Today I want to share my impressions of using the transfer from . I’ll tell you how to book a transfer, how much it costs, what are the pros and cons, and in general I will share my impressions.

When we travel with my parents, I always book a transfer: there is no question about buses and the metro. As for the taxi, I always have doubts: will the driver understand me correctly, will he roll circles (along with the counter, of course), will he get into traffic jam. It’s easier for me to pay a fixed price, even a little more than I would pay for a taxi, but be as calm as possible.

Recently, I talked about how we ordered an individual transfer from kiwi-taxi in Valencia , but I ordered it on the return trip in Paris . Upon arrival, I decided to test the service from intui.

By the way, the prices for individual transfers at kiwi and intuition are almost the same. Intui has the opportunity to book a group transfer. When I ordered, there were generally two options: a large tourist bus (16.69 euros per person) and a minivan up to 19 passengers (for 17.72 euros). Now it shows only a minivan option.

What does shuttle (or group transfer) mean? This means that at the airport you are waiting for all passengers (usually waiting time 30-60 minutes) who have booked a transfer and are going to the center. Unlike a regular shuttle bus that goes to a certain stop in the center, the shuttle takes each passenger to the hotel. By the type of group transfers to resorts in Turkey, Egypt, etc., but in general it turns out faster.

How to book a transfer to

We go to the site via the link or enter the data into the search in the form below:

  • Choosing the right car, I booked 2 seats in a minivan
  • You can pay the full amount on the site, you can only make an advance payment. I usually pay right away so I don’t worry about money at all on the spot.
  • I enter the data: date and flight number, trip address, contacts
  • I choose a payment method. For some reason, payment through webmoney payment failed, as a result, I paid simply with a card.
  • After booking, I read all the conditions again and pay for the order.
  • The payment field in your account gives you the opportunity to download a voucher.
  • A letter from intui comes to the mail that the order is being processed by the transport company.
  • After some time, confirmation comes from them.

Pros and cons of

So, the pros:

  1. Clear site
  2. The ability to choose a group transfer (for one or two people this is cheaper than an individual)
  3. It is possible to transport skis / snowboards (included in the price of the order)
  4. Free cancellation (48 hours)
  5. The ability to pay on the site
  6. Waiting 60 minutes from the moment the plane lands
  7. Fast carrier confirmation


  1. It is not possible to cancel the order for free if less than 48 hours are left before the transfer.
  2. It is impossible to cancel one move of two when ordering back and forth.
  3. If the flight is delayed and before the transfer date is less than 24 hours, then you need to call the carrier company. It was the most disturbing moment for me, as we flew on the Ural Airlines, where delays are a matter of course. A call to France would be an additional stress (most likely, I would have to speak English), as well as additional costs for mobile communications. Kiwi taxis are easier in this regard: you can write to the support service by email and the operator will transmit the information to the driver yourself (this was the case when we arrived in Valencia).

My review about

Overall, I liked the service. Coordination of the route was quick, the transport company confirmed the appointment of the transfer within 10-15 minutes.

At the meeting, the driver was waiting with a sign with my name right at the exit of the arrivals hall. We were a little late with getting luggage, therefore, another girl from our flight was waiting for us with the driver for about 10 minutes. The driver helped with the luggage and with it we got to the car. We drove in a minivan, designed for 8-10 people, drove three together (my mother and I and a girl), that is, in fact, the transfer turned out to be almost individual.

We drove at the peak time: we arrived in Paris at 8:25 am, checked out at 9:05, drove to our hotel (to the Champs Elysees) at about 1:05. We stood in traffic jams for a long time (on the way back we arrived at the airport (Charles de Gaulle) in about 25 minutes). This did not affect the price in any way. The driver spoke good English, drove to the hotel entrance.

In general, if there wasn’t such a nuance that when you delay a flight, you need to call the carrier company yourself, I would recommend the service 100%! But taking into account this drawback, I will put 9 points out of 10, nevertheless all the services were rendered impeccably! Book a transfer >>>


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