There are legends about Swiss prices. It is no coincidence that Switzerland is a country with one of the highest living standards not only in Europe, but also in the world. Is everything really so scary, or can you relax in Switzerland? I tell in this article.

The content of the article:

Prices for flights to Switzerland
Prices for tours and hotels in Switzerland
Rent a car in Switzerland
Prices for transport
prices Prices for souvenirs and watches
Prices for museums and excursions

In addition to Switzerland, “legends” go about prices in Germany , and about Italy . They say that these are sooo expensive countries to travel. Having been twice in Germany and three times in Italy over the past two years, I realized that the rumors were exaggerated. The prices in Germany for products in stores, for example, are commensurate with ours, Russian ones. Hotels can be found budget, and low-cost carriers, for example, flixbus allow you to travel very cheaply around the country (from 5 €). If you wish, you can rent a car, in addition, German autobahns are still free. Car rental in Italy It will also cost not very expensive, but gas prices in Italy are among the highest in Europe (from 1.6 €, and once we refueled for 1.8 € per 1 liter), plus paid autobahns (on average 7 € per 100 km). Nevertheless, it is possible to go to Italy quite budgetally ( my route in Italy and Spain for 10 days for 1900 € FOR EVERYTHING ).

And now I turn to Switzerland. And, perhaps, in this case, the rumors are not exaggerated. In Switzerland it is quite expensive, which is felt, first of all, at hotel prices, food prices in restaurants, cafes and fast foods, food prices and public transport, tickets to museums, prices for souvenirs, etc.


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The price of a flight to Switzerland

But getting to Switzerland is just not very expensive 🙂 

Alternatively, you can fly to neighboring countries, for example, to the German airport Memmingen and get to Zurich on Flixbus for 13 €, or fly to Bergamo, and then from Milan to Lugano .


Switzerland hotel prices

Hotels and apartments in cities will cost from 60 €, guest houses in the mountains – from 100 € (about our hotel in the Alps, 130 € per night, wrote in this article ). Prices for good 4-5 * hotels start from 250 € per day for a double room.


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Car rental in Switzerland

But car rental prices are not higher than the European average: from 157 € per 7 days (22 € per day). In order not to overpay, book through intermediaries, sometimes the prices for the same car differ almost twice. I recommend

Gasoline in Switzerland is cheaper than in Italy – 1.23 € (1.43CHF) per 1 liter.

Autobahns are also paid, you need to buy a vignette for 40CHF (about 37 €). It is valid for 14 months (“shorter” vignettes, unfortunately, does not happen) on all highways (additional payment may be required when traveling through some tunnels). If, again, compared with Italy, having traveled just a few highways, in two days we spent 28.80 €.

Parking – from 2CHF in Lugano to 4CHF and above in Zurich (for 1 hour)

Transport Prices

  • On average from 4CHF per one-time ticket (1 hour)
  • Transfer from the airport – from 62 €

Food Prices in Switzerland

I will write all the prices that I managed to collect for a short stay in Switzerland.

Vegetables and fruits, prices in CHF

  • Tomatoes – 4.60
  • Zucchini – 3.80
  • Bulgarian pepper – 7.40
  • Apples 3.90
  • Lemons 4.80

Product Prices in CHF

  • Sandwiches – 4.90-7.95
  • Cola (0.33) – 0.85
  • Milk – 1.60-1.90
  • Actimel – 6.50 (packing 8 pcs)
  • Activation yogurt – 3.45 (4 pcs)
  • Cheese 6.75-7.20 per 250 gr.
  • Swiss cheese (with a cheese factory) 18-28 per 1 kg.

Food prices, fast food, in CHF

  • Big King – 7.50
  • Cheeseburger – 3.50
  • 9 nuggets – 7.90
  • Ice Cream Burger King – 1.50
  • Muffin – 2.50
  • Coffee – 3.20-4.90
  • Ice cream cone 3.00-7.00
  • Cake in the confectionery 3.80-5.20
  • Complex lunch in the restaurant from 16.50
  • Products for dinner in the store (sausage, bread, beer) 17.00

Prices for souvenirs and watches

  • Swiss knives – 19-130CHF
  • Magnets 7.50-8.00CHF
  • Bell 11.80CHF
  • Tissot watch from 245CHF

Prices for museums and excursions

  • Entrance to the museum on average – 10-25CHF
  • Excursions on average – from 100 €

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