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When I arrived in Paris, I ordered a group transfer, and on the day of departure I wanted to go to the airport by taxi or uber, but in the end I still ordered a qiwi taxi. I tell you why, and how the trip went as a whole.


I already used a kiwi taxi transfer in Valencia half a year ago, the meeting at the airport and the transfer to the apartment itself went very well, given our flight delay (I remind you, I wrote to the kiwi taxi support service and they notified the carrier as soon as possible). A shuttle in Paris from cost me 17 euros per person, or 34 euros for two. And I thought that back to the airport for this price I could leave for Uber. But the day before, I went into the app and saw a price of 70 euros!

Charles de Gaulle taxi Price

So this is why I chose an individual transfer:

  1. It was necessary to arrive at the airport around 7-8 in the morning, I was afraid that there might already be traffic jams at that time, which could increase the price of a taxi or the same uber.
  2. I did not order a group transfer, since it is not known how many people still need to be picked up in the city, and I had to arrive at the airport in advance in order to get a taxi free and pass the control without haste.
  3. I did not consider public transport, because traveled together with my mother, and the suitcases were very heavy.

I booked a  kiwitaxi transfer the day before, a little less than a day before the trip. I chose the usual “economy” car class for 50 euros, I did not pay extra for the “Russian-speaking driver” service (2 euros). Booked departure at 6:00. I ordered from a smartphone, therefore, I did not print any vouchers or even did not show, I just introduced myself to the driver.

We went to the reception of our hotel Le 123 Elysees – Astotel at about 5:45, quickly evicted and began to wait for a taxi. The car drove up at 5:55, a Russian-speaking (!) Driver followed us into the hotel, helped with the luggage. By the way, the car was not a mini or even an economy car, but a full-fledged minivan. In the morning we reached the airport in 25-30 minutes, there were no traffic jams in the direction of the airport.

Doubted about the correctness of the terminal, because in Ural Airlines tickets, the terminal, as usual, is not indicated. The driver himself (!) offered to check the terminal online, and through his phone quickly looked at the scoreboard. This, of course, is a huge plus in the piggy bank of a kiwi taxi.


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Once again I put like the kiwi service and continue to recommend it to my readers!

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