In this article I will write my review about our housing in Tallinn and tell you how you can not pay at all for travel lodging.

A trip to Tallinn was probably the most budgetary of all trips. We spent the least money on housing: in 4 days only 28 euros. Housing costs could be even less.

The secret is that I usually order apartments and apartments through airbnb rental service . Through this site, I have already booked an apartment in the center of Yerevan and accommodation on Lake Como (Italy) . And each time this site helps out – you manage to save a good amount on housing and at the same time live in a good, comfortable place. And you can get a good discount (or even live for free) with coupons. If you have not registered with this service yet, you can register using my affiliate link and immediately receive the first coupon of 22 euros. You can use it right away, or leave and still save up bonuses. To do this, you need to invite your friends (or readers, if you also have a blog): when registering, your friend also receives a bonus of 22 euros ($ 25), and after he makes the trip, you will be charged about 14 euros. Over time, bonuses will accumulate and you can pay for their accommodation!


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And now I’ll tell you about our studio apartment, which I partially paid with coupons and paid only 28 euros.


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It is located in a convenient place – to the Old Town on foot for 12-15 minutes. Also on foot you can get to the bus station (20-25 minutes), to the Kadriorg Palace (20-25 minutes), to the ferry pier (we did not go, but judging by the map, 15-20 minutes walk).

A 3-minute walk from the apartment is a large shopping center with a good grocery store Rimi, which is open until 22:00.

Here is a link to the apartment , where you can see the location and additional information. The host Anna, by the way, speaks Russian, therefore, there are no problems at all. Reviews about the apartment are good.

It is located in a modern apartment complex. The apartment itself is small, but there is everything you need for a young couple

Tallinn estonia apartments cheap

The sofa understands. Sleeping comfortably.

inexpensive housing in Tallinn

There is a small courtyard corner with a stove, oven, kettle, dishes.

how to save on housing in tallinn

Refrigerator and microwave in the nightstand. Therefore, you can have breakfast (and, if necessary, have lunch or dinner) at home

Small bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. There is also a washing machine.

apartments tallin cheap

In the shower – good shampoo and shower gel. Two towels.

The view from the window – on the road (not noisy) and multi-level parking, nothing special.

where to stay in tallinn cheap

If you are in a car, you need to specify about parking, there is parking near the house, prices are: 1.2 euros for 30 minutes, 8 euros for 24 hours.


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Also around there are several cafes where you can have breakfast. The Lime buffet is open on weekdays – you can have a cheap breakfast. Buns, tea, coffee with a fixed price of 1 euro, hot buffet – by weight (100 grams = 1,5 €). Here’s a breakfast for two cost about 10 euros

where to have breakfast in tallinn



We had lunch in a cafe in the Old Town, a very large selection of establishments and very tasty food, I will also write a post about this. In the meantime, that’s all. If you have not registered with airbnb yet, it’s time to do this – here is the link 🙂

Budget housing and a comfortable stay!

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