What do most of us want in Rovaniemi for what? In order to feel the magic and meet the most magical person in the world – Santa Claus.

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It’s no secret that Rovaniemi is the official residence of Santa Claus, the very, very real. Therefore, this direction is so popular, especially in winter. Many write that in order to save money, and not jostle with crowds of people, you can go to Rovaniemi in the summer, it seems like in the summer it is also cool there. Perhaps it’s cool there, but, excuse me, what a fairy tale, miracles, Santa Claus, Elves – in the summer ??? Therefore, if you are going to Lapland for the first time, and just for a fairy tale and a miracle, then only in winter! And it’s better to save on something else.

Going to Lapland, I, of course, wanted to visit the most important sights (and all of them, in general, are connected with Santa Claus), but I could not immediately figure out what Santa Park is and what Santa Claus village is , I had to shovel a lot of sites and grab information on grains. Therefore, this article will be detailed and, I hope, understandable to everyone, and will also help save your time.


Santa Park Rovaniemi
Entrance to Santa Park – as an entrance to a magic cave


So, the most important thing to understand: Santa Park is an amusement park, probably 6 kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi. There are several attractions, an ice cave, Santa’s post office (but this is NOT “the same”, but the “same” is in the village of Santa Claus), supposedly the “polar circle”, but also NOT the “same”, but rather as yet one ride). Entrance to the park is paid. The village of Santa Claus is a large complex about 8 km from the city, it is here – the residence of Santa Claus, his REAL post office, here – a real geographical polar circle, souvenir shops, restaurants, deer, bagel riding, and the complex of cottages Santa Claus Village . Entrance here is free and you don’t need to pay for a simple walk (as well as a meeting with Santa), but for additional services you need to pay a rather large amount. And now in more detail.

Santa Park, Rovaniemi: how to get, what to see, how much it costs

I’ll start with Santa Park. As I said, this is an amusement park. It is mainly focused on children, but in principle, adults will be interested.

Here are our photos of what’s interesting in Santa Park.

To enter the Park, you need to go through a magic cave 

Santa Rovaniemi park how to get


Santa Park has its Arctic Circle. The present (the Arctic Circle) is located in the village of Santa Claus)


polar circle santa park


You can look into the ice cave

ice cave santa park


The atmosphere of magic is in the air  

santa park rovaniemi Price


Santa Park has its own post office. You can send postcards from here, but better – with real Santa Claus mail, which is located in the Village of Santa

mail in santa park


You can buy Christmas cookies, or make it yourself

gingerbread room santa park


You can meet Mrs. Klaus

Mrs. Claus in Santa Park 

 and ride a magical train

steam engine in santa park


Children will be interested in getting to the Elf school (as a rule, it is duplicated in Russian, and in principle in January there are mainly only Russians there)


elf school santa parkperformance at elf school santa park


There is a platform Angry Birds

angry birds in santa park


In addition to all the listed souvenir shops and cafes.

You can get to Santa Park by taxi, probably it will cost about 20 euros (the park is located near the airport). You can also take the bus number 8 (Santa Express). In general, this is the only bus in Rovaniemi 🙂 A bus leaves the bus station and stops at all stops in the city, you can find the one closest to your hotel. The bus schedule can be viewed at the bus stop, taken to the hotel reception, or downloaded from the link . The cost of a bus ticket is 3.8 euros.

santa park work schedule
From Santa Park you can send yourself such a souvenir by mail 🙂 Whoever does not understand is me)))

The park is not open all year round, but only in the “high” season, namely in summer and, of course, in winter.

The schedule can be viewed on the official website at the link  In 2017, the park is open from June 26 to August 12 and from November 18 to January 13, 2018.

In the summer season -2017 a ticket to the Park costs 17.50 euros for an adult and 15 euros for children (3-12 years old), children under 3 years old are free. The ticket is valid for 2 days.

In winter, the ticket price is 33 euros for adults and 25 euros for children.

Together with the ticket, a paper bracelet is put on your hand, therefore, it is impossible to transfer the ticket to another person.

Santa Claus Village: how to get, what to do, prices

Santa Claus Village is the residence of Finnish Santa, or Joulupucca. Official website http://www.santaclausvillage.info/

santa claus village things to do
The Arctic Circle runs right in the village of Santa


The village is located 8 km from the center of Rovaniemi. You can also get here by Santa Express bus (bus number 8), about 20-25 minutes. The fare is 3.80 euros. The fare for a taxi is about 25 euros. If you live in Santa Clause Village Cottage, then you do not need to go anywhere, just leave the house and you are already there. I wrote about other hotels in the article .

If you want to go directly from the village of Santa Park to the village, then either make time for bus number 8 or order a taxi. We asked to order a taxi at the reception of the park. After 10 minutes a minibus pulled up and took us to the Village in 5 minutes. As far as I can remember, we paid about 7 euros (maybe 10) – a little expensive for a couple of kilometers, but then the time saved was more expensive for us.

Santa Claus Village is a complex of various entertainments for every taste. There are both free and paid.

You can walk around the village for free as much as your heart desires 🙂 Or bask at the fire


santa claus village how to get


You can also cross the Arctic Circle for free.


Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village


You can visit the Santa Claus post office.


santa claus mail


You can send postcards to relatives and friends (postcards and stamps at a standard price, but they put an unusual stamp)


santa claus mail send a postcard


There are two mailboxes – postcards from one are sent immediately, and from the second – next Christmas. Checked personally.


santa claus village rovaniemi


A postcard thrown into the second box on January 7, 2015 came to me in early December of the same year.


Santa Claus village Rovaniemi Finland


Free to meet Santa Claus. To do this, it is necessary to defend a rather big line, but this line is moving very quickly. If you want to get a photo with Santa, then you already need to buy it. The cost of a photo in A4 format is 30 euros, two pictures – 40 euros, you can also buy a disk with photos and videos (I don’t remember how much it costs – about 50 or 60 euros). You can’t take a picture with your camera.

Here is our photo


how much is the photo with santa claus in finland


What else to do in the village of Santa? You can ride a deer. One lap (1 km) costs 28 euros for an adult and 25 euros for children, a circle of 3 km – 65 euros for adults and 50 euros for children.


deer riding in santa claus village


There is a husky park, but it works till 5 p.m., therefore, keep up (and we did not have time). Admission is 5 euros per person, or 15 euros per family. If you want to ride, you have to pay extra.

If you go a little further, there will be another farm, they write that admission there is free. By the way, when we arrived, we saw several dogs harnessed to sleds. Riding them is also possible at an additional cost.

There are many souvenir shops and restaurants on the territory. Get ready right away that prices aren’t low. A burger with venison will cost about 20 euros, and an entire small lunch for two at 40-50 euros.


restaurants in santa claus village


There are also different slides where you can ride.

Still there is an ice world of snowmen (Snowman World), where (already for money) you can ride on snow-tubing. It costs about 17 euros.


snowman world in santa claus village

Here is the Ice hotel, where you can stay (if you have time to book), here is the link .

For adults, there is an ice bar


Snowman world
Adult Ice Bar at Snowman World (Photo from booking.com)


In December 2015, the Elf Theater was opened on the territory, since we were in January this year, I can’t say anything. Admission is paid – 34 euros per adult, 24 euros per child, 99 euros will have to pay for a family. By the way, performances of elves (with dubbing into Russian) are held in Santa Park, and you do not need to pay separately for entry there.

If you are interested in snowmobiles, then you can not just ride them, but go to the exhibition. Paid entrance. All information can be found on the official website http://www.houseofsnowmobiles.fi/ru/

There are many shops with Finnish goods and souvenirs in the territory – Marttiini knives (do not forget that it is impossible to carry on hand luggage), Iittal dishes with mummy trolls, Marimekko textile store, Taigakoru jewelry

This is where I end. I hope that my few articles about Rovaniemi will become your good assistant in planning a trip to this fabulous town. 

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