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Public transport in Munich will also help you explore the sights located outside the center of Munich and throughout Bavaria.

Public transport options 
Tariff zones and Fares
Bavarian ticket


Public transport in Munich runs with Bavarian clarity, at each stop (both bus, tram and metro) you can see the route and schedule. The Munich subway also has information boards showing the time before the train arrives.


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The official site of transport in Munich. On the official website of the association “Munich Transport and Tariff Union” you will find complete information on routes and timetables of Munich transport, and if necessary, make your own itinerary in the capital of Bavaria.

Public transport options

Subway or U-Bahn.

Subway (Metro) – probably the most convenient public transport.

The working hours are from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m., on weekends an hour longer. There are no turnstiles, when boarding a train, no one checks the ticket, but it is mandatory to validate the ticket, otherwise, you can get a fine of 40 euros. This must be done before entering the station in special machines.

The commuter trains or S-Bahn

Having entered the “subway” at one of the stations in the city center, you will see signs: U-bahn and S-Bahn. S-Bahn is the so-called suburban electric train. It has 10 lines, and in the city center connected with subway lines. But by train you can also get outside the city, including the main airport of Munich (lines S1 and S8).


As in all major cities, in Munich there are a lot of taxis, you can use it to travel around the city; taxis are comfortable and punctual. The cost of boarding a taxi is about 4 euros, the price per 1 km depends on the distance and costs from 1.25 euros (with a distance of more than 10 km). An hour of waiting will cost about 23 euros. It is easier to book a taxi transfer to the airport or ski resorts online: it can be a bit more expensive than a regular taxi, but the price will be fixed, and the language barrier will not be a problem. I usually book transfer on They are punctual and the driver meets you with the nameplate and helps with your baggage.

Buses in Munich.

Another type of city transport in Munich that is convenient to use for getting around the city is the bus. In total, Munich has 65 daytime routes and 12 nighttime routes. All routes are divided into 3 types:

1. MetroBus (lines 50 to 60 plus lines 62 and 63), connecting the areas of Munich, popular transport links and supermarkets.

2. StadtBus – a classic city bus (routes 130 to 199):

  • lines 130 to 159 cover the city center and the southern areas
  • routes 160 to 169 run in the south of Munich
  • You will find lines 170 to 179 in the areas of northern Munich
  • lines 180-189: areas in the northeast
  • You will need lines 190 to 199 in the southeastern region.

Buses of line No. 100 are popular among tourists , this is the so-called “museum line” , since the bus passes twenty-four museums along its route.

3. TaxiBus – special. routes running from 6h.00m to 23h.00m.


Finally, the tram (or, as the Germans call it Straßenbahn München) is the oldest form of public transport in Munich, existing since 1876. The Straßenbahn network is represented by 11 daily routes (lines 12, 15-21, 23, 25.27.28) and 4 – night routes (lines 16.19, 20.27). Daytime routes start at 4.30 in the morning and run until 1.30 at night. Nightly, respectively, from 1.30 to 4.30 in the morning.

In the following sections, the information is current as of October 2019.

Munich public transportation map

You can find all maps of Munich transportation (including the subway, buses, trams, as well as night transport) on the official Munich transport website.

I recommend downloading the schemes of zones and rings of Munich, as well as complex traffic patterns (S + U + Regional + Tram) and (S + U + Regional + Bus).

The scheme of 4 zones:

For your understanding, on this map tariff zones are marked in different colors. All that is white is the inner zone (Innerarium) , all the main attractions of Munich are concentrated here, and to move around it you just need to buy a ticket for one zone. As of October 2019, a one-time ticket costs 2.80 euros . A 1-day ticket (from the time of validating until 6 am the next day) for the inner zone costs 6.70 euros (per person) , 12.80 euros (per group of 2-5 people) .

The Dachau concentration camp is located in the green zone, to get there, you need a ticket for 2 zones – white and green, this is zone XXL.

If you need to go to Munich Airport from the center, then this is a red zone, which means you need a ticket for all zones (Gesamtnetz) or Airport-City-Day-Ticket for 13 euros for 1 person / 24.30 euros for a group of up to 5 people.

Another scheme – the scheme of rings (or circles), looks like this:

These are the rings of the inner zone (Innerarum). For travel in these areas, a ticket for 1 zone is sufficient.

Munich fare zones

The fare in Munich does not depend on the mode of transport, a single ticket applies to all modes of transport), but on the distance, more precisely – on the zone within which you must move.

There are 4 zones in total, be sure to download such a scheme to figure it out

Munich zones

White Zone, or Innerraum.

This is the inner zone, the city center, it is here that the main attractions are located.

In addition to the historical center itself, this area includes attractions up to the Olympic Park and the BMW Museum (and even a little further) and Nymphenburg. Here is a separate diagram of the inner zone – that is, that in the first diagram in the very center. I recommend downloading it.

munich inner zone

As you can see, the inner zone is much more than just the historical center. 


Green + White Zone, or Munchen XXL

Dachau is located in this zone, that is, a ticket to zone XXL is required to travel there.

Entire zone called Ausserraum

Includes green, yellow and red zones.

Gesamtnetz – All Four Areas

If you need to get from the center to Munich Airport, then buy a ticket for all zones.

Tickets for public transport in Munich (prices for October 2019)

Since Munich transport makes up a single network, then, as I wrote above, for travel on all types of tickets there is a single ticket, the price of which depends on the distance and time of movement. Having a single ticket, you can transfer from one transport to another within the zone.

City tour card

City Tour Card – a tourist card, in addition to travel by public transport, it includes discounts for visiting more than 80 Munich sights. The card is valid for 1 to 6 days for one person or group of up to 5 people and is valid either in the internal zone or in the entire network. More information here or on the official website 

Some card prices (as of October 2019):

1 day: 12.90 euros (1 person / internal zone); EUR 19.90 (up to 5 people / internal zone)

3 days: 21.90 euros (1 person / internal zone); 36.90 euros (1 person / all zones); 32.90 euros (up to 5 people / internal zone); 57.90 euros (up to 5 people / all areas)

4 days: 26.90 euros (1 person / internal zone); 46.90 euros (1 person / all zones); 41.90 euros (up to 5 people / internal zone); 75.90 euros (up to 5 people / all areas)

Where to buy City Tour Card in Munich:

  • Online on
  • At ticket machines at S-Bahn stations in Munich
  • Public transport ticket vending machines at the airport
  • At Munich Central Station (in self-service machines) – “Kombitickets” button
  • In tourist offices and some hotels

Tickets for one trip (Einzelfahrkarte)

Einzelfahrkarte Kurzstrecke  (“short” ticket) – the ticket is valid for only an hour within only one zone. You can drive 2 stops at U-bahn or S-bahn, or 4 stops by bus / tram. The fare is 1.50 euro.

Einzelfahrkarte – a ticket for travel in one or several zones for 3 hours (in the inner zone) or for 4 hours (in all other zones). The fare is from 2.90 euros (in one zone). Travel in 2 zones will cost you 5.80 euros, in three zones – 8.70 euros , and for travel in all zones you must pay 11.60 euros . Children from 6 to 14 years old must pay 1.40 euros , regardless of the number of zones, and children under 6 years old can travel for free, but only accompanied by their parents.

Streifenkarte – 10 ticket strips. The cost is 14.00 euros , which is equivalent to the cost of 1.40 euros per strip. One strip is designed to travel in 1 zone for 1 hour. Further, mathematics is needed 🙂 For a trip of more than an hour in 1 zone – we tear off 2 strips, in 2 zones – 4 strips, in 3 zones – 6 strips, in all 4 zones – 8 strips. For youth from 15 to 20 years – benefits (for each zone one strip, regardless of time), as well as for children from 6 to 14 (one strip – for one trip, regardless of time and distance).

Important: the one-time ticket (except for the “short”) is valid in the internal zone for 3 hours, in all others – 4 hours.

One-day or three-day travel card for one person (Single-Tageskarte)

If you have planned a lot of travel around the city, then it makes sense to buy a ticket for an unlimited number of trips. Ticket price: 6.70 euros for the Innenraum (inner zone) and Aussenraum (entire) zones; 8.90 euro – for the Munchen XXL zone. To travel around the city without restrictions, you need a ticket for 13 euros . If you travel alone and get from the airport to the city by train, you need a ticket for 13 euros . By the way, you can use it until the next morning. For children from 6 to 14 years old, the ticket costs 3 euros (for any tariff zone).

Note: card is valid not for 24 hours, but from validation until 6 am next day. If you purchased a ticket on a tram or bus, the date is stamped automatically.

If the ticket does not fit into the validator, then the date is stamped on it automatically and you do not need to validate it additionally (a small life hack).

A 3-day ticket costs € 16.80 (29.60 euros for 2-5 people) , but you can use it only in the inner zone.

Travel for 1 or 3 days for a group of up to 5 people (Gruppen-Tageskate)

Traveling with a company, family, or couple? Then it’s more profitable (even for a couple) to buy a group ticket. It is advantageous to purchase such a pass for a group of up to 5 adults or 10 children (two children are equivalent to one adult, for example, 3 adults and 4 children, or 4 adults and 2 children can travel on one ticket, it can be combined in different ways)

Fare: for the inner and entire zones (Innenraum and Aussenraum) – 12.80 euros , for the XXL zone – 16.10 euros , for all zones – 24.30 euros (I recommend to buy this ticket for a trip from the airport, it’s a little more expensive than 2 one-time tickets for 11.60 euros, BUT you can use it all day BEFORE you travel to the airport, or AFTER arriving in Munich, you can use it even before 6 o’clock the next in the morning.


I also recommend my article “Prices in Munich” , which will be useful in planning your travel budget.


The ticket is valid from the moment of validation until 6 o’clock the next morning.

A 3-day group pass will cost you EUR 29.60 . It is valid only in the inner zone !


A day pass for 1 person (13 euros ), or for a group of up to 5 people (24.30 euros) valid in all areas. In fact, this is the same day pass for all zones. If you prefer comfort, you can book a taxi in advance at special online service. Aall the tickets that can be used to get to the airport (prices for 2017) you can see below:

Munich airport tickets


You will need this ticket if you are traveling with your two-wheeled friend, namely with a bicycle. The cost of such a ticket is 3 euros (for 2019).


A weekly pass for one person, valid from Monday to 12 noon on the following Monday and costs depending on tariff zones from 15.40 to 63.10 euros (for 2019)


A monthly pass will be useful for those who live in Munich or have arrived for a long time. The cost of such a ticket depends on the number of zones and ranges from 55.20 to 225.60 euros. (for 2019)

Bavarian ticket in Munich

This card is valid not only within Munich, but also throughout Bavaria, and also, importantly, with the Bavarian ticket you can get to Salzburg and back. Bayern Ticket can only be used on regional trains (marking RE and RB). High-speed trains (IC, EC, ICE, D) cannot be used with the Bavarian ticket. The Bavarian ticket network also includes the U-bahn metro and S-bahn suburban trains

The cost of a Bavarian ticket is 25 euros per person. For each additional person, 7 euros is added. In total, up to 5 people can travel with a ticket, that is, the cost of a Bavarian ticket for 5 people is 53 euros.

You can buy a ticket in the same DB machines as regular public transport tickets, as well as in kiosks, railway ticket offices, agencies or order on the official website

Validity of the Bavarian ticket : from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. on weekdays, from 00:00 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day on weekends. There is also a Bavarian night ticket (valid from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day).


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How to buy a ticket for Munich transport in a vending machine

A small instruction on how to use a ticket vending machine. What should be done first:

how to buy tickets in Munich

Next, you need to select the type of ticket – it will be single tickets, daily tickets or City Tour Card.

If you need the most “basic” one-time ticket, then select a One-time ticket for up to 4 zones.

And then we select the number of zones (if only in the center, then 1 zone).

If you plan to travel a lot around the city, choose Day tickets – for one, or 2-5 people (as in the photo). The “expiration date” of the ticket is also prescribed.

Choose for 1 day. The inner zone is the whole center (see map above), Munich XXL will come in handy for a trip to Dachau, for example. The whole network – for a trip to the airport.

Then choose the number of tickets and the payment method – in cash or by card.

After payment, take the tickets, your card (if paid with a card) and a receipt (if necessary). The ticket must be validated.


Penalty for stowaways – 40 euros. In Munich for several visits, I’ve never met with the inspectors, but in Berlin, it happened. Therefore, do not forget to buy and validate your tickets!

Enjoy your trip to Munich!


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