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This guide is the result of not only my trip to the Czech Republic, but also a tremendous preparation for the trip. Of course, I do not pretend to be an expert in the Czech Republic travels, but I hope that my experience in organizing a trip to the Czech Republic will help you plan your trip.

Description of the guide:
Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic
Visa and insurance to the Czech Republic
Czech currency
How to get to Prague
From the Prague airport to the city
Rent a car in Prague and parking
Sights of Prague
Hotels and apartments in Prague: where to stay
Transportation in Prague
Prices in Prague
What to try and where to eat in Prague
Exchangers in Prague
Where to go from Prague for one day 
Guided Tours in Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic

old town prague
A huge number of tourists on the streets of Prague

Everyone knows that Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. This is a popular tourist destination as well. As many tourists as in Prague, I have not seen anywhere else. Prague has gained such popularity for several reasons:

  1. Located in the center of Europe, not far from both Russia and European countries
  2. Low prices: for tickets, for housing, for food
  3. Beautiful architecture, rich history, many attractions
  4. The proximity of other countries: a trip to Prague can be combined with a trip to Germany, Austria, Poland, etc.

Visa and insurance to the Czech Republic

Czech visa and insurance

To visit the Czech Republic, a Schengen visa is required. All information on applying for a Czech Schengen can be found on the website of the visa center Any other open Schengen multivisa is also suitable for entering the Czech Republic, we entered Italian , and later French .

For obtaining a visa, as well as for entering the Czech Republic, insurance is required with an insurance amount of at least € 30,000, covering all days of stay and with the coverage of the “Schengen Country” (insurance with coverage “Worldwide” is also suitable)

You can get insurance yourself online in just 5 minutes.

Czech currency

Czech currency
Czech korunas

The official currency of the Czech Republic is Czech Koruna (CZK). The approximate crown rate (as of October 2019) is as follows:

  • 1 € = 25.71 CZK (i.e. for 100 euros you will receive 2571 korunas)
  • 1 $ = 23,12 CZK (i.e. for 100 US dollars you will receive 2312 korunas)
  • 1 ruble = 0.36CZK (i.e. when exchanging 1000 rubles you will receive 360 ​​korunas)

About exchangers and exchange rates they have a separate section of the guide.

You can also pay by card everywhere. Some hotels at the booking indicate the price in euros, as a rule, in these hotels they can accept payment in euros (i.e., you don’t even have to change the currency for the calculation).

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Mobile Communications in the Czech Republic

In Prague, as in the whole Czech Republic, there are 3 telecom operators:

  1. Vodafone cz
  2. T-mobile
  3. O2 (Telefonica)

To become the owner of the Czech mobile number, it is enough to purchase a new SIM-card of one of the Czech mobile operators. Connection for all operators costs 200 CZK (about 8 euros), then the amount to replenish the balance depends on the choice of tariff. The number is not tied to passport data, and therefore you can transfer or sell this SIM card with an unused balance to someone who plans a trip to the Czech Republic.

A mobile number is purchased at one of the operator’s stores, at the airport or at a local supermarket. You can also buy a SIM-card in kiosks with the press, post offices.

In order to replenish the balance of your phone in Prague, you can purchase vouchers for replenishing a mobile account with a face value of 250, 500 and 1200 korunas. Or replenish the balance through the terminals, which you can find in any large supermarket. There is still an option to replenish the balance via Internet services, but this service only works if you have a Czech bank card.

How to get to Prague 

The most convenient and fastest way is, of course, an airplane. Since Prague is a popular destination, you can get to Praue by direct flights. I am looking for tickets on jetradar and skyscanner

Find the best flight in the jetradar calendar:

You can also get from European countries by plane, for example:

From Rome

Rome Prague flights


From Budapest


Budapest Prague flights


From Cologne


cologne prague flights


From Helsinki


Helsinki Prague flights


Or by bus, for example:

From Warsaw


Warsaw PragueWarsaw Prague bus

From Munich


Munich Prague bus

Bus prices are in the search engine

From Prague Airport to the city

If you arrive in Prague by plane, the first thing you will get to know is the Vaclav Havel Prague Airport (Ruzyne Airport). You can get to the city:

  • On an individual transfer
  • On a group shuttle
  • By city bus
  • On the express
  • On a rented car

Specifically, about each type of transport and price, I wrote in an article about the Prague airport .

Car rental in Prague and parking

car rental in prague

About car rental in Prague and our rental experience, I already wrote , I see no reason to repeat here. In short:

  • Prices for economy class car rental – from 20 euros per day with partial insurance
  • Rent with full insurance – from 30 euros per day
  • You can rent a car at the airport upon arrival, or later, in the city (we rented in the city)
  • It’s better to book a car in advance, especially during the season, otherwise you risk being left without a car at all
  • You can book directly with the dealer or through an intermediary (as a rule, the second option is cheaper and no time is wasted comparing prices, since all prices are on one site).
  • Book a car class (and not a specific car) with international dealers – at
  • Book a specific car with local dealers with a minimum deposit and deductible – on

Most parking lots in Prague and the Czech Republic are paid. On average, from 0.5 euros per hour. Somewhere in the outback you can find free parking. To pay for the surface parking, it is necessary to pay the planned parking time at the parking meter and put a receipt under the glass. In underground parking lots – a card is taken at the entrance, parking time is paid before departure. Parking meters look something like this:

parking in prague

Receipts like this:

parking in czech republic Price

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Prague Attractions

The main and most popular sights of Prague are the Charles Bridge, on which even at 7 am there are a lot of people (a crowd of those who came to photograph the Charles Bridge without a crowd :)), the Old Town with Old Town Square, the famous Prague Chimes and Tyn Church, Prague Castle, which on the other side of the Vltava, the huge Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral and also the narrowest street in Prague, which is simply fun to walk along 🙂

Prague sights

what to see in prague


I described the TOP-40 sights of Prague in a separate article and marked all the sights on the map.

Hotels and apartments in Prague: where to stay

The choice of hotels and apartments in Prague is great. For every taste and color, or rather, for any comfort and wallet. From budget apartments to luxury hotels. We lived in Prague in two hotels:

Axa hotel 3 * (I wrote a review about it )

As well as City Lounge Hotel 3 * . Also a good inexpensive hotel with a nice breakfast, in a historic building in the Zizkov district. The area is quiet calm, but far from the center, traveled by tram.

Prague hotels
Visa from City Lounge Hotel


In detail about the hotels of Prague there is a separate article.


Prague Transportation

transport in prague
You can even ride a carriage in Prague

In this section I will describe the main points regarding transport, which you will have enough for a tourist holiday in the Czech capital.

The transport network of Prague is represented by:

  • By bus
  • Trams
  • Metro
  • Funiculars
  • Ferries (to some extent can also be attributed to transport)

For travel you need a single ticket or travel card.

A single ticket applies to all types of transport (bus, tram, metro), and during its validity you can transfer from one type of transport to another. Valid from the moment of validation (composting)

The ticket indicates the start and end dates of the ticket.

You can buy tickets:

  • In self-service machines at bus stops or in the subway
transport tickets prague
Metro / stop ticket machine
  • In kiosks, which are usually near stops and metro stations
  • At the box office in the subway
  • In the airoport

Be careful, some machines accept only coins and cards with Pay Pass technology (such at a stop at the Prague Zoo !)

Main tariffs (as of September 2017):

  • Short ticket for 30 minutes = 24 kroons
  • Standard ticket for 90 min = 32 kroons
  • 24 hours pass = 110 kroons
  • 72 hours pass = 310 kroons
  • Monthly ticket = 550 CZK
  • Travel for a year = 3650 kroons
  • Luggage and carriages WITHOUT a child = 16 CZK (in fact, no one requires a ticket in these cases, but we did not go with luggage, I can’t say for sure)
  • Ski and bike free

Prague Transport Hours:

  • Metro: from 5:00 to 24:00
  • Buses and trams: from 4:30 to 0:30
  • Night buses and trams: from 0:30 to 4:30
  • Funicular to Petřín Hill: from 9:00 to 23:30 every 10 minutes (every 15 minutes in winter)

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Prices in Prague

As I said, low prices are one of the reasons for the huge tourist flow to Prague and the Czech Republic. Prices in stores are comparable to ours, Russian (I compare with Yekaterinburg, for the residents of Moscow, probably, in general it seems that everything costs a penny). Prices in cafes are also affordable, definitely lower than prices in Munich , Rome and, especially, Switzerland .

Lunch for two with a beer will cost from 400 Corunas in Prague / from 250 Corunas in the Czech Republic (for example, Cesky Krumlov)

prices in prague
Lunch in Prague for 20 euros

Beer in a restaurant will cost from 29 corunas (in Prague) / from 20 corunas (in the Czech Republic)

Fast food and snack – from 60 CZK.

what to try in Prague
Trdelnik – national Czech street food


Read more about food prices, prices in restaurants and pubs in the article on prices in the Czech Republic .


What to try and where to eat in Prague

where to eat in prague
One of the dinners is in the restaurant “U medvedku”

The duty of any tourist and traveler is to try the national dishes of the country to which he comes. So, in Prague, be sure to try the switch, the boar’s knee, dumplings, and, of course, fast food with the ridiculous name trdelnik, which is sold at every turn. In winter, do not go past street food – grilled sausages, mulled wine and ginger cookies. And, of course, Czech beer. Million sorts of Czech beers [ beer route ]. Try at least a couple, even if you are not a fan of this drink.


Read my article “Best 25 restaurants in Prague” + map!


Exchangers in Prague

exchangers in pragueIf you came to the Czech Republic with foreign currency, then you need to change it. It seems to me more profitable, and more convenient, to go to the Czech Republic with the euro, especially if you plan to visit neighboring countries (Germany, Austria), in which the euro is the official currency. It is also worth taking a card with you (euro or, just in case, ruble, it is better that it be modern – with Pay Pass technology).

Change currency is most profitable in exchangers. Don’t change on the streets! Before the trip, I watched a video in which these money changers slip Belarusian rubles instead of Czech korunas! It is clear that the Russians and Belarusians will not get this money, but other currencies do not all know what they look like. Therefore, you need to be very careful.

Here I will write the addresses of two exchangers in which we exchanged money. I found them from reviews. The course here is indeed the most profitable. Before the exchange, they will necessarily show on the calculator how much you will receive, they will issue a receipt. And here you can change any currency. We even exchanged it for Polish zloty, as we planned an early arrival in Warsaw and it was necessary to get to the hotel for something.

Here are the addresses of the exchangers:

  • Směnárna Nekázanka Exchange, Nekázanka 884/10 (best course, highest rating)
  • Exchange RYM, Panska 895/6

And next to another, also with a high rating

  • Exchange Smenarna, Panská 894/4

Here they are on the map:

where to exchange money in prague map

And I was even able to photograph exchange rates in one, although they do not allow to take pictures

Czech crowns exchange rate

At the airport, the course is unprofitable (as usual, however), therefore, change only for travel. We changed at the rate of 1 € = 22,100CZK + 5% commission. For 20 euros we received only 420 korunas (in the city we would have received 520 korunas!). Prices indicated for 2017. In 2019, the money didn’t change at the airport, because I paid with a credit card.

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Where to go from Prague

where to go from prague
The new town hall on the Marienplatz is Munich’s most famous landmark.

Prague is so well located in the center of Europe that a trip to Prague can be combined with an excursion to other cities and countries. The most popular destinations are the cities of the Czech Republic, as well as Germany and Austria.

In the Czech Republic you can visit cities such as

In Germany, the most popular destinations are:

In Austria:

  • Vein
  • Salzburg

If you wish, you can also go to Paris or Verona and Venice.

All details in a this article .

Guided Tours in Prague

The choice of excursions in Prague and from Prague is simply huge. You can choose and book excursions in advance and independently.

That is where I end my guidebook. Bookmark, share on social networks with friends and acquaintances!

Travel to Prague: video from a local resident

If you have something to supplement, or questions about organizing an independent trip to Prague, please leave comments.

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