Most of Bologna’s sights are located within the historic center, within a radius of 1.5 km from the central square of Piazza Maggiore. Therefore, the active use of transport is not expected. Nevertheless, I will indicate some of the most popular routes that may come in handy. See also fares below.


Buses in Bologna

Buses are the most popular and convenient form of public transport in Bologna, which has about 50 routes, including night ones. Bus services are provided by TPER, detailed information on routes can be found on the official website

The map of public transport of Bologna is presented below, and also in large format you can download it along with a set of maps of Bologna.

transport bologna map

The main bus routes that may be useful to you:

  • No. 25, 27: connect the bus station and the city center (Piazza Maggiore)
  • No. 39: useful to get to the Margarita Gardens (stop Farini (center) – Al Parco Giardini Margherita (Margarita Gardens))
  • No. 20: needed to get to St. Luke’s Church (Porta San Donato – Montagnola Park – Piazza Maggiore – via Saragozza – Villa Spada)
  • No. 58: get to the entrance to the Basilica of Madonna di San Luca (Villa Spada – Basilica Madonna di San Luca)


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You can buy bus tickets:

  • at newsstands
  • at tobacco stalls (tabaccheria) or bars
  • in info centers and ticket offices
  • at the train or bus station
  • in machines in buses marked with a green sticker (sticker).

Please note that kiosks, bars and information centers do not work on Sunday, so buy tickets in advance!

Ticket Price:

  • 1,30 € – ticket for 1 hour, you can buy at the kiosks
  • 1.80 € – ticket price when buying in a vending machine on a bus (valid for 75 minutes)

Important: machines accept only coins of 10.20.50 euro cents and 1, 2 euros. The machine does not give change.

  • 12 € – City Pass, 10 trips of 75 minutes each.
  • 5 € – day pass.

Prices are for travel in the urbana area .

When boarding a bus (in the case of a ticket – at the first boarding), the ticket must be composted with a special machine. The penalty for stowaways (an invalid ticket is equivalent to stowaways) is 80 €.

City-tour Red Bus

As in other tourist cities, a double-decker tourist bus runs in Bologna, the route of which covers 14 stops at the most significant city attractions. The length of the route is 10 km. You can sit and get off at any of the stops throughout the day.

  • Ticket price (December 2018) – 15 €
  • Price San Luca Express (train to the Basilica of St. Luke) – 10 €

The schedule and the current price of tickets can be found on the official website

The City Red Bus route map is located below.

city ​​red bus bologna map

You can buy a ticket on the website or in the tourist offices of Bologna.


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Taxi in Bologna.

Taxis in Italy are one of the most expensive in Europe. There are both large taxi services and private carriers in Bologna. It is recommended to use only official taxis with “checkers” and clear tariffs. A trip with private traders can cost you a pretty penny. The officers will also find a way to earn extra money: if they see that you are a tourist and are not very well oriented in the city, they can also ride you in a circle with the counter turned on. Be vigilant and learn at least a couple of phrases in Italian. And I recommend that you follow the road on your own navigator.

I give approximate taxi fares in Bologna (relevant for the urbana zone , all the main attractions of the city are in this zone):

  • landing – from 3 € during the day on weekdays to 5,6 € at night.
  • 1 km on the counter – an average of 1.15 €
  • Waiting and baggage, leaving the urbana zone, driving on toll roads are paid extra.

Travel in the center will cost an average of 8-13 euros.

To get to the city from the airport, I recommend ordering a taxi with a fixed payment. This can be done online . The fare is from 47 euros per car.


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