If we are going on vacation, we always estimate the budget of the trip. After reading about Armenia, I had the opinion that Armenia is a very cheap country, that the products there are very cheap, eating in restaurants costs a penny, and finding good housing for little money is not a problem.

Honestly, the total cost of our trip shocked me a little, because I planned a “cheap vacation” in a “cheap country”. I will give our budget later, but now let’s take it in order.

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How much is flight to Armenia
Taxi prices from Zvarnots airport
prices Prices for car and gas rent
Prices for food in Armenia
Prices for restaurants in Armenia
Prices for excursions
Entrance fees
How much can a vacation in Armenia cost?

Flight to Armenia: what’s the price

Prices for a taxi (Zvarnots Airport)

The price of an official taxi from Zvarnotz airport is shown in the photo:

taxi prices armenia

An unofficial taxi is cheaper, but you must clearly agree with the driver in advance. You can also book transfers in advance through internet. I usually use this website and have only good experience. The prise is 20 euros per car.

Prices for hotels and apartment in Armenia

The advantage of Armenia is that here you can find accommodation according to your needs – both cheap and average, there are also luxury hotels. Prices for a bed in a hostel in Yerevan start at $ 4 per night. Such a super-budget option can be found at Booking . Mid-range hotels in the center of Yerevan will cost an average of $ 50-60, not in the center – about $ 30. In Yerevan, and throughout Armenia, a large number of guesthouses and apartments, staying there, you can save a lot of money. I also recommend that you search and book hotels and guesthouses on the booking.com website. There are also five-star hotels in Yerevan, the cost of one night will be $ 150-200. Consider the Grand Hotel Erevan (Golden Tulip), or the luxury option Hotel National.

Here are some examples of hotels in Yerevan:


If you plan not to settle in Yerevan, but to move around the country, then just find the city you are interested in at the booking and choose from a huge list of proposed options.

We stayed in Yerevan and made trips for three days. I booked an apartment for $ 30 per day. All the details, as well as information about getting a discount on booking a house in this article .

Prices for guided tours

You can buy a tour on the main square of Yerevan or in one of the tourist offices of the city. You can also order online. Here you can choose the tour for you.

Entry tickets

Zvarnotts Temple – 1000 drams
Garni Temple – 1200 drams
Tour to the Areni winery – 1000 drams
Matenadaran Museum – 1000 drams
Tour to the Noi factory – 2500 drams without tasting, 3500 drams with tasting

Prices for rental cars and gasoline in Armenia

I already wrote about how we rented a car in Yerevan. Therefore, in order not to repeat myself much, I’ll say that renting a car in Yerevan will cost from $ 17 per day, if you book for a week (if for a shorter period – on average from $ 25). For this money there will be a mini-micro-nano car with a manual gearbox, without additional insurance and, most likely, only one driver will be included. I took prices from this site , because my financial analysis showed that booking through it is 10-15 percent cheaper than directly from the dealer. On it we rented our car. The cost of gasoline in Armenia is 350 drams per 1 liter of the so-called 95th (about 50 rubles).

Product Prices in Armenia

For those who prefer to cook at least occasionally on their own, or just want to try Armenian products, information about food prices in Armenia will be relevant. I will give all prices in drams.

Drinking water 1,5l. : 180-190 dram
Mineral water of the Dilijan type, etc. 1l: 270 dram
Juice Rich 1l: 700 dram
Local beer 0.5l: 400 dram
Imported beer 0.5l: 1200 dram
Armenian wine (plain or fruit) 0 , 7l: 2200 dram
Armenian cognac: from 5300 dram for 0.5l Ararat 5 *, more years of aging, respectively, are more expensive.
Champagne Armenian: 1830 dram

food prices in armenia
Our humble New Year’s table

Frozen khinkali 1 kg: 1,550 drams (tasteless!)
Sour cream: 280 drams
Butter (imported): 790 drams
Cheese, per 1 kg: 2050 drams
Yoghurts: from 350 drams
Baking: 140-250 drams
Fruits, per 1 kg : from 1000 AMD

Prices in restaurants in Armenia

Prices in Armenian restaurants are really cheap, BUT! Not in Yerevan! In Yerevan, the prices are the usual capital prices, it is not cheaper to have lunch in a cafe or restaurant than in Ekaterinburg, and coffee houses are also very expensive. A few examples:

Lunch at the Kavkaz tavern: lagmajo cake, lamb khashlama, barbecue with potatoes + sauce, 2 glasses of cognac – 9400 drams.

Khinkalnaya on Tumanyan St.: farm cheese snack, 4 boiled khinkali, 5 fried khinkali, bread and 2 cappuccino: 7000 drams (not that expensive, of course, but also ordered not so much!)

Tun Lahmajo restaurant on Teryan: bread, Adjarian khachapuri (normal), a glass of cognac, a glass of beer, tea: 5500 dram

Tashir Pizza. An ordinary institution to eat tight, therefore, no complaints: 6200 dram

Cafe in the Dalan Gallery: salad with basturma, two soups, Adjarian khachapuri, tea (they didn’t pay for it): 6200 dram

2 Coffee in a take-away coffee shop: 3700 dram.

prices in restaurants in armenia
Menu in the tavern “Caucasus”

As you can see, the average cost of lunch or dinner in restaurants in Yerevan is 7000 drams (if you don’t overeat, and even if you are lucky with the dishes).

Outside of Yerevan, everything is much better. Our first restaurant was near Lake Sevan – Collette restaurant, a barbecue lunch of lake fish, potatoes, a salad of vegetables, bread and lemonade (everything is delicious!) – only 5000 drams. Another restaurant near Noravank  is Lchak, located in a very picturesque place (it is on Google maps). Kebab and kebab (very tasty!) With potatoes, salad, bread and compote – 7000 dram (+500 dram tip).


Read also the article “How to Travel to Armenia on Your Own: A Mini-Guide”


How much can a vacation in Armenia cost?

So, I want to summarize how much a vacation in Armenia can cost. Let’s count for 7 days for two: inexpensive but comfortable accommodation in the center ($ 350), car rental for 4 days ($ 120) plus gasoline ($ 40), entry tickets at a minimum ($ 14), taxi from / to the airport ( $ 13), dinners in a cafe ($ 104), lunches at home ($ 45), travel insurance ($ 7). Excluding air tickets, $ 700 for two, that is $ 100 per day . This, of course, is an average option, not the cheapest, but in fact this price does not include any tickets or souvenirs.

By the way, here is our budget, which I promised to bring at the beginning of the article: housing $ 210, car rental for 3 days ($ 186), gasoline ($ 33), entrance fees ($ 14), taxi, incl. in the city ($ 17), cafes and restaurants ($ 108), groceries in the store ($ 80, most of this amount is on the New Year’s table, including “overseas eggplant”), insurance ($ 7). Excluding airline tickets and souvenirs – $ 655. And all together a quite decent amount runs up for a fairly modest vacation.

In no case do I discourage anyone from going to Armenia, because it’s expensive there. Perhaps for you this amount seems completely trifling, or you, on the contrary, prefer a more modest vacation. In any case, everyone plans his own budget and chooses for himself those conditions that suit him best. Well, I made my conclusions and wrote for you, I hope, a useful article!

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