In the center of Turin on the Royal Square is the Royal Palace or the Palazzo Reale – the main residence of the kings of the Savoy dynasty. Palazzo Reale is one of the city’s most visited attractions. I am glad that on the first Sunday of the month the entrance to the Palace is free, and therefore, I can tell you about our visit to the Palazzo and show a photo.

A bit of history. The Palace was built by 1658 (it is worth noting that earlier this place was also not empty – the Episcopal Palace and the Old Palace were located here), but after 2 centuries it lost its status – the state capital was moved to Florence (and a bit later – to Rome ) Especially for this residence was built the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, where this relic is stored. The Palazzo Reale is  connected to the Turin Cathedral by an underground passage. The shroud itself for several centuries (until the 20th century) belonged to the royal house, and the last representative of the Savoy dynasty bequeathed it to the Vatican (on condition that it will be stored in Turin).

Royal Palace
View from the palace of the church of San Lorenzo

Today, the Royal Palace is open for visits and excursions: bedrooms, halls, as well as the royal throne, which is somewhat striking in its small size – anyone can visit the former “house” of kings and see it all.

throne room palazzo reale
The dimensions of the throne are surprising!

Of course, the magnificent decoration of the palace corresponds to the status and surprises many people, but for me personally the palace fades a little in comparison with the luxury of Russian palaces (take the same Hermitage). But this is only my humble opinion 🙂 Nevertheless, today the Royal Palace of Turin is included in the UNESCO list.

palazzo reale turin
Luxurious decoration of the palace

In addition to the Throne Hall, which, of course, attracts attention, the Chinese office and the Scala delle Forbiche are considered popular rooms. There is also Royal cuisine (judging by the photo, a rather interesting place), but we did not see this place (perhaps we had to go from a separate entrance). There is also a separate entrance to the Palace library (unfortunately, I can’t say about the fact that visiting the library is included in the ticket price).

palazzo reale
The armory hall of the palace is impressive

But there’s no need to look for an armory. In any case, you will get there. Men can “freeze” there for a long time. A collection of weapons, including cold weapons, knightly armor, cannons, etc. All this can be seen in the armory.

And now the practical information.

The palace is located on the Piazza Reale, in the very center of the city

Official website :

Opening hours : Tue-Sun from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (ticket office closes at 6 p.m.), Mon – closed. Also a weekend on January 1, May 1, December 25.

Prices : full 12 euros. Entrance is free every first Sunday of the month (you need to get a ticket at the box office)

That’s all. Royal rest to you!


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