In my blog I often make selections of interesting excursions. Even despite the fact that my blog is aimed at independent travelers, the number of booked excursions every month becomes more and more. And all because the tours are not the same . But in our case, this is only for the best. In the article I talk about the new format of excursions, which I personally tested during my December trip to Berlin.

To my great joy, tedious excursions in the style of “this are pyramids, and we are going to buy perfumes” are a thing of the past. Their place was taken by high-quality, thoughtful, creative and even interactive excursions. I tested such an excursion in Berlin. Instead of a guide, I had … my smartphone. This is all that is needed for the tour. Even the Internet is not needed!

Surprise Me Service

I found out about Surprise Me just a month before the trip. This is a fairly young service that specializes in interactive quest excursions. The bottom line is: download their application, pay for the selected tour, charge your smartphone and independently go the route, following the instructions in the application and simultaneously performing various tasks. For example: to reach a certain point of interest to open the next task, or to answer a test question.

surprise me tours

Sightseeing tour in Berlin: my impressions

For acquaintance with Berlin, I chose a sightseeing tour . It attracted me to it, firstly, that it covers the main attractions of Berlin , and secondly, that, in addition to them, you can get acquainted in  urban legends about ghosts and old Berlin rites.

The starting point of the route was the television tower on Alexanderplatz.

Berlin tour surprise me
Start of excursion at the Berlin TV tower

The most interesting thing is that until I came to this point, the first task did not open to me!

Then, together with the “smartphone guide,” I went to the Nikolayfirtel district. To me, as a lover of medieval towns, this place is especially sunk into the soul. Berlin Medieval – so I would describe this area.

excursion app surprise me
Nikolayviertel – one of the oldest districts of Berlin

Then there were many quests and legends, and, of course, sights: Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie, Oranienburger Strasse, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag. There were some little-known sights that I certainly wouldn’t visit on my own.

berlin excursions
The only surviving drawbridge in Berlin. How to find – you can find out on excursions.

After passing the tour, the time for completing the quest was displayed. I stretched it for several days, therefore, my result is 2 days 62 hours 17 minutes and 2 seconds 🙂


Pros and cons of interactive excursions.

I tried to honestly analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of excursions and that’s what happened.


  1. Lack of a guide: a paradise for introverts 🙂 No need to communicate with anyone, make an appointment, conduct any kind of conversation.
  2. There are no time limits. The duration of the route is indicated in the description of the tour. BUT: if you are tired, want to have a snack or (as in my case) run somewhere to warm up, you can simply step back from the route and then continue from the same place. You can continue even tomorrow or in a couple of days.
  3. If you are not at all interested, you can skip some steps and not answer questions.
  4. Low price. On average, excursions cost 13-24 euros, in fact this is the price for 1 person in a group excursion. Here you pay this amount and go on an excursion at least for two, at least ten.


From the experience of my excursion, I saw several minuses:

  1. Lack of a guide. Personally, I had a few moments when I did not understand where to look for the answer to the question: where I had to find the dates, I did not find, I did not understand which way to go in order to find the desired object (in the end it turned out that went completely the other way).
  2. Lack of walking route map. Accuracy and planning is my everything)) When I don’t know which attraction or where in the city I will find myself after a few tasks, I feel uncomfortable. Perhaps someone, on the contrary, likes this element of unpredictability.
  3. Long excursions and long routes are still better to choose in the summer, for the winter they are not very comfortable, therefore, when choosing an excursion, pay attention to these indicators.

Price of excursions

As I said, the price of excursions from Surprise Me is one of its main advantages. Prices for excursions start at 10 euros. For example, my tour of Berlin , cost 1290 rubles (this is about 16 euros). We passed it double together, which means that the price per person is 8 euros. Of course, for such money it is impossible to find even a group tour.

How to get a tour

Nothing complicated here. We go to the site (if you are from a smartphone, the system will immediately offer to download the application), select a tour

We pay by card. The access code will come by email.

While Wi-Fi is available, download the Surprise Me application and enter the tour code

surpriseme app

Click “Start.”

Before the tour, do not forget to charge your smartphone!

Go to the choice of excursions >>>

That’s all! I hope my experience will be useful to you!

If you still have questions for me, leave comments. If you liked the article, share it with your friends on social networks and bookmark it! 

Have a good trip and unusial tours!

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