Whether the rest in Benidorm will cost much, how much money to take with you on vacation, what prices for food and in the restaurants of Benidorm – I will try to answer these questions in this article.

Benidorm (Costa Blanca): hotel prices

To understand the price of a vacation on the Costa Blanca, it is worth starting with hotel prices. To do this, we conventionally divide accommodation options into 3 parts: expensive luxury hotels or villas, middle-class hotels (comfortable, with food, close to the sea), cheap hotels or apartments (preferably with their own kitchen, so that you can cook and eat at home).

To see hotel prices, open my favorite booking.com


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Among the luxury accommodation options are, for example, the Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa (from 3300 € for 10 nights), located in the Terra Mitica- Grand Luxor All Suites Hotel – Terra Mítica® Theme Park (from 2700 € for 10 nights) , chic Hotel Boutique Villa Venecia (from 2700 € / from 4000 € with three meals a day for 10 nights). If you are interested in just such options, then you will easily find them at the booking.

Further, middle-class hotels in which it is comfortable to live with family and which are accessible to a wider circle. These are 3-4 * hotels; often there is the opportunity to order two or three meals a day. For example, Hotel Montesol 3 * (from € 932 with breakfast and dinner), Hotel Olympus 3 * (from € 1,120 with 3 meals), Deloix Aqua Center 4 * (from € 1,500 with breakfast, lunch and dinner), Gran Hotel Bali 4 * – a hotel located in the tallest building in Benidorm and one of the highest in all of Spain (from 1679 € with 3 meals a day), Hotel Don Pancho 4 * – note, this hotel is very well rated! (from 1940 € for 10 days with three meals a day), well, our hotel Brisa 4 *, review here (from 2000 € for 10 days in the midst of the season!)


I also  reviewed the good hotels and apartments in Benidorm


Apartments can also be searched by booking. Price starts from 650 € for 10 nights. For this price, as a rule, up to 4 guests can stay in apartments, and if you are traveling as a family, or for example, as a company, it will be quite profitable.

You can also search on the sites for daily rental , for examle on airbnb (by the way, here is the discount for the first booking). Sometimes the price tag slips slightly lower than at the booking, but you need to look well. Again, there is more choice.


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In the end, what we have. Accommodation in Benidorm will cost per day from 35 € per couple to 400 € and above.

Here are a few more profitable options:


Benidorm Food Prices

There are many grocery stores in Benidorm, including the Carrefour express (both on the Levante beach and on the Poniente beach), perhaps there is also a city, but since we had a full board at the hotel, we often did not go shopping and didn’t specially were looking for. In my opinion, the prices are affordable, not even in the cheapest store, comparable to ours, the Urals, maybe a little more expensive. Now I will write in more detail.

Fruits and vegetables (per 1 kg):
Apples 1,5-1,75 €
Pears 1,39-3,75 €
Kiwi 2,10-7 €
Cucumbers 0,99 €
Cauliflower 0,99
Ordinary cabbage 1,39 €

prices for benidorm products
Freshly squeezed orange juice (per 1 liter) 2,90 €
Ordinary packaged juices – from 0,8 €
Cola and others. 0,8 € for a jar 0,33, 1 € for 0,5l

food prices benidorm Chicken and meat (per 1 kg):
Chicken fillet 5.50 €
Chicken legs 3.30 €
Chicken 1.80 €
Minced chicken 2 €
Jamon from 14 €
Beer: 0.5 € for 0.33l, 1.95 € for a pack of 6 cans
Wine: from 2 €, an average of 4-5 € per bottle
Activia yogurts 1,5-2 € per pack 4 pcs
Sandwiches 1,9 €
Nutella 2,06-2,78 €
Chocolate Milka 0 , 9 € (small tile), 2,70 € (large tile)
Tea bag 1,20 € – 2,25 €
Ice cream on average about 2 €.

prices in benidorm
Toilet paper 2 € (6 rolls)
Gaskets, tampons – 1,60-3,80 €

Let me remind you that these are the prices from the first supermarket that came across, relatively expensive, the prices in the same Carrefour are cheaper. Perhaps there are also supermarkets with cheaper products.

Prices in Benidorm (Costa Blanca) in restaurants

Since we lived in a hotel and we had 3 meals a day, we did not go to restaurants in Benidorm. For the report I photographed the menu of some cafes, therefore, see for yourself:

How much does it cost to eat in benidorm
For lunch you can order a set menu

prices in benidorm restaurants restaurants benidorm prices benidorm prices prices for cocktails in benidorm breakfasts in benidorm paella prices in benidorm

Amusement parks in Benidorm prices

We also did not go to the parks, and, frankly, I forgot to find out the prices for them. Therefore, I will write the information that could be found on the Internet.

Park “Terra Mitica”

There are different types of tickets, but the basic one-day costs 34 € adult and 25 € children’s, family – 114 €, group for 4 adults – 132 €

prices in benidorm parks

ticket to terra mitica Price

Aqualandia Park

A full-day ticket for an adult is 38 €, for children 29 € (when buying online – 32 and 25 €, respectively). Website – http://tickets.aqualandia.net/a/27/one-day-ticket

aqualandia ticket Price

There are also other types of tickets, when buying on the site – cheaper:

aqualandia Price

Mundomar Park

All types of tickets can be viewed on the website. Please note that if you want to visit 2 parks, for example, Mundomar and Terra Mitika, that is, a comprehensive ticket http://tickets.mundomar.es/lang/en

Price for 1 day – 31 € and 25 € (adult and child), when buying online – cheaper:

mundomar Price

Terra Natura and Aqua Natura

All prices can be viewed on the site, I will not write, because a lot of tariffs and various combinations: http://benidorm.terranatura.com/en/terranatura/7-tarifas.html

Well, these are the main expenses that you need to plan for a vacation in Benidorm. What the final vacation budget will turn out is up to you.


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