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In the article I will tell you about the prices for holidays and travel to the Czech Republic – how much are the hotels in Prague and the Czech Republic, what are the prices for excursions, the prices for food and the average bill in a restaurant.

The content of the article:

Prices for hotels in Prague and the Czech Republic
Prices for transport in Prague
Prices for transfer from Prague airport to a hotel
Prices for rent a car in Prague
Prices for gasoline in the Czech Republic
Prices for excursions in Prague
Prices for restaurants, cafes and pubs in Prague
Prices for beer in Prague
Prices for products in Prague (Czech Republic)

Prices for hotels in Prague and the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a relatively inexpensive price (compared with neighboring Germany and Austria, as well as Italy and, especially, Switzerland). Therefore, finding inexpensive housing is not difficult – the choice of hotels in Prague – for any wallet. From budget hotels, apartments and b & bs to luxury hotels.

Apart from the hostels, the price for a double room in a hotel in Prague starts from 17 € per night. You can book a room in a good hotel (at least 3 *) in the very center of Prague from 40 € per night. Often breakfast is also included in this price. For about 35 €, apartments for two will cost, and from 60 € for four. A five-star hotel in the center of Prague can be booked from 140 € per night with breakfast.

Outside the capital, you can find accommodation even cheaper. In the same Czech Krumlov room with amenities in the guest house will cost only 25 €.


Read about hotels in Prague and how to book a hotel in the Czech Republic yourself in details in the article about hotels


Prices for transport in Prague

Public transportation in Prague is inexpensive. If you didn’t settle in the center, then you will not go broke on the way. If you have chosen a hotel in the center, then you will hardly have to spend money on transport, unless, on trips out of town.

transport prices in prague
The cheapest ticket costs 24 kroons, it lasts 30 minutes


The cheapest transport ticket (tickets in Prague are valid for all types of transport) costs 24czk (a little less than 1 €), a 3-day pass – 310 korunas  – if you plan to travel a lot around the city.

As elsewhere in Europe, taxis are the most expensive form of transport. Approximate taxi prices in Prague: 40czk for landing + 28czk (1 euro) for 1 km of the way. For example, to get from the Florenc bus station to Prague Castle, you will need to pay about 180 korunas . Check also UBER (discount for the first ride), should be cheaper.

Price for transfer from Prague airport to hotel

Private transfer from the airport costs from 28 €. This is about the same as a taxi will cost, BUT: you book a car in advance and you immediately know the price, you will definitely waited, even if the plane is delayed, you don’t you have to wait for the car upon arrival, you can pre-order additional services or amenities, for example, a child seat. Here is a link to the transfer booking service I use.

Prices for car rental in Prague

If you want to rent a car in Prague, I recommend that you read my article, where I share my experience   and talk in detail about the rental. The price of renting an economy class car (suitable for 2-3 people) – from 30 euros per day with full insurance.

Czech gas prices

1 liter of gasoline 95 in the Czech Republic costs about 1.17 euros per 1 liter. In the areas bordering Germany, it will be slightly more expensive than in the whole country.

Prices for excursions in Prague

Since Prague is a very tourist city, the competition in the field of excursions is great, which means that you can find excursions of any price category. The minimum price I saw is 12 € per person. On average, group excursions in Prague cost from 20 € per person to 180 € per group. Field trips – from 25 € per person (group) and from 200 € individual.


Prices in restaurants, cafes and pubs in Prague

The most interesting part is about prices in restaurants in Prague.

Lunch / dinner for two with beer in Prague will cost on average 500-700 korunas (restaurants and pubs of average level, in restaurants of a higher level 700-1000 korunas will cost one dish).

Average prices in restaurants:

  • Snacks – 80czk
  • Salads– 100 czk
  • Soups – 35-100czk
  • Main dishes – 150czk
  • Baked knee – from 290czk
  • Desserts – 100czk

Snacks, fast food:

  • Sausage + beer – 130czk
  • Trdelnik – 60-120 czk
  • Coke – 45czk
  • Tea, coffee – 30czk


Read also “20 places of Prague where you can try national dishes” .


Beer prices in Prague

A separate point will highlight the cost of beer in Prague.

  • The average price for a glass of beer is 29-49czk.
  • In the pub at the Strogawa Monastery – 70czk
  • Tasting set – 185 czk
beer prices in the Czech Republic
Such a tasting set costs 185 korunas
  • In Cesky Krumlov they drank beer for only 20czk per glass:
beer prague Price
Each beer at 20 korunas (less than 1 dollar)


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Food prices in Prague (Czech Republic)

prices in prague

All that I could find, remember:

  • Chocolate – from 20 CZK
  • Tea bags – from 25 EEK
  • Melon – 25 CZK per 1 kg
  • Pumpkin – 24.90 korunas per 1 kg
  • Processed / curd cheese – 20-40 CZK per pack
  • Beer – from 9 CZK per bottle
  • Water – from 15 CZK
  • Baguette – 14.90 korunas
  • Sliced ​​cheese – 9.70 korunas
  • Sausage sliced ​​- 39.90 korunas
  • Cherry tomatoes 17.90 korunas.


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