In this article I’ll tell you a little about our third point in Switzerland, namely about Reichenbach Falls. About how to get there, what to see and in which hotel to stay nearby, I will also show my photos.

It is best to travel to these places by car (I rented on this site ), or with a guided tour. Without a car, it will be difficult, and sometimes simply impossible. Although, probably, there are options. If someone knows, please write in the comments.

Reichenbach Falls is known primarily for the fact that here, according to the story of Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes died in a clash with Professor Moriarty (by the way, the film was shot at another waterfall – Gegsky (Circassian) in Abkhazia).

We drove to the waterfall from the monument to Suvorov and Devil’s Bridge , breaking one of the Swiss passes, which I already talked about.

How to get to Reichenbach Falls

You can approach the waterfall from two sides – from below (you need to get to Meiringen) or from above – navigate to Gasthaus Zwirgi ( I marked both places with blue drops below – this is a funicular station)

We drove upstairs, leaving the car in a small parking lot near the guesthouse. There were no cars or people besides us (actually this is a popular tourist attraction, but perhaps most of the tourists go up from the bottom by funicular, and the funicular does not work in the evening)

Reichenbach waterfall how to drive up
There is a small parking lot at the guesthouse Zwirgi

By the way, not far from the parking lot you can see such cool alpine cows:


As I said, to get from below, you need to use the funicular. Adult ticket costs 7CHF one way and 10CHF round-trip. Here is the schedule and prices for other tickets (until October 2017, in 2018, perhaps the prices will be different).

Reichenbach waterfall funicular

Went to look at the waterfall


Somewhere here is the “top” of the waterfall

reichenbachfall switzerland

nature at the waterfall

But the waterfall is already visible better, but it “falls” much lower

Swertzaria Reichenbach Falls

But the view of the valley is impressive

meiringen switzerland

If you are a fan of works about Sherlock Holmes and get to Meiringen, you can visit the Holmes Museum at Bahnhofstrasse, 3860 Meiringen (museum website

Found a short video of a waterfall and a cable car ride to show you how it all looks from below.

And now about my impressions. Actually, I didn’t really like it, there was no “wow” effect. Perhaps it was necessary to go down below, or the waterfall at this time of the year was not enough. Probably, if I were planning a route now, I would exclude Reichenbach Falls from the route, and replace it with one of the most beautiful Swiss villages – Lauterbrunnen, where we simply did not have time to get to.

It was still necessary to get to the place of spending the night (I booked hotels in advance) – in the city of Alps, not far from Pilatus Mountain. Our hotel is Langasthof Schlüssel Alpnah (from 112 euros), here is the photo of the room:

hotel in the swiss alps

Here is our breakfast (quite modest, but the situation was saved by Swiss cheeses, milk and a very nice woman in a restaurant who told us in English that today for breakfast, where did these cheeses brew a cappuccino with an emoticon :))

guest house alpshotels in the swiss alps

If you want to stay directly at the waterfall, then consider these options:

Hotel Victoria Meiringen (in Meiringen), from € 151 per night, for a double room, with breakfast. Highly rated hotel (9.3) a 5-minute walk from the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Hotel Meiringen (ibid. In Meiringen), a little cheaper – from 109 €.

You can also book a hotel in Hasliberg – then it will be a real alpine hotel with mountain views, and from some you can even see the waterfall itself, for example:

Pension Staldacher (rating 9.4) – from 117 € with breakfast. By the way, it is located near the cable car and can be considered as a “winter ski” hotel.

hotel overlooking the waterfall

B&B Maetteli (rating 9.3) is another hotel in the Swiss Alps overlooking the mountains. Just from 93 € per night.

hotel in the alps

That’s all I wanted to tell about Reichenbach Falls. The following article is about a trip to Lucerne . If you have something to supplement, please write in the comments! Share the article on social networks, if it seemed interesting to you 🙂 

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