Rovaniemi is a town in Finnish Lapland, known primarily for the fact that it houses the residence of Santa Claus. As I already wrote, we were in Rovaniemi in 2015, but since last year a lot of people came to my blog for requests related to Rovaniemi, I decided to write about some points in more detail, maybe this will help someone plan their trip .


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In this article I will tell you how to get to the city if you flew to Rovaniemi by plane.

Rovaniemi Airport. How to get to the city

Official website of Rovaniemi Airport (Rovaniemi Airpot):

Rovaniemi Airport is located 8 km from the city. Of course, this is not so far compared to the airports of major European cities. However, in winter the temperature in Rovaniemi can drop to 40 degrees, so obviously you won’t go on foot.


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Already at the airport you get the feeling of a fairy tale. Although the airport itself is very small. They say that if you fly on an international flight, they put a stamp with Santa Claus on your passport. We flew from Helsinki, therefore, we do not have such a stamp.

Rovaniemi Airport
Rovaniemi Airport has a fabulous atmosphere

The first way, of course, is a taxi . You can take it upon arrival. The cost is an average of 25 euros . You can order a transfer . Popular systems do not offer such a service (at least I did not find it), therefore, the only option is to book through a hotel. The cost will be around 45 euros .

The second way is by shuttle bus . The cost of 7 euros . You will see this bus when you leave the airport, as I understand it, he arrives at the arrival of flights. Everyone gets on the bus and somewhere in the middle your money is taken away (in 2015 it was like that). In the city, the bus makes stops at all the major hotels, so you don’t even have to go anywhere. The final point is the city bus station.

There is another bus – city ​​bus number 8 . It runs between the city and the village of Santa Claus, stopping at the airport. It is better to use it in the opposite direction, that is, from the city to the airport, because it will be problematic to make a schedule for an airplane flight, but from the city it will be easier. You can see the schedule at the bus stop (or take it to the hotel reception, or download the link  and calmly go to the airport without going to the village. When you get on this bus, you feel like a hero of a Christmas film that got into a small town with one bus, where the same driver drives the same route every day 🙂 The ticket price to the airport is 5 euros.

How to get to Rovaniemi Airport
In the background is the road to the airport. Around – picturesque snowy fir trees

You can also get by car, if, of course, you are a lover of driving on winter roads 🙂 The cost of gasoline in the country is 1.4-2 euros per liter. The cost of renting an average of 50 euros per day. Look at the leading companies – Evropcar, Hertz, Avis, Sixt, as well as the Finnish companies FiRent, ScandiaRent. Do not forget to read the reviews. You can also book through a broker. Autoeurope has a lot of options , in general it has good reviews, and the companies with which it works are reliable.

Here are some examples.

rent a car at Rovaniemi Airport


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For more information about taxis, transfers, as well as about the route of car trips and prices for parking, see the official website of the airport (in English)

I recommend reading about Rovaniemi public transport in LJ “Your Rovaniemi”  .


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