The Harajuku district in Japan is considered the center of Japanese “kawaii” street food. We understand what “kawaii” is and why go to Takeshita Street.

Kawaii in Japanese means cute,very cute. Everything that causes emotion can be called kawaii: whether it is a cute doggie, a beautiful girl, or ice cream in the form of a pig.

If you started preparing for a trip to Tokyo not from my blog, but from viewing photos on Instagram, you probably saw bright photos of Japanese food – rainbow cotton candy, ice cream of various colors and shapes, pancakes, coffee with 3D foam, etc. All this can be found in Tokyo. And the center of all kawaii food is located in the Harajuku area.

The area is located between the Shinjuku and Shibuya districts (you can read about the districts here ).

Takeshita Street enjoys special popularity in this area, life is almost always full of it, and on weekends it is just not crowded, there is a real traffic jam from people!


takeshita street


So, what about “kawaii” can be found in Harajuku and Takeshita Street. I’ll write about the TOP-5 instagram places.


№1. Totti candy factory


japanese fast food


It sells the most instagram rainbow sweet cotton candy. Keep in mind that cotton wool is so popular that there may be a queue! The cost of cotton wool is 900 ¥ (about 7 €)



№2. Santa monica crepes

One of the most popular pancake pancakes. Precisely – the most instagram. At a price – more expensive than other similar ones. You can buy the opposite, for example, Angels Heart. Or in any other.

Fillers for pancakes are standard, the price starts from 5 €. To taste – ordinary spring rolls))


№3. Reissue Coffee Shop

It serves 3D latte. They can make some kind of kawaii animal out of milk foam. According to reviews, the most ordinary (not the best) coffee. The price of a cup is ¥ 1000 (about 8 €)



№4. Eddy’s ice cream

Ice cream with very unusual decorations. I don’t know how to taste, but it will definitely be a pity to eat this. Interestingly, decorations vary with the season. Here is the summer


Publication by Sofi Fil 🐿(@sonchicc)


And in winter there were such



About 10 euros per serving.



№5. The zoo

Ice cream in the form of animals. Pig and chicken look very instagram, but to taste, I suppose that ordinary ice cream 🙂 For the price, unfortunately, I will not tell you either.


Publication by Sofi Fil 🐿(@sonchicc)


All the above institutions are marked on the map.

Personally, I have already concluded for myself that everything instagram tastes – either ordinary or completely tasteless 🙂 Therefore, I would not go to Harajuku for the sake of “eating”. But to feel the atmosphere of real Japan and make a bunch of kawaii photos – this is a must! Well, take a try one of the above sweets! Try and make your own presentation :))) Just do not forget to take a lot of money!

Kawaii you Japan!

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