In this article I will briefly tell you about prices in the UAE (for food, in cafes and restaurants, as well as for excursions and taxis). Prices are as of October 2017.

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Prices for food and restaurants in the UAE
Prices for excursions in the UAE
Taxi prices in the UAE

I went to the Emirates for only a week and it was lazy rest, however, I can tell you what prices in supermarkets are for food, for a snack in shopping centers and restaurants, as well as prices for excursions

Course: 1 Dirham = $ 0.27 (January 2020)

Prices for food and restaurants in the UAE

Prices for fast food in the shopping centers: 

  • The average cost of a meal per person is 60 dirhams.
  • Coffee to go (0.4) 16 dirhams
  • Burger 30 Dirham
  • Freshly squeezed juice 10 dirhams.

Prices in the restaurant of a 5 * hotel (Fairmont Ajman hotel review) – 100 dirhams per dish (kebabs, meat, pizza, pasta, etc.)

Prices in cafes in the city , judging by the reviews, are 2-3 times cheaper.

Supermarket food prices :

  • Juice 0,3l – 2,25 dirhams
  • Juice 1l – 8.50 AED
  • Drinking yogurt 2.75 AED
  • Milk 0.5l – 2.55 Dirhams
  • Dirham Yogurt 2
  • Feta Cheese 4.85 per pack
  • Philadelphia Cheese Dirham 14.50
  • Cheese sliced ​​10.90 AED
  • Cream cheese President – dirham 7.95
  • Bananas 1kg – 8 Dirhams
  • Apples 1kg – 8 dirhams
  • Carrots 1 kg – 7 dirhams
  • Pumpkin 1 kg – 2.95 Dirhams
  • Eggplant 1 kg – 5.95 dirhams
  • Papaya 1 kg – 4.95 Dirhams
  • Chicken 1kg – 8.25 Dirhams
  • 1kg chicken breast -10.95 dirhams
  • Lamb 1kg – 34.95 Dirhams
  • Beef 1 kg – 28.90 dirhams
  • Sardines 1kg – 7.00 Dirhams
  • Salmon 1kg – 55 dirhams
  • Cookies – from 3 dirhams
  • Kinder Chocolate – 6 Dirhams
  • Shampoo Pantene – 10.50 AED
  • Shampoo Loreal – 21.50 AED

Here are a couple of pictures from the supermarket with prices:

UAE vegetable prices Emirates cheese prices fish in uae Price

Prices for excursions in the UAE


You can buy tickets for Burj Khalifa online on the website >>>


You can see prices for some tours below

Taxi prices in the UAE

Taxis in the UAE are quite expensive. Embarkation 3-4 dirhams, then according meter. In Sharjah, payment is only for mileage, in Dubai – and for a simple traffic jam, you also have to pay. Over 1 km, approximately 1.5 dirhams. When crossing the border of the emirates, a charge of 20 dirhams is taken. There are also toll roads, and if a taxi driver is lucky on them, then he will add more. In Dubai, nightly rates are higher.

For a trip from Ajman to Sharjah (about 15 km) you will pay about 20-30 dirhams (if you show the taxi driver in time where to go).

From Dubai Mall to Sharjah there can be traffic jams in the evening. So, my brother rode 2.5 hours and paid about $ 120.

If you need to get from a Dubai airport to a hotel in Sharjah or Ajman, I highly recommend booking a fixed price transfer – you don’t have to worry about paying and explaining to taxi drivers who do not understand English or even the name of the areas in Arabic. The transfer from Dubai airport to Sharjah will cost from 41$, Ajman – from 51$. Book transfer here.

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