I have already talked about the “star” town on the Ligurian coast of Portofino, in this article I want to talk a little about the less famous, but no less beautiful and, in my opinion, undeservedly deprived of attention city of Santa Margherita Ligure

The city is located 35 km from Genoa and about 5 km from Portofino. The resort even has an official website (sloppy, but also translated into Russian): http://www.santamargheritaligureturismo.it/

Santa Margarita Ligure: how to get from Genoa

If you can get to Portofino by public transport only with a change, then you can get to Santa Margarita by direct flight – by train or bus. The distance is approximately 35 km. The ATP Esercixio bus to Santa Margarita departs from Piazza Victoria in Genoa. It takes about 40 minutes to get there. There is an official website atpesercizio.it It is in Italian and there should be a timetable and fare for this direction. I could not figure it out, if someone succeeds, unsubscribe in a comment. Better look at the schedule at the bus stop, and even easier – take the train.

The train follows from one of the stations of Genoa, in the center it is easiest to leave from the station Piazza Principe In the way from half an hour to 50 minutes. A regional train ticket costs € 3.60. For timetables and prices, see trenitalia.com Tickets can be bought at the box office at the train station or self-service terminal. If something doesn’t work out, there are administrators (they are with training badges), they can help you buy tickets in the terminal. English is spoken poorly, but the main thing is to say where you need to go.


santa margarita how to get


Remember to validate your ticket when boarding the train. There are composters at the station and on the platform itself, where trains come.

If you are coming by car , follow the A-12 motorway in the direction of Rapallo, and then turn onto Santa Margarita. The fare on toll roads on this site is about 2 euros. I recommend not to save this money, because moving along the highway is much easier, faster and more pleasant.

You can also order transfers from Genoa or the airport. If you arrive late in the evening, and even with a lot of luggage, the transfer can be a real rescue. I recommend to see the transfer on this site . Cost from 99 euros, about an hour on the way. By the way, a minibus for 7 people will cost a little more than a car – from 111 euros.

The beaches of Santa Margarita Ligure


beaches of santa margarita


Unlike Portofino, where there are few beaches, and only hotel guests can use them, Rapallo and Santa Margarita have public beaches.

On the official website of the town, there is a list of beaches with addresses, descriptions, and some even with photos. You can learn more at the link . It is interesting that in Portofino there is even a beach for dogs, that is, you can come and swim with dogs there, of course, everything needs to be removed for the dogs. The site is not very convenient, but nevertheless a lot of information has been collected.

You can book a hotel with a beach, however, in many cases, for sun loungers and umbrellas you still have to pay extra.

Hotels of Santa Margarita Ligure

There are naturally more hotels here than in Portofino, and prices are much lower. The cost of a night in a hotel starts from 80 euros (while in Portofino cheaper than 180 euros you can’t find anything).

Perhaps the most popular hotels among tourists are hotels located in the city center. Even when we walked, we paid attention to them.

Hotel Regina Elena 4 * – a hotel in the center of Santa Margarita Ligure with its own beach across the road, where there are sun loungers and umbrellas (for an additional fee). Entrance to the sea – on the stairs, the beach – pebbles.

hotel regina elena
Hotel beach (photo by Marina Fedorova from Tourister website)

The hotel also has a rooftop pool and jacuzzi with sea views. The distance to the train station is 1.4 km, to Portofino 4 km. The price for a room is from 189 euros, the rating for bookings is 8.4

This is what the hotel looks like.

hotel regina elena santa margarita


Opposite Regina Elena – Grand Hotel Miramar 4 * (booking.com rating 9.3) – also with a sun terrace and swimming pool with sea water. Price from 326 euros.


Hotel Miramare in Santa Margarita
View of the Miramare Hotel

For about the same price, you can stay at Hotel Metropole 4 *. The hotel is near the beach and promenade. The beach is private, the hotel also has a swimming pool, a fitness room, a Turkish bath and a restaurant. Price from 310 euros per night, booking rating 8.9.

hotel metro santa margarita

Of the cheaper hotels, Hotel La Vela-Castello Il Rifugio  3 * (rating 7.9) is interesting .

It is interesting in that it is located in a 19th-century castle and has only 14 rooms. The beach and promenade are just a few minutes. Car enthusiasts will appreciate the hotel’s parking.

The rooms are modestly decorated in a classic style, but the public areas are like in a real castle

Hotel Castello Santa Margarite
Hall at La Vela-Castello Il Rifugio (photo from Bucking)

And from the side it looks like a real medieval fortress

Hotel La Vela Santa Margarita
Hotel – Castle (photo from Bucking)


Find Hotels in Santa Margarita Ligure >>>


There are few options for apartments on Airbnb, but if you need to save, there are several room rental options. Cost per night from 70 euros (which is not much cheaper than a room in an inexpensive hotel), but just in case, here is a discount of about 20 euros for the first reservation on the site.

Sights of Santa Margarita Ligure: what to do in the resort

We were in Santa Margarita, not even passing, but running, on the way from Portofino to the train station, so we had time to see quite a bit. We walked along the promenade and went to the central square, which offers views of the coast and colored houses on the hill.



santa margarita things to do
Resort Center

In the central square there is a fountain and a monument to Vittorio Emanuele


sights santa margarita
In the main square of Santa Margarita


Nearby is the pier, from here you can sail mono to Portofino, Rapallo and other cities in the region. Nearby – a statue of St. Margarita – the patroness of the city.


marina santa margarita
Sea pier, from where you can sail to Portofino and other towns of the coast


Many architectural sights have been preserved.

For example, the ruins of the castle of Antico Castello (at one time served as a fortress to protect against pirates), a view of the embankment and the pier opens from the wall.

Also of interest is the Church of St. Erasmo (patron saint of sailors). Interestingly, inside the church you can see many models of ships and other things related to navigation (sailors who returned and sailed alive brought their things in gratitude).

Another church – the church of St. Giacomo, it was built in 1600.

Near the church of St. Giacomo is Villa Durazio. It was built in the 16th century and was used as the summer residence of the Durazzio family, in whose honor, in fact, was named. Now various events are held here.

What else to do in Santa Margarita besides visiting attractions?

You can do water sports: skiing or snorkelin.

You can simply walk around the city, enjoy beautiful views and good weather, sea, greenery … You can visit restaurants and cafes. By the way, seafood can be ordered safely, they must be fresh. Look what we saw when walking along the promenade at 4 o’clock

For lovers of nightlife – in Santa Margarita there is one of the best and most elite nightclubs in Liguria – Covo di Nord Est (some days there is a strict dress code)

And, of course, you can go on excursions to Portofino, Rapallo, Genoa

This concludes our virtual tour of Santa Margarita. If you have additions, please leave comments. Do not forget to share the article with friends on social networks. Have a relaxing holiday!

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