Cyprus belongs to the category of countries where most tourists go on a package tour, and not on their own. In fact, this is correct, since if you visit only one country – Cyprus – it will in most cases be more profitable than buying tickets separately, booking hotels, transfers, etc. For those who buy the All Inclusive tour, there is no question of food prices in Cyprus at all , but those who still chose the option of independent travel, or purchased a tour to the apart-hotel, where meals are not included in the room price, the question remains open .


Planning a vacation on the island is best to start with the article “Holidays in Cyprus.”


The content of the article:

Prices for food in Cyprus.
Prices at restaurants, cafes, Cyprus fast food.
How much to eat in Cyprus.
Entertainment in Cyprus: price.
Excursions in Cyprus: price.
Private transfer, insurance and other prices in Cyprus

Cyprus Food Prices

For those who prefer to cook themselves, or often buy groceries at the supermarket, I wrote down the main prices for groceries in Ayia Napa stores, Cyprus.

The drinks:

Water 1.5 L: 0.75 Euro

Water 0,5l 0,45 euro

Pak 6 bottles of 1.5 liters: 3 euros

Coca-Cola and other drinks, 0.33l (latin): 0.85 euros

Freshly squeezed orange juice 0.5l: 2 euros

Juice in a package 0.2l: 0.7 euros

Juice in 1l packet: 1.90 euros

Wine (Cypriot) in a bottle: from 4 euros, expensive wine: from 20 euros.

Imported beer 0.5: from 2 euros


Cyprus Food Prices
Sweet tooth in Cyprus will not be easy – eyes run wide 🙂

Baking (puffs, rolls, etc.): from 2 euros

Cyprus sweets (Turkish delight): from 1.10 to 3 euros

Sandwich: 2.65 euros

Desserts (pastries): about 2 euros

Pasta (Barilla, etc.): 1.30-3 euros

Rice, cereals, beans: 2-3 euros

Meat cutting: 3-5 euros

Cookies per pack: about 2 euros

Cheese, 1kg: from 6 euros

Fruit Prices in Cyprus
Local fruits in Cyprus are always cheaper than imported

Local fruits, per 1 kg:

Peaches: € 1.50

Bananas: 0.75 Euro

Cypriot pomegranate (with light skin and not at all red grains): 2.20 euros

Oranges: 0.60 Euro

Imported fruits, per 1 kg:

Oranges: 1.50 euros

Grapes: 3.80 euros

Apples: € 2.80

Peaches: 2.25 euros

Starfruit: 10.50 Euro

Pomegranate 2.50 Euro

Food prices in Cyprus: restaurants, cafes, fast food


restaurant prices cyprus
Shrimp salad in Cyprus is really a shrimp salad, not just one shrimp! The portions are very large!

Country or Greek salad: from 4 euros

Shrimp salad: from 6 euros

Seafood Salad: 7-8 Euro

Meze fish: from 18 euros

Meze meat: from 15 euros

Musaka: 6-12 euros

National meat dishes (kleftiko, stifado, and other meat dishes): from 10 euros

Pasta (spaghetti, lasagna): from 9 euros

Steaks from 20 euros

food prices in restaurants in cyprus

prices at a fish restaurant in cyprus
Prices at the fish restaurant in the port

Beer: from 3 euros

Carbonated drinks (0.33): from 2 euros

Irish coffee: 4,50 euros

Wine in a decanter, 0.5l: 8 euros

Wine in a bottle: from 12 euros

Glass of wine: an average of 4 euros

Freshly squeezed orange juice 3.90

Cocktails: from 3 euros

Cafe, fast food:

food prices in cyprus
Traditional Cypriot and Greek fast food: gyros. It costs from 2.5 euros. Tasty and very high in calories!
food prices cyprus
Two scoops of ice cream for 2 euros

English breakfast: from 4,5 euros

Rustic or Greek salad: from 3.5 euros

Ice cream: from 1 euro per ball

Juice: 1,60 euros

Gyros (souvlaki): from 2.5 euros

Cyprus Food Prices
Fast Food Prices in Paralimni. The farther from the tourist zone – the cheaper

Cyprus: how much does it cost to eat

So, if you prefer to eat in a cafe, then it will cost you (for two):

how much does it cost to eat in cyprus
Lunch in Cyprus will cost an average of about 20 euros for two

From 15 euros – breakfast

From 10 euros – a snack from the supermarket or fast food

From 18 to 25 euros – lunch in a restaurant or tavern

From 50 euros – dinner in a restaurant with national dishes and wine .

Entertainment in Cyprus: price

Prices in Cyprus for entertainment
Slingshot – the most popular attraction in Ayia Npe

Token in the amusement park in Ayia Napa: 1 euro (for different attractions different number of tokens)

Ferris wheel 3 euro

Slingshot – the most popular attraction in Ayia Napa – 20 euros

Unlimited visits to attractions (there are exceptions) – a bracelet of 25 euros

Bicycle rental: from 5 euros per day (for several days for 2 bicycles, you can safely ask for a discount)

Buggy rent: from 30 euros / day, for one day – from 40 euros

ATV rental: from 40 euros / day, for one day – from 60 euros

Rent a car on the spot: from 30 euros / day, for one day – from 55 euros

Rent a car in advance: from 18 euros / day, for one day – from 32 euros


Read also about car, buggy and bicycle rental in Cyprus


Tours in Cyprus: prices

Boat trips: an average of 40 euros (adult), 22 euros (children)

Donkey Safari and Cyprus Evening: 45/25 Euro per person

Jeep safari “Cavo Greco Nature Reserve” 40/25 Euro per person

Individual tour of Cavo Greco: from 80 euros per group (up to 4 people)

Individual sightseeing tour of Ayia Napa: from 80 euros per group (up to 4 people)

Private tour Holy places of Cyprus: 95 euros per group

Individual tour of the Troodos Beauty: from 85 euros per group

Wine tour: 180 euros per group


Boat trip from Ayia Napa
Boat trip from Ayia Napa

Private transfer, insurance and other prices in Cyprus:

Sunbed, umbrella on the beach: 2.5 euros per item

Travel by bus 101/102 between Ayia Napa and Protaras: 1.50 euros in the afternoon and 2.5 euros in the evening (after 21.00)

Gasoline: 1.20 Euro per liter

Private transfer from Larnaca airport to the hotel: from 50 euros per car

If you have something to add, please write in the comments! And I wish you a great stay in Cyprus!

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