In this article I will talk about prices in Austria, so that everyone can plan their budget for a vacation or travel in this country. We will mainly talk about Tyrol, prices in cities such as Salzburg and Vienna may differ slightly from those indicated in the article.

In Austria we visited the village of Hallstatt , the beautiful towns of Alpbach and Kitzbühel , as well as Innsbruck with the Swarovski Museum . Therefore, prices for cafes, excursions, hotels will be based on prices in these places.

The content of the article:

Prices for tickets to Austria
Visa and insurance
Prices for hotels
Prices for rental cars
Prices for excursions
Prices for products, cafes and restaurants
Price of tours to Austria

Ticket Prices for Austria

If talking about flight prices, Austria is a fairly budget direction, even from Russia.

Moscow Austria tickets


You can always find tickets through the search engines and

Find the flight to Austria:


Visa to Austria

Since Austria is included in the Schengen zone, a Schengen visa is required for the trip, any one, for example, Italian , is suitable .

If you do not have an open multi-visa, then you need to apply for an Austrian Schengen visa. All details about obtaining a visa on the website of the visa center . The consular fee for obtaining a visa will be 35 euros, the service fee 19.47 euros (for 2017). These prices are relevant for citizens of the Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, as well as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova. For citizens of other countries, prices are respectively 60 euros and 19.47 euros.

Both for obtaining a visa and for entering the Schengen area, medical insurance is required.

Prices for hotels in Austria.

I turn to hotel prices. Hotels in cities are cheaper than in the mountains and ski resorts (especially in winter).


Read also “5 reliable services for booking accommodation”


For example, in Innsbruck a good 4 * hotel will cost from 100 €. In the mountains and resorts, hotels (usually guesthouses) will cost from 90 €, in winter – from 120 €.

We had 2 nights in Austria:

  1. Pension in Gosau (near the village of Hallstatt) – 94 € / night – Gasthof Brandwirt. For some reason, it’s now impossible to book on reservation sites, therefore, I give a link to the official site

hotel prices austria

This is a fairly large hotel with a huge restaurant.

austria hotel prices

In September, it was filled to capacity, all parking lots were filled. The room is quite simple, but here is the view from the window! See for yourself:

hotel near hallstatt

Plus a very good breakfast

Hotels in the Austrian Alps

  1. Pension Ranger , near the village of Alpbach and Innsbruck – 90 EUR / night

how much are hotels in austria

This is a guest house where the owners themselves live. It is classified as 1 *, but everything is so perfect here that you never get tired of being surprised. Nice meeting, huge room, large bathroom.

pension rangger austriagothic house rangger

Huge restaurant (breakfast is included in the price), although we were alone at breakfast.

hotel ranger restaurant

Breakfast from the hosts is very hearty: pastries, and slices, yogurts, juices. The sweetest is a soft-boiled egg, hot, just carefully cooked by the owner)))

breakfast at pension rangger

I booked all hotels through booking.


Car rental prices in Austria

Car rental prices are average across Europe, starting at 140 € per week (about 20 € per day).


I recommend an article about car rental on travel.


For example, an Opel Astra on a machine, with insurance (winter tires and an additional driver are included in the price) – 350 € per week (50 € per day).


car hire austria prices


The price was taken from the site , where we have already rented cars twice (car rental review in Armenia , car rental review in Prague ).

Gasoline in Austria is cheaper than in Italy and Switzerland. We refuel at prices 1.179-1.419 (an average of 1.2-1.3 €). If you plan to travel to the above countries, refuel in Austria a full tank.

Autobahns in Austria are paid. Payment is made by purchasing a vignette (a small green sticker on the windshield). For 10 days, a vignette costs about 8 €. If you rent a car directly in Austria, then the sticker should already be included in the rental price.

Starting January 1, 2018, electronic vignette is introduced as an alternative to regular paper vignette. I did not understand this issue, so you can read in details in internet.

Parking in Austria is also paid. From 1.4 € per hour in Innsbruck, from 2 € per hour in Vienna. In Hallstatt parking from 1-2 hours: 6 €, 2-3 hours: 8 euros, 3-12 hours: 9 euros.

Prices for excursions in Austria

Prices for excursions start from 20 € per person. For such a price, you can purchase a group sightseeing tour, which takes place daily in many tourist cities in Europe, including, for example, in Vienna . Private excursions start from 100 euros. There are both in Vienna and Salzburg, and in Innsbruck.

Food prices in Austria, prices in cafes and restaurants in Austria

In this section I will list the prices of the most popular products. Photographed prices in the supermarket Spar, all prices are in euros.


food prices austriaaustria prices productsfood austria Priceproducts in austria storesmeat prices in austria


  • Sandwiches – 1.95
  • Viennese waffles – 0.49 (1 pc.)
  • Cheeses – 3 per piece (10-18 euros per 1 kg)
  • Sausage slices – 1.45 per package (about 10 euros per 1 kg)
  • Ready-made salads – 2
  • Activation Yogurts – 1.99 (4 pcs)
  • Yoghurts – 0.39-0.49
  • Beer – from 0.75 euros for 0.5 liters.
  • Juice – 2 (per 1l)
  • Melon / Watermelon – 2 / 2.5 Euro (1kg)
  • Cherry Tomatoes – 4 (1kg)
  • Carrots – 2.40 (1kg)
  • Cucumber – 0.79 for 1 pc.
  • Fresh berries – 2 euros (for 125-250 gr)
  • Instant coffee – from 8 euros per can
  • Meat – from 6 euros (1 kg)

If you can’t have dinner at the restaurant, you can buy food and eat at the hotel. Here is a set of products cost 19.40 €.


how much does it cost to eat in austria


Dinner at the restaurant will cost 20-25 euros per person:

  • Snacks, salads – from 7 euros
  • Soups – from 4,5 euros
  • Second courses, specialties – 11-20 euros (Vienna schnitzel from 15 euros)
  • Pasta – from 9 euros
  • Desserts – from 7 euros

In coffee houses:

  • Coffee – 2-4 euros
  • Tea – 2 Euro
  • Desserts – from 3.50 euros (strudel, Sacher, etc.)

Pizza in a cafe – from 8 euros

Fast food – 3-6 euros.


fast food austria prices


This concludes the story about prices in Austria, in my blog you can also read about prices in Germany and prices in Switzerland . If you have additions, leave comments. Useful article? Help in the promotion – make a repost on social networks 🙂 

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