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Munich and beer are synonyms for many, and it is no coincidence, because it is the capital of Bavaria that is considered the capital of the best beer in the world. For many centuries, it is in Bavaria that the best, most “pure”, most delicious beer has been prepared. You can’t count the varieties of beer in Bavaria, breweries at every step, and beer flows like a river and costs less than water, and even less so than tea 🙂

Personally, I have never been a lover of beer, and I don’t drink it at home, because that “brewing” with us is tasteless, unnatural, and unprofitable. Real Bavarian beer is a completely different story. As early as 1516, the Bavarian Beer Purity Act, or Das Reinheitsgebot, was passed, according to which only three ingredients — hops, malt, and water — can be part of a “real” beer. And today, Bavarian breweries honor these traditions and brew beer according to old recipes. From that, the beer is natural and tasty. You don’t get drunk and don’t “get sick” of it, and drinking traditional German dishes with it – sausages, pork shank or goulash soup (which often looks more like goulash than soup) is a pleasure.

The number of beer houses in Munich, I think, cannot be calculated, because everyone drinks beer there, everywhere and always. Only Biergartens (beer gardens) in Munich more than 100! And the best beer halls in Munich are probably 90% of beer houses. In this article I talk about the pubs that I was able to visit during several visits to Munich.

Hofbräuhaus – the famous restaurant in Munich.

Of course, the most popular and world famous is the Hofbräuhaus beer hall in Munich (I wrote about it in more detail in the article ).

Beer Hofbräuhaus
Entrance to the famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall

When you get inside, the first impression that you’ve got into chaos is hundreds of visitors, liters of beer, lots of tourists (if you don’t want to have lunch or dinner at this restaurant, you can easily go there, see, take a picture, and even go to the toilet if necessary – no one will kick you out, and you’ll get lost in the crowd of the same tourists), waiters running among the benches and tables, the smell of beer and, of course, sausages. But after a couple of minutes spent there, you realize that you’ve been to some kind of celebration of life – everyone is having fun, drinking beer, eating delicious food, and the orchestra plays traditional Bavarian music, which makes you want to dance right there!

Hofbräuhaus Orchestra
Hofbräuhaus orchestra plays traditional Bavarian music

Finding a place, especially on the ground floor, is not easy, but don’t be shy, take a seat with someone – long tables and wooden benches will accommodate everyone, and even if you are alone, you will still find yourself in the center of a large company, and your neighbors will be happy to see it believe me! But it is the first floor – the most fun, the most real, the most Bavarian, the most beer and the most-real! It was there that we spent our evening listening to the sounds of the Bavarian orchestra, tasting all three local beers, namely: Hofbräu Dunkel (dark), Hofbräu Original (light) and Münchner Weiße (top-fermented wheat beer), traditional sausage with cabbage and a huge pork knuckle. By the way, we paid not so much for this – 45 euros for two. Therefore, if you want to be at the celebration of life – you, certainly here! Read about prices in munich .

beer munich
Be sure to try different beers!
best beer munich
Beer Garden HB

Hofbräuhaus address: Hofbräuhaus is located in the very center of Munich, near the Marienplatz square, at Platzl 9. It’s easy to find.

Schedule : from 9.00 to 23.00 daily.

Beer price : Münchner Weiße 4.40 euros for 0.5l .; Hofbräu Dunkel and Hofbräu Original 8.40 euros for 1 liter.


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Augustiner Beer Hall in Munich.

The interior of the restaurant "Augustiner" in Munich
The interior of the restaurant “Augustiner” in Munich

Another famous beer brand is Augustiner. There are several restaurants in Munich where you can try this beer, I will tell you about an inexpensive cafe near the train station – Bavaria (Bayerstraße 81). Yes, Hofbräuhaus is the most famous restaurant where beer is drunk by the river, but here, in Augustiner, there was such a cozy atmosphere, pleasant service, delicious, almost home-made food, and very tasty beer (I would give this beer an honorable second place, about the first I will tell later). There were few people during the day, and in principle, the institution was not very large, only 120 people. Beer is inexpensive here, lunch for two cost 18 euros (2016).

Prices for October 2019: wheat beer (weissbier) – 5.50 euros (0.5l), light vegetable salad – 3.50 euros, potato soup – 4.50 euros, goulash soup -5.90 euros.

Restaurant Augustiner Munich
Sausages – a traditional Bavarian dish that is served with stewed sauerkraut.
Goulashsup is a traditional Bavarian dish, hearty and very tasty.
Goulashsup is a traditional Bavarian dish, hearty and very tasty.

Address: Bayerstraße 81

Schedule: from 10.00 to 0.00

Beer price : 5.50 euros for 0.5l (as of 2019)

Ratskeller Restaurant in Munich

Ratskeller Restaurant Interior
Ratskeller Restaurant Interior

The Ratskeller Restaurant in Munich is located on the central Marientplatz square, next to the New Town Hall. By the way, simultaneously with it, in the 19th century, it was built. The restaurant is very large, with 2000 seats, a lot of rooms with antique furniture and the atmosphere of this Bavaria. To choose several beers, we took the usual Lowenbrau, and apparently did not guess with the choice. Beer was completely ordinary – light, filtered, no different from what is sold in Russia.

But again, strudel with cream sauce and ice cream was excellent.

Strudel at Ratskeller Restaurant
Strudel Restaurant Ratskeller – one of the most delicious in my life

Plus, as a bonus, who cares, a good free Wi-Fi without a password 🙂

Address: Marienplatz 8

Schedule: from 10.00 to 0.00

Beer price : 4.90 euros for 0.5 liters (for 2016)


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Beer Room at the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum in Munich

Beer at the Museum of Beer and Oktoberfest - the cheapest in Munich
Beer at the Museum of Beer and Oktoberfest – the cheapest in Munich

Despite the fact that Munich is the capital of beer and the venue of the famous Oktoberfest , the beer museum appeared there not so long ago, in 2005, and is still not very popular among tourists. But in vain. Quite a cozy museum where you can find interesting, and sometimes funny exhibits, but besides this, the museum itself has a beer hall with good and inexpensive beer

Apparently, the Germans were mainly staying there, there were few foreign tourists, from this retirement age frau they looked at us with curiosity, probably not realizing that we had forgotten here. And we forgot here – the cozy atmosphere of the “beer cellar” and inexpensive real beer, which, it seems, really consists of only three ingredients.

Beer in the beer museum
Colorful “cellar” where you can drink real Bavarian beer

Адрес: Sterneckerstrasse 2

Schedule: Monday 18.00-00.00; Tuesday-Saturday 13-00.00; Sunday and holidays are days off. Hot meals are served from 18.00 to 22.00

Beer price : 2 euros for 0.33l, 3.30 euros for 0.5l. (for 2016)


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Beer Garden “At the Chinese Tower” (Biergarten Chinesischer Turm) in the English Garden

At the Chinese tower in the English Garden is the most famous Biergarten
At the Chinese tower in the English Garden is the most famous Biergarten

Special mention deserve, of course, beer gardens, or Biergarten, of which in Munich more than 100 pieces. The largest is Hirschgarten, the most picturesque is Augustiner Keller, the most historic is Hofbrau Keller, the most central is the biergarten at Viktualienmarkt. The most famous is the Beer Garden at the Chinese Tower in the English Garden. If Munich has nice warm weather, then take a walk in the English Garden (and this is a huge park with an area of ​​more than 4 sq. km, stretching 5.5 km from the center of Munich to its northern outskirts!) – it is a great pleasure! And to sit in a traditional Bavarian beergarten is a special pleasure. There are 4 beer gardens in the English Garden: Hofbrau beer is served in the garden near the Chinese Tower, and an orchestra plays from the Chinese Tower itself, creating a festive atmosphere. A little further, by the lake, Seehouse beer garden you can drink a mug or two of Paulaner beer. Spaten beer can be tasted in the Hirschau garden, and in the Aumaister – light Hofbrau.

Lunch at Biergarten at the Chinese Tower
Our lunch in Biergarten at the Chinese tower


Of course, we could not help but visit the garden at the Chinese tower. Fortunately, on the third day of our stay in Munich, the weather improved and we could enjoy the sun, beer and sausages. The restaurant is self-catering. At the very beginning, beer is poured – behind individual counters 0.5 and 1 liter. It was here that I tried Radler beer – a cocktail of beer and lemonade, because I do not like strong beer, I really liked this “female” version. The husband, however, preferred the real “male” dark Hofbräu Dunkel. Lunch cost 28.5 euros (4 sausages, french fries and 2 beers of 0.5 l each)

Адрес: Eastern side of Schwabing

How to get there: You can get to the park from any metro station on the Studentenstadt and Odeonsplatz sections. From Marienplatz – take tram number 17, or walk 15 minutes on foot through the Hofgarten (a small cozy park near Odeonplatz)

Paulaner Munich at the Zum Spockmeier restaurant near Marienplatz.

where to drink beer in Munich
Our lunch overlooking the New Town Hall

Paulaner is another famous beer. You can try it in many drinking establishments in Munich, including the original Paulaner beer halls. Unfortunately, we didn’t get into such a beer house because we were already limited in time, but each time on the way from Marienplatz to our hotel, we noticed a very cozy restaurant with a view of the New Town Hall. This restaurant is called Zum Spockmeier, and it is here that Paulaner beer is served, which for me was the most delicious. As usual, they ordered one dark Dunkel, and one Radler (this is a cocktail of beer with lemonade), perhaps, both of them were the tastiest here.

what to eat in Munich from food
Munich Weisswurst white sausages served in a deep plate and with sweet mustard.
munich beer
Usually, white Munich sausages are served for breakfast, that is, until 12, but according to your desire in some restaurants, you will be prepared for lunch.

The service in this restaurant is excellent (they were afraid that everything would be long, because they had lunch before leaving for Rome, but everything turned out very quickly, no disregard for the Russians, but quite the opposite; it was also surprising that the whites cooked at 2 p.m. Munich Weisswurst sausages, which are served only for breakfast, although in 2011 at the Hofbräuhaus we refused to serve them for lunch).

Bavarian cuisine in this restaurant is beyond praise: white Munich sausages with unrealistically delicious sweet mustard, traditional Bavarian sausages, goulashsup (which has more meat than soup), delicious beer, and even with a view of the Town Hall – all this was a great end our Munich trip!

Address: Rosenstrasse 9

Schedule: from 9.00 to 1.00, Thu, Fri, Sat from 9.00 to 3.00

Beer price : 5.20 euros for 0.5l (for 2016)

UPD: following the September trip to Munich (2017), I add two more beer houses.

Lowenbrau Beer Hall (Lowenbraukeller)

Address: Nymphenburger Str. 2, 80335 München (near U-bahn Stiglmaierplatz station).

levenbrau munich

Another famous Munich beer house (Lion Brewery), and many are eager to get here. Honestly, beer is not for everyone, even her husband, a beer lover, noted this. Nevertheless, if you can get here, be sure to check out 🙂

Beer prices are not low, 0.5 liters – 4.7 euros, which is even more expensive than in Hofbrau

the best beer pubs in Munich Levenbrau

The food is also not cheap, such a dish of 4 sausages and mashed potatoes cost 14.30 euros.

Where to taste beer in Munich

They took for two, but, of course, this is not enough. Menu with prices can be found on the official website of the restaurant.

Seehaus in the English Garden


Official website

Another restaurant and a beer garden located in the English Garden right on the lake. We noticed it last time, but we managed to visit only this year – around 7 pm the beer garden at the Chinese tower was already closing (or rather, we could only buy beer, but we also wanted to have dinner).

This beergarten works in the same way as the garden at the Chinese Tower – you buy food and beer on your own and sit down at tables (by the way, they don’t take bail for glasses here). In the restaurant itself, I think the order is on the menu, which you can see on the above official website.

The prices for beer and food , to be honest, I don’t remember, are about the same as in the biergarten near the tower. The total check for this is EUR 20.50

Paulaner am Tal

Address: Tal 12

Paulaner Munich
Beautiful interior of the hall

Another Paulaner restaurant near Marienplatz. We visited it in 2019 when we arrived in Munich at Oktoberfest. I can’t say that the restaurant is outstanding, but the beer is not bad, the food is ordinary. The contingent is mainly European pensioners, there are Russian-speaking staff.

beer Paulaner Munich
Interestingly decorated menu

At prices (for 2019): beer 0.3 – 3.60 euros, beer 0.5 – 4.60 euros, schnitzel with potatoes and mushrooms – 17.50 euros (my husband and I had one serving for two), a small vegetable salad – 4.90 euros. The bill for dinner is EUR 30.60.

Where to taste the best beer in Munich
Unfortunately, there were still beers that we didn’t try, better than beer halls in Munich that we didn’t visit (yes, probably, a small part of them cannot be visited for a short vacation), shanks and sausages that were not eaten by us)))) Therefore , we will definitely return to Munich!

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