)

Day 4: Cesky Krumlov -> 5 fingers observation deck (Austria) -> Hallstatt -> Gosau (overnight)

alpbach austria
Alpbach – the most beautiful Austrian village

Day 5: Gosau -> Kitzbuhel -> Alpbach (the most beautiful Austrian village) -> Radfeld (overnight)

Day 6: Radfeld -> Swarovski Museum, Wattens -> Innsbruck -> Lake Braies (Italy) -> Valdoara (overnight)

Northern Italy
Checking grapes in Italy


Day 7: Valdoara -> Novachella Abbey -> Bressanone -> Bolzano and Soprobolzano (funicular and alpine train) -> Verona -> Dossobuono (overnight)

Day 8: Dossobuono -> Bergamo -> Varenna (Lake Como)

Day 9: Lake Como (Varenna, Bellagio) , without a car

swiss alps
Swiss landscapes – 10 minutes before the entrance to the pass

Day 10: Varenna -> Mennaggio (ferry) -> Lugano -> Monument to Suvorov (Andermatt) -> pass in the Alps (Google doesn’t even draw a route there) -> Reichenbach waterfall -> Alpnach (overnight)

Day 11: Alpnach -> Lucerne -> Zurich -> Vaduz (Liechtenstein) -> Balderschwang (overnight in the Bavarian Alps)

Day 12: Balderschwang -> Munich -> LetoMotel Munchen (overnight)

regensburg germany
Regensburg – a cozy medieval town


Day 13: Munich -> Audi Museum in Ingolstadt -> Regensburg -> Frantiskovy Lazne , Czech Republic (overnight)

Day 14: Frantiskovy Lazne -> Karlovy Vary -> Prague, car rental

Day 15: Prague, zoo -> night bus to Warsaw

Day 16: Warsaw

Day 17. Departure home from the Warsaw airport.

A few more photos (NO photoshop)

pass switzerland
At the pass in Switzerland
Shaeytsaria photo
Alpine meadows
austria alps
Austrian Alps
Milka Autria
This is where Milka’s ad was shot.
Austrian village
Just an Austrian village
alpine meadows
Alpine meadows with cows

Travel budget

I will not publish the full travel budget this time, because each has its own needs for food, shopping, and buying souvenirs. I will write only the main items of expenditure.

How much does a car trip in Europe cost?

  • Car rental for 12 days – 230 €
  • Full insurance for a car – 170 €
  • 135 liters of gasoline – 180 €
  • Paid parking – 54 €
  • Toll roads (Austrian vignette + Swiss vignette + Italian roads) – 75 €

Total: 709 € – expenses associated with the car.

Other expenses

hotels in the alps
Our hotel in the Bavarian Alps

You can save on hotels in the Czech Republic, Warsaw, Munich, in some places in Italy – book guest houses or b & b. In Austria, in the north of Italy, and, of course, in Switzerland, get ready that you are unlikely to find anything cheaper than € 100 per night, even if you book in advance.

For food, I usually pledge 50 € per day for two, but we eat for a much smaller amount (if you want not to “get lost” every time you plan your food budget, just write down all your expenses once and you’ll know how much you’re eating up “). We don’t blink, but once a day, as a rule, eat in a restaurant, in the afternoon – a snack or fast food. Also keep in mind that in Switzerland it will be difficult to soak in the budget, if you save, count on shops. I also recommend that you buy as much as possible water, juices, cookies and other snacks in your “cheapest” country.It is also more profitable to book hotels with breakfast: this saves not only money, but also time. Our breakfasts were included almost everywhere (except for 3 places).

Do not forget to set a budget for transport – these are ferries, funiculars (just the “5 fingers” funicular alone cost more than 60 € for two), somewhere transport in cities.

And finally, airline tickets. 

alpine cows
Alpine ladybugs – as without them

Insurance and Souvenirs is up to you.

Also on the blog there are several articles about prices in cities along the route:


Prices in Austria

Prices in Switzerland

Prices in Munich


Now you can roughly calculate the budget for a trip to Europe by car. Also, if you are not strong in the development of routes, you can use mine 🙂

Have you traveled to Europe by car? If so, write your short route in the comments!

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