Italy attracts tourists with a mild climate, an interesting history and the opportunity to go on a chic shopping. Tourists often choose to relax in the city on the sea coast. Resorts have a developed infrastructure, have convenient communication with other cities of the country. Rimini Airport – a modest and comfortable air gate to Italy. The article tells how to get to your hotel or apartments on the sea, as well as in Ancona and Bologna.

Rimini Airport (Italy) is located on the Adriatic Sea, serves more than 1 million passengers a year, meets guests from Europe, Russia, Asia, and carries out domestic transportation.

The airport was built in 1938. In 1993 it received its official name – Aeroporto Internazionale Federico Fellini – in honor of the famous film director, like many objects of the city. The airport is located in Miramar. This is a suburb of Rimini, connected to it by rail and bus routes. The airport is an important transportation point of San Marino, the distance to the state is only 16 km.

The official website of Rimini Airport:


Fellini Airport (Rimini) is a small but cozy modern complex. The building consists of a one-story terminal serving domestic, international flights and even military aircraft.

The object is originally decorated. Tourists immediately understand that they have flown to the homeland of the great director – the corridors and halls are decorated with posters and shots from Fellini’s films. The main design feature that distinguishes the airport is its large open veranda. Passengers enjoy aromatic Italian coffee while viewing the runway and picturesque surroundings.

For the convenience of guests, the building has a priority service room. If you do not have time to buy souvenirs, just go around the airport, look into the many souvenir tents. In Rimini, as throughout Italy, they buy parmesan, olive oil, pasta, and sausages. In duty-free, elite chocolate from local manufacturers and leading world brands is sold.

Right at the airport there is a small office for tourism, here you can get information about the weather, events, city holidays, book a hotel, pick up a car. The building has a left-luggage office, a baggage packing point, and an ATM. Passengers are offered to connect to the free Wifi network. Here you can order a taxi and rent a car.

Tax free at Rimini airport

The airport offers a tax-free refund option. To do this, you need to perform several operations. The customs seal on the necessary documents is placed to the left of the registration area on the ground floor. Then you can get a refund on the second floor (in cash immediately, or to the card after a while).

How to get to the city from Rimini airport

There is a taxi rank at the airport. Arriving at the weekend or at night, a large company, a large amount of baggage or small children can complicate the trip a little: a taxi with a child car seat will have to wait a long time, pay extra for each piece of baggage, which is simple in traffic jams. In order to avoid excitement upon arrival, you can order a taxi in advance by choosing a car that is suitable for you in all respects. Russian-speaking services are intended for this purpose, for example, I recently used the kiwi taxi service , and immediately chose a large car, although I did not have to squeeze four together in a small taxi car. The average cost of a trip to the city center for 4 people with luggage is 50 euros, you can order a minibus for 7 people for 60 euros. Book a transfer >>>

Many tourists get to the city by bus number 9 (direct route). Public transport runs every 20 minutes, the fare is 1.5 euros. The first route from the airport – at about 5:30 in the morning, the last – at 23:15. The route starts from the site near the airport. Travel time to the center is only 30 minutes. If you need an exact timetable, you can download it on the website by choosing route number 9 in the Rimini section. Do not forget that buses run less frequently on weekends.

If you want to get from Rimini Airport by train, you will have to walk a little (a little more than a kilometer), since there is no station at the airport and the nearest station is Rimini Miramare. From it you can directly reach the station of Rimini. The journey takes 7 minutes, travel 1.5 euros. Do not forget to validate the ticket in a special machine.

How to get from Rimini to Ancona

Often visitors are interested in how to get to the resort of the Adriatic coast from Rimini airport, for example, to Ancona. Between settlements daily flixbus buses run . The cost of the trip is from 5 euros (pay attention to the departure stop: you can leave from Rimini, or from the Rimini Bar il Trovatore stop – this bus station is located near Riccione).

Another travel option is to take the regional train (from Rimini or from Rimini Miramare). The travel time will be one and a half hours, the ticket price is from 7.40 euros (for 2019).

The port city can be reached by car. The distance between the points is 100 km, the travel time is one and a half hours. Transfer from Rimini airport to Ancona will cost from 190 euros. Order a transfer >>>

How to get from Rimini Airport to Bologna

Direct access from Rimini Airport to Bologna is only possible by taxi (transfer). The distance between settlements is 120 km, not every taxi driver will agree to take you along this route, therefore, a transfer should be ordered in advance. Transfer kiwi-taxi will cost from 180 euros. Book online >>> 


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If you want to get to Bologna cheaper, choose a train ride. But direct trains do not go from Rimini Miramare station, you need to either change to Rimini or get to Rimini central station by bus number 9.

Travel time is an hour and a half, ticket price is from 10 euros. High-speed trains cost 20-30 euros, a little less than an hour on the way. Here you decide whether these half an hour costs 10 euros. I took the usual regional train, quite comfortably, travel time quickly. Most importantly, keep in mind that in the direction of Bologna-Rimini in the summer on Friday and at the weekend there are so many people, respectively, on Sunday there will be full trains in the opposite direction.

You can see the train schedule on the website If you travel by regional train, you can easily buy a ticket at the station before departure. If you choose a high-speed train, then it is better to take care of buying a ticket in advance (it will be cheaper). The process of buying a training ticket is very sophisticated; You can buy with a small commission through (about 1 euro), but without unnecessary troubles. By the way, in most cases, a ticket purchased on omio can not be printed, just present a QR code to the controller if necessary.

Car rental at Rimini Airport

The best way to travel comfortably along any route is to rent a car. Rimini, like all Italian cities, has good asphalt roads. Thanks to a well-laid network, there are almost no traffic jams. Traveling by a rented car will give you a lot of pleasant moments, allow you to enjoy the sights, set your pace of relaxation. Details about car rental in Italy, documents and Italian roads I have a separate article:


Car rental in Italy: documents, roads, prices.


You can rent a car on the spot by contacting any large company. In summer, it’s better not to risk it. Remain simply without a car, or you will run in the bustle in search of a car at an adequate price. I always book in advance, compare prices through special brokerage services, rent through them is more profitable, plus there is Russian-language support. Two services that I can recommend based on my own experience: ( rental experience in the Czech Republic ) and ( rental experience in Spain ). To rent a car, you need a credit card.

Hotels near Rimini Airport

Several hotels near the airport (suddenly arrive at night):

B&B Villa Montreux  . A cozy hotel a few hundred meters from the airport. Guests are offered a continental or buffet breakfast. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom. The hotel is famous for its cozy terrace. The cost of living for a couple is about 60 euros per day.

Nero D’Avorio Aparthotel . Another hotel within walking distance of Rimini Airport offers guests access to a seasonal garden and pool. Tourists are offered free parking in the parking lot, use the Wifi network. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom. On the territory there is a spa-center and a solarium. The service includes breakfast. The cost of living for two people is 50 euros per day.

Hotel Giordo . The hotel is 800 meters from the airport. It serves an Italian breakfast. The rooms are comfortably furnished with exquisite furniture. The institution has its own beach, parking, terrace. The cost of a double room is 100 euros per day.

That’s all! If you have questions or additions, please write comments. Have a great stay in Rimini!




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