Regensburg is a medieval city in Bavaria, located at the confluence of the Danube and Regens. When planning the route, I chose to visit Nuremberg or Regensburg, and the choice fell on the latter. Why, I’ll tell you later. I will also tell about the main attractions of the city, what to see in Regensburg in one day and show a photo.

The history of Regensburg begins in 79 A.D. At one time he was even the residence of the Bavarian Dukes, probably since then he acquired his status. The city has a population of 130,000, but the number of tourists visiting Regensburg annually exceeds 2 million.

regensburg attractions

How to get to Regensburg

The easiest way to get to Regensburg is from Munich or Ingolstadt.

  • By car. Distance Munich-Regensburg 124 km and can be overcome by car in about 1 hour 20 minutes. Autobahns in Germany are ideal and, importantly, while free. Moreover, the maximum speed is not limited (there is only a “recommended maximum speed” of 130 km / h.). I usually rent a car through intermediaries, it turns out cheaper (sometimes almost 2 times than directly from the renters), I recommend service  ( about car rental in details )

Route from Munich to Regensburg on the map:

  • By train. To save money, I recommend using the Bavarian ticket (I wrote about it in this article ). It operates on regional trains and costs 26 euros per person, or 31 euros for two (+5 euros for each subsequent). The ticket is valid all day, so you can go to Regensburg one day, returning to your hotel in Munich by the evening . The Munich-Regensburg train leaves from Munich Central Station.
  • By bus. You can get even cheaper on the green Flixbas buses , the ticket price starts from 5 €, the journey takes 1 hour 40 minutes. Flixbass tickets (or alternatives) can be conveniently searched through
  • On the transfer. A transfer can be ordered from the airport or from your hotel . It will cost from 160 € per car. If you have a late arrival, or simply you do not know the language and it is difficult for you to navigate and get by public transport, then a transfer is the best option. You pre-order it through the Russian-language website, indicating the time and place of landing and destination, as well as making partial or full payment.
  • With a guided tour. A very good option if you want to see the maximum in a minimum of time, while not bothering with trains, tickets, etc. 

The easiest way to get from Ingolstadt to Regensburg is by car, or by train.

regensburg attractions reviews and photos

Popular sights of Regensburg

The main attraction of Regensburg is St. Peter’s Basilica, built in my favorite Gothic style. But, no matter how funny it may sound, we came here because of the oldest sausage in Germany. The Wurstküche eatery is the first German fast food. He appeared during the construction of the Stone Bridge in the early 12th century, as an ordinary “canteen” for workers. When the bridge was completed, the dining room fell into decay until the 13th century, when they began to build the Regensburg Cathedral.

regensburg sausage
Historic Diner and Steeple of Regensburg Cathedral

Today Sausage Wurstküche is a popular tourist destination, even with lines.

what to see in regensburg
To buy a hot dog, you need to stand in line

You can sit at the table or buy a hot dog with sausage and cabbage (3 €).

regensburg germany
All tables are busy too

A classic portion of 6 sausages and cabbage costs 8 € (by the way, the sausages are delicious, I liked it), and potato soup (4 €) is also popular from the menu.

historische wurstkuhl regensburg
6 sausages with cabbage, potato soup and a traditional Regensburg drink – the most popular in the historical diner
historische wurstkuhl sausage in regensburg
Traditional Bavarian mustard is a must for sausages.

Here is the full menu

prices in sausage regensburg

regensburg attractions in 1 day
Aunts in aprons and bonnets – like many years ago.
what to see in regensburg in a few hours
The interior of the diner.

Next to the sausage is another popular attraction – the Regensburg Stone Bridge, built in the 12th century. Rather, this sausage is located next to the bridge. Today it is the oldest surviving stone bridge in Germany.

stone bridge regensburg

a stone bridge
The bridge tower is the only surviving to this day


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As usual, legends go around this story. As well as the Devil’s Bridge in Switzerland , this bridge helped build the devil. And here the legend “bifurcates”. One of them says that during the construction of the bridge there was a dispute between the architect of the bridge and the architect of the Regensburg Cathedral about who would build this bridge earlier (in fact, the Cathedral began to be built more than 100 years after the bridge was built), and the bridge architect made a deal with the devil through which the devil will take the souls of the first three pedestrians who set foot on the bridge. Of course, the first to enter the bridge were three animals – a rooster, a chicken and a dog. Another legend says that the architect simply deceived the devil by not fulfilling his conditions. The result is one – the devil got angry and tried to destroy the bridge, so the bridge looks a little crooked.

stone bridge in regensburg germany
The stone bridge looks a little crooked. And there is a legend for this case.
regensburg bavaria
View from the Stone Bridge

St. Peter’s Basilica is the pride of Regensburg. It was built for almost 600 years and today it rises not far from the embankment on Cathedral Square in the Old Town

st peter cathedral regensburgregensburg cathedral

regensburg cathedral
There are always a lot of people on Cathedral Square. Popular restaurants and hotels are located here.

The Old Town itself is also interesting with medieval streets and many antique shops.

regensburg cityregensburg what to watch

There are a lot of antique shops in the city

Other attractions include:

  • Old Town Hall and Imperial Reichstag

old town hall imperial reichstag

  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Turn-i-Taxis Castle (the residence of an old princely family, today it is home to one of the descendants – billionaire Albert von Turn-i-Taxis.
  • The Goliath House accidentally photographed by me with a painting of the classic battle of David and Goliath also turned out to be a local attraction. But it was not named after Goliath, but in honor of the wandering artists of the “Goliards” (Goliarden), who stayed in the 12th century in the inn located in this building and called Golias. On the ground floor of the building is now the Storstad restaurant with a Michelin star.

goliath regensburg house

And many more say that Regensburg has a good shopping experience.

In a couple of hours in Regensburg you will have time to walk around the city, explore the Stone Bridge, dine in the old sausage, explore the Cathedral and other attractions in the city center and have a bite to eat at the coffee shop. In Germany, I really like cakes and pastries, the cost of a piece is on average 3 €.

cakes in regensburg

Hotels in Regensburg

If you are coming for more than one day, then it is worth booking a hotel. The cheapest is to rent an apartment, it will cost from 50 € per night. For example, apartment in the center of Apartment Jale from 79 €.

Hotels in the center from 100 € per night for a double room. Highly rated by Hotel David , located right on the banks of the river in the building of the former chapel. Very interesting interior, original elements of the chapel and at the same time modern furniture and appliances. From 139 €.

Hotel Goldenes Kreuz (rating 9.2) is located in the very center of the city in the building where the hotel used to be emperors. From 140 € per night with breakfast.

Transportation and parking in Regensburg

regensburg transport
Regensburg serves 70 bus routes

There are 70 bus routes in Regensburg. The official website of the transport There you can see information about the zones of the city, fares, plot a route and calculate its cost.

A ticket for 1 trip in one zone is 2.50 € when buying on a bus and 2.30 € when buying in advance. Tariffs for all zones and ticket types are registered on the site, here is an example:

regensburg fares

Parking in Regensburg is paid, and there are entire neighborhoods, apparently with paid places, since all cars have special signs under the windshield. We did not dare to park the car there, but put it in the underground parking for 3.60 € for 2 hours (0.90 € for 30 minutes), prices

parking in regensburg

Another reference is prices in one of Regensburg’s cafes.

prices in regensburg
Prices in Regensburg Cafe
fast food prices regensburg
Fast food prices

A few more photos of Regensburg, which is nice to just walk and look at the details

munich regensburg
Door to a fairy tale
how to get to regensburg
I want to look at Regensburg’s houses
how to get to regensburg
Beauty in detail
regensburg city photos
A cozy cafe, and on the facade of the building – a fragment of the wall of the Roman era
Munich regensburg how to get there
Renaissance well of 1610

That’s all! Have a good trip to Regensburg! If you liked the article, bookmark it, share it with your friends on social networks. 

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