If you arrive at Narita Airport and have not yet decided how to get to the city, then this article is for you! Here I will write in as much detail and as simple as possible how to get to Tokyo, which is located 75 km from the airport.

Narita Airport (Japan)

Narita Airport is one of the two main airports serving Tokyo (the second airport is Haneda). Although it is considered one of the largest airports in the world, it seemed to me quite simple and understandable. Like at Japanese railway stations, there are a lot of signs, so getting lost is simply unrealistic.

Official website of Narita Airport: https://www.narita-airport.jp/en

The scheme of Narita Airport can be found there: the scheme 

There are 3 terminals at the airport (Terminal 1 – the base of flights of Sky Team and Star Alliance airline alliances, Terminal 2 – the base of the national carrier Japan Airlines, our Finnair plane flew in there, Terminal 3 is used by low-cost companies)

We flew a Finnair flight from Helsinki, about how to buy tickets to Japan at the best price, I wrote in this article .

Find best flight to Tokyo:

Narita Duty Free

There is Duty Free at Tokyo Narita Airport, but from the shops, these are mainly luxury boutiques and shops with cosmetics and alcohol. They are located immediately after leaving the passport control. There is also a separate store with groceries and traditional sweets, but there are simply huge lines at the cash register. Therefore, if you plan to buy sweets, go to the liquor store, or go further to the gates (now we are talking about Terminal 2), there are also shops there.

By the way, girls who plan to buy Mikimoto pearls at the airport, I will disappoint you – there is only one small kiosk and that morning was closed (at 8 o’clock). He is in Akihabara Duty Free, there are also some equipment, toys and the same small Swarovski kiosk. There are an order of magnitude more shops for hours at the airport.

Currency Exchange at Narita Airport

There are currency exchange cash desks in both directions. After arrival, you must go through passport control and exit to the hall. The nearest ticket office is to the right of the exit (literally 20 meters).

Before the trip, I read that it was at the airport in Japan that the most favorable rate, and in the city it would be difficult to change. We saw a couple of exchangers in the city, but the price was really higher than what we paid at the airport.

The course in Narita on 26.04. 2018 was 1 $ = 105.2 ¥. At this rate, we changed dollars. Keep in mind that this kiosk is not the only one, later we saw a couple more, therefore, I recommend a little “walk” around the airport and checking courses, it might be cheaper somewhere.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the exchange rates of other currencies, the only thing I remember is that changing rubles was sooooo very unprofitable.

Tax Free at Narita Airport

The tax-free system in Japan is very convenient. With a large purchase amount (sometimes from 5,000 yen, sometimes from 10,000 yen), the tax is returned immediately or not included in the price at all. At the same time, the check is pasted on your passport and  at the airport, these checks should be picked up and MAY be asked to show the goods. No matter how much I read the comments on the Internet, practically no one looked at the goods, especially as regards trifles such as cosmetics. A camera was bought from me, but no one looked at the checks and no one asked to demonstrate the goods. The check came off later on the plane itself.

How to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo

I’ll tell you about several options: taxis, trains and buses.

Taxi to Tokyo from the airport or transfer “Narita-Tokyo Airport”

Taxis can be taken upon arrival, or book a transfer in advance. Given the large distance to the city (75 km), a taxi is not the cheapest way to get, however, the most comfortable: you and your luggage will be delivered directly to your hotel at any time of the day, and if it is difficult for you to quickly adapt to a new country, then when ordering a transfer in advance, you will not have to talk either with a taxi driver (explaining where to go) or with the order service – you will already be waited with a sign with your name, and you will indicate the address in advance on the Russian-language website. The price will also be known in advance, and you can pay for it immediately via the Internet.

The cost of the transfer to the center of Tokyo is $ 280. See taxi options here  ( my review )

From Tokyo Airport to the center by train

The train is probably the fastest way to get there, as You will not depend on traffic jams and other traffic circumstances. There are 3 trains on which you can get to the city. They vary in price, speed and, if possible, use the jr pass ticket on this route (I wrote an article about the jr pass ticket in detail ). If you buy the travel ticket on jrpass.com you can add the meet and greet service as well (about 100$). It means that you will be met on arrival, the assistant will help you with jr pass activation and will be your escourt throught airport. I’m sure it will be nice option for first time visitors to Japan and business travelers.

Narita Express (Narita Express, Nex)

This express train leaves from Narita Airport and goes to the main stations of Tokyo – Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yokohama stations.

Central Station – Tokyo Station. If your hotel is next to it, then Narita Express is ideal. You can also get from Tokyo to Ueno, Kobe, Akihabara, Yurakucho (in the Ginza area) stations, etc., using the JR Yamanote line, which is covered by the travel card. Or leave Tokyo from the metro (for an additional fee) to your station.

Also ideal if your hotel is in the Shibuya or Shinjuku area.


Read also about Tokyo districts.


All information on the Narita Express train can be viewed on the official website http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/nex/tickets.html There are also current prices (if you do not use jr pass) and the schedule is here .

Directions to the Narita Express (Nex) are covered by the JR Pass, but you need to reserve seats. You can do this upon arrival at the time of the exchange of the JR Pass voucher for the travel card. To get from the city to the airport, at the Tokyo station in the office, you can pre-reserve a place for the time you need.

If you do not use a travel card, then the express prices are around 3,000 ¥ one way and 4,000 ¥ for round-trip tickets.

On the way, 1 hour, runs often enough (see schedule)

Skyliner train from Narita Airport to Ueno Station

Another express in Tokyo. The main differences from Narita Express – it goes only to the Ueno station, but the JR Pass is not covered by the pass. It runs from 9:00 every 30-40 minutes. The price is 2400 ¥. On the way 1 hour. Here is the site: http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/index.php

JR Sobu Line Train

The third train, this time not an express train, just a fast train. Covered by JR Pass, on the road 1.5 hours, runs from 7 in the morning 16 times a day. This is the cheapest option if you do not use a travel card – 1300 ¥. Goes to Tokyo Station and Yokogama.

Buses from Narita Airport

I myself, when there is an alternative to a train for buses, I choose the train, especially over long distances and where there may be traffic jams. Nevertheless, I will write about the buses, you yourself will make the choice of what to get to the center of Tokyo from the airport.

Airport Limousine Bus or Airport Express Bus

The fare will cost 2500-3500 ¥ ($ 22-32) and in case of good traffic conditions the travel time will be 1.5 hours. The main plus of the Airport Limousine Bus (site https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/) is that it goes to the main hotels in the center of Tokyo, you can see if your hotel is on the list on the specified site in drop-down list. You can buy tickets at the box office of Limousine Bus Airport.

Tokyo Shuttle

Another bus is a shuttle to Tokyo Station. At a price it is cheaper than a “limousine” – 900-1000 ¥, travel time 1.5 hours. Again, under favorable traffic conditions. Website with details http://www.keiseibus.co.jp/inbound/tokyoshuttle/en/

Narita Airport Hotels

This is where I end. If there are additions and comments, write below! Please like the post if you relly do and share it! Thank you!

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