This article will collect answers to the basic questions regarding preparation for an independent trip to Tallinn. I’ll tell you how to get there, where to stay, what sights to take time, and also where to eat and what to bring from Tallinn – as a souvenir and as a present to relatives.

This guidebook will collect all my experience in organizing a trip to the capital of Estonia.

Visa to Estonia

Estonia is a member of the Schengen countries, therefore, a Schengen visa is required to visit.

Mobile communications in Tallinn

Mobile services in Tallinn are offered by three operators:

  1. Tele 2 Estonia
  2. Elisa
  3. EMT Simpel

All three companies produce separate products for travelers – conversational cards. When you purchase them, you do not need to draw up a service contract, and payment is made per minute of conversation or megabytes of received data.

It is easiest for tourists to use prepaid cellular tariffs. In Estonia, the cost of a starter service package starts at 10 euros, and in any mobile phone salon you can connect additional options – for example, an increase in Internet traffic.

How to get to Tallinn by plane, bus, train.

Airplane is the most obvious way. Suitable, first of all, for those who value time.

A bus is the most budgetary way to get to Tallinn.

The train is another option, you can save on the trip by using the train on holidays, when the prices for flights soar at times, the rest of the time the train ride will be no cheaper than an airplane.

I have a more detailed article where I talk about prices for all types of transport and give links to services for booking, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it before you finally decide.

From Tallinn Airport to the city

Tallinn Airport is located literally 4 km from the center, therefore, if you wish, you can even walk if you travel light.

You can also use public transport (bus number 2 towards the center, tram number 4). An individual transfer can be ordered from 20 euros. All details about transport from the airport and bus station in Tallinn can be found on this page .

Car rental in Tallinn

If you plan to stay all the days of your vacation in Tallinn, then you do not need a car – in the Old Town transport is not needed at all.

Another thing is if you intend to leave the city to go on a trip to Estonia. You can rent a car both upon arrival at the airport and in the city. To rent a car, I usually use the service , which I have repeatedly talked about ( here or here ). In short, this is an agent through which you can rent a car cheaper by 10-15% (sometimes by 50%!), While prices are compared directly on the site and you do not need to check many rental sites. The cost of renting a car is from 20 euros per day, gasoline costs an average of 1.3-1.7 euros per liter.

Tallinn Attractions

The main attractions of Tallinn are concentrated in the Old Town. Town Hall Square with the Town Hall is the center of the Old Town. Vyshgorod with the Dome Cathedral, the Alexander Nevsky Temple, the Revel Fortress and two super-popular observation platforms is a must see, even if you are only for one day in Tallinn.

what to see in Tallinn

Also in Tallinn you can visit Kadriorg (the Catherine Palace, where the Art Museum is located today), take a walk along the promenade, or explore the modern areas of Teliskivi and Rotterman.

TOP-35 attractions of Tallinn, I described in a separate article in my blog. There you can download tourist maps of the city to help you navigate.

Hotels and apartments in Tallinn: where to stay

No matter how trite it may sound, but the choice of apartments and hotels in Tallinn is simply huge. If you have a trip in the “super-economy” option, then book an apartment: it is inexpensive and very comfortable. In general, I like that Tallinn is a fairly budget city: for 100-150 euros per day you can book a chic 5-star hotel (in Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy for this price – only a room in a guest house is at a level of 2-3 *, although there and in such houses everything is perfect).

For those who will book apartments this article will be useful , for hotel lovers this one (picked up 13 accommodation options in 3-5 star hotels and some good SPA hotels).

Transport of Tallinn

Transport in Tallinn – this (not including taxis) – buses and trams. For locals, travel is free, but tourists need to pay. One trip will cost 2 euros (a ticket can be bought from the driver), you can also buy a subscription cost from 1.10 euros (for 1 hour) to 6 euros (for 5 days)

transport in Tallinn

Prices in Tallinn

In detail about prices, I also wrote an article:


Prices in Tallinn: for hotels, transport, groceries.


I also give examples of how much a trip to Tallinn can cost: if you travel sparingly, if you prefer the average option, or are used to not denying yourself anything.

Excursions in Tallinn 

There are a lot of excursions in Tallinn. And they are also inexpensive, especially group ones. If you are not traveling in the season itself, then for the price of a group excursion you can get an individual one, because except you on an excursion no one will sign up. 

excursions in Tallinn

Take a look on the popular guided tours

Where to eat and what to taste in Tallinn

Suddenly, the food in Tallinn seemed very tasty to me. Therefore, this city can be considered as a direction of gastronomic tourism. The choice of restaurants – from inexpensive buffets to luxury restaurants. I really liked the medieval tavern III Drakon, popular with tourists (three dragons or the third dragon). It is located right in the Town Hall building, and you can taste elk stew and incredibly tasty pies (albeit oily) with elk, boar, and also with carrots or apples. The price of each dish does not exceed 3 euros. If you have already salivated, then here is a selection of several places where you can eat in Tallinn .

where to eat in tallinn

What to bring from Tallinn

The question of souvenirs and gifts is acute, probably for every traveler! Recently, I switched mainly to edible souvenirs – chocolate, confectionery, local alcohol (which is a sin to hide!), As well as various spices, etc. In Tallinn, I wrote a separate article about souvenirs and gifts , in the same place – a list of local liquors that will be a good souvenir for your loved ones.

what to bring from Tallinn

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, or have additions. leave comments on the article! 

Great trip to Tallinn!

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