If you are also enraged to spend precious vacation time standing in lines, then this article is for you. I tell you how to buy tickets to all the most popular museums and other attractions of the world in just 3 minutes and go through the queue.

Do you know that, for example, in Florence you can queue for tickets and an hour, or even two, the same in Rome and Paris, and the probability of buying a ticket for the Last Supper in Milan at the usual box office tends to zero? My travels are always very busy, even half an hour in line at the cash desk is a lot. Therefore I try to buy tickets to the maximum in advance, so that on the appointed day / time I can immediately go to the entrance.

About tiqets.com

A few words about the tiqets.com service . On the site (in the app) you can buy tickets to all the most popular museums and attractions of Europe and the whole world. New attractions are constantly being added. The cost of tickets is sometimes the same as when buying at the box office, sometimes you need to pay a commission of 1-3 euros. In fact, if you saved half an hour or an hour and did not stand in line, you close your eyes to these few euros. The service is in English, but everything is intuitive.

Tickets can not be printed, just save a pdf-file with a QR code or show the code through the application on the input.

How to buy tickets on tiqets.com: instruction

  • Go to tiqets.com
  • We enter a city or a tourist attraction right away, for example, I buy tickets to the Pena Palace in Portugal.
  • I choose a date

  • I choose 2 tickets “Park + Palace” for 14 euros (by the way, on the website the same prices)

  • I fill in my data (if I buy through the site for the first time). If you downloaded the application, then there is enough to register and enter the data only once. Then it will be possible to buy tickets next time in just 1 minute.

  • I confirm the correctness of the data:

  • I choose a payment method. I’m most comfortable paying with a card.

  • I confirm payment:

  • All is ready! Tickets sent to the e-mail. You can immediately download PDF or download the application, tickets will already be in the system. At the entrance I show a PDF (directly on the smartphone) or a QR code in the application.

Nothing more to add! A very convenient application, it really saves time! Use with pleasure!

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