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Hello! Today on the blog 18+ article . It will be about Prague beer and beer places where you can try it. I managed to visit some places by myself, and noted some on my map for the next visit. There will also be some unusual beer entertainments – beer transfer, beer bike and beer bath. And, of course, I’ll tell you about beer excursions in Prague.

I recommend using it responsibly and not visiting all the establishments in one day 🙂 It is unlikely that this is possible, but suddenly someone will accept the challenge!

Arrival in Prague

If you want to start your vacation correctly, or if you flew to Prague to celebrate a holiday: a birthday, a bachelor party or a long-awaited vacation, you can immerse yourself in beer history already at the airport! To do this, a beer bus with unlimited draft beer is at your disposal, which will take you from Prague Airport to your hotel.


200 euros for a group of up to 5 people [ Order a beer transfer for 5 people. ]

400 euros per group for up to 15 people [ Order a beer transfer> 5 people ]

Beer passport

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of beer and in general a real beer professional, you need a beer passport! This is a small booklet that looks like a real passport, with a page for your data and even a photo and blank pages for beer “visas” – stamps of breweries or beer bars. Printing can be put in almost all Prague restaurants, which have their own brewery.


beer passport prague
Beer passport looks like a regular “passport”


You can put stamps in other countries, saw on the Internet prints from Bamberg and Nuremberg (Germany) and even from the Thailand brewery!

You can buy a passport in Prague – at travel agencies or at some beer houses (costs 150-200 CZK) or get it for free during a beer tour. 

Beer Museum in Prague

beer museum prague
Entrance to the beer museum on the street of the Old Town


In Prague, at Husova 241/7, there is a beer museum. It is in the very center. The exposition tells about the history of Czech brewing and beer culture in general. A lot of beer things. After visiting the museum, the most enjoyable part is tasting beer.


Prague beer route
Museum Patio


The price of visiting for 2019 is 280 korunas per person (about 11 euros).

Museum website:

Staropramen Beer factory in Prague 

Prague brewery tour
Staropramen factory building


Another option of the cultural program is a visit to the museum of the Staropramen brewery. The museum is located at: Nádražní 43/84, entrance from Svornosti street.

What is a visit to a brewery? An interactive audio tour (a recreated place of work of the founder Josef Paspa, a brewery – of course, not real, and information about Staropramen company) and a tasting of several beers in a local bar.


Prague beer tour
Office of the founder of the brewery
beer tours in Prague in Russian
Recreated Brewery
Czech beer tour
Museum exposition
3 days beer tour in Prague
Tasting bar Saropramen
beers in Prague
Tasting 4 sorts of beer
beer prague
Tasting it!
Prague beer tasting
Beer prices at the bar

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the museum or in advance via the Internet. We bought online so that it would not turn out that the tickets to the Russian group were over. At the ticket office you need to get paper tickets by booking number.

Tasting tour – 269 korunas (10.5 euros) [ Book a ticket online ]

Tour with tasting and lunch – 22 euros [ Book a ticket online ]


beer beer Prague
New beer “visa”

Beer restaurants and bars in Prague

I found information on the Internet that 34 breweries and one brewery (Staropramen) are brewing beer in Prague. In this section I will write where to drink beer in Prague, in what establishments they serve the best beer, where beer is brewed in Prague, as well as about modern beer bars, where it will be fun to drop by.


Restaurant U Tří růží (“At the Three Roses”), Husova 10/232

where is beer in prague


Visited it in 2019. A large restaurant-brewery in the Old Town. There is a bar on the ground floor, and a restaurant above. There are many empty seats during the day, in the evening, I think it is better to book in advance. Some staff speak Russian. The attitude is normal, I didn’t notice any negativity.

Cool design, very colorful

delicious prague beer


We ordered local beer, light and dark (59-65 korunas per 0.4 l), grilled cheese (175 korunas) and pork ribs in beer sauce (320 korunas). The ribs were very tasty, tender. That was enough for two.

beer house prague


Prices starts from 70 czk for starters, 85 czk for soups, from 260 czk for main dishes.


Our account was 619 korunas / 25.80 euros. You can pay both in crowns and in euros. Cards are accepted. Gratuities are not requested, but notified (in Czech) that they are not included in the bill.

Received the first stamp in a beer passport:

beer tour to the Czech Republic


On my personal list it is one of the best pubs in Prague.

Restaurant U Medvidku, Na Perštýně 344/5

One of the popular restaurants in Prague, also in the Old Town. In summer, the summer terrace outside the restaurant is open (you need to go around, there are signs).

In 2017, they ordered for lunch: baked duck with stewed cabbage and 4 types of dumplings (333czk), croutons with beer cheese (85czk), light and dark Budvar beer (45czk + 45czk)


have a beer in Prague


Total: 508 korunas + tips (approx. 22 euros).

In principle, I liked everything, the service is very fast. There is a Russian-speaking staff.

October 2019: came in the evening for dinner. All the tables were occupied, we had to wait about 10 minutes. Therefore, it is better to book if you do not like waiting. This time they were sitting in the inner room. The design is interesting, unfortunately, I did not take a photo.

We tried three types of beer from their own brewery (35 korunas per 0.3 l).


what beer in prague
Beer from their own brewery


And the light Budvar variety (32 korunas per 0.3 l)


Czech beer Prague


The beer is good, it’s worth coming for it.

Schnitzel was ordered from food (or it was a chop – I didn’t remember), served with french fries (225 CZK per serving). Honestly, it was completely tasteless and ugly


restaurant of prague


Total score: 394 korunas. Cards are accepted.


See also “25+ places in Prague where you can try local cuisine”


U Flecu, Křemencova 11

Beer pub “U Fleku” in Prague is a popular tourist restaurant, mentioned in many guidebooks. They have been brewing their beer for 500 years. It is recommended to come there for the noisy “messing” atmosphere of a real Prague pub and local dark beer.

By the way, only one beer is served here – dark Flekovský ležák 13%. For someone, including for me it’s a minus. But the card has aperitifs, wine and liquors.

Price – 69 CZK per 0.4 liter (for 2019).

Czech cuisine, there are all the traditional dishes – drowned, potato soup, Prague ham, switch, etc. The menu is on the website

U Dvou Kocek (Two cats), Uhelný trh 415/10

A beer restaurant with its own brewery, but with different reviews: someone praises it as “the best place in the whole Czech Republic and Germany,” while someone complains about a “hot shank” and a rude waitress. But many agree that beer is excellent here.

I personally can’t say, and I won’t advise to come here for dinner, there are definitely good establishments, but I think it will be interesting to drink beer at the bar and get a seal in the beer passport for lovers of the drink.

Beer House Pivovarsky Dum, Ječná 15, Nové Město

They brew 8 types of beer: from the classic light and dark “Stepan” to the unusual cherry, banana and nettle. You can order a “beer carousel” – a tasting set of all varieties (150 korunas).

The price of beer is 30 CZK for the classic and 49 CZK for the unusual (0.3 L).

For food, it is recommended to order a duck.


The Pub, Veleslavínova 3 and Hálkova 6

Beer pub with modern technology: each table is equipped with an electronic system for bottling and counting beer. You pour beer on your own, “without leaving the cash register,” and you can also make an order for other drinks and food through the touch screen.


beer bar in prague
In this bar you can pour beer on your own.


Beer and snacks, according to reviews, are very good. It is better to reserve a table, via the website:

Výtopna Railway Restaurant, Václavské nám. 802/56

beer brings a train Prague


We visited this pub with trains in Prague in 2017 in the wake of its popularity and advertising in TV Shows. In this restaurant in Prague, beer on a train is delivered to your table. For the sake of this, in fact, we went there. Located on Wenceslas Square


Only beer was ordered: Krušovice dark (35czk), light (29czk), radler (49czk, bottled).

If you do not reserve a table, then you must pay an entrance fee of 25czk per person (you can book on


beer depot in prague


Cafe in Prague with a train for beer – a place, of course, unusual and interesting. Beer, in general, is ordinary, food is not cheap. I didn’t like what you need to pay for entry.

Restaurant beer prices for September 2017:


pub with railway in prague


See also “TOP-40 sights of Prague”


Restaurant Kozlovna, Lidická 796/20

Prague where to drink beer


Visited in 2019. It is located in the Smichov district, near the Anděl stop. Traditional Czech cuisine and beer from the Velkopopovický Kozel brewery.

Funny design with goats

where is tasty beer in praguethe most delicious beer in Praguewhere is the best beer in prague


Good beer, they took black, light unfiltered (35 korunas for 0.3 l), cut or rezany (48 korunas for 0.5 l) Kozel. Compared to the cut beer in Prague in other establishments, it looks very interesting here, but there is nothing outstanding in taste.


beer in Prague is tasty and inexpensive


Soups were ordered as well: goulash soup in bread (80 korunas) and potato soup “Starocheshka Bramborachka” (60 korunas). If not very hungry – a good option. The portions are not very large.

Prague restaurants with beer


We had lunch on the terrace. Very cozy


Where to drink beer in Prague


Our account is 293 korunas / 12.74 euros. They accept korunas, euros, credit cards. Nobody said anything about tipping, but we almost always leave.

You can see how beer is produced at the Velke Popovice brewery on a guided tour. The tour starts at 8:30 am and includes visiting Konopiště Castle [ Book tour online ]


tasty beer in Prague where to drink
Cool stamp with a goat 🙂


There are other Kozlovna in Prague, you can find the adresses in the google maps.

Pivnice U Sadu, Škroupovo nám. 1282/5

Restaurant – pub in the area of ​​Zizkov, not far from the Zizkov television tower. Visited in 2019. Last time (in 2017) we passed this beer house, there were a lot of local people, and immediately said that we would definitely visit this place the next time we came to Prague. The premonition that this is a good place did not deceive us.

It turned out that the street veranda is only a small part of this institution, since inside the restaurant tables are located on two more floors. A lot of locals, especially on Friday-Saturday, a telly works, you can watch matches, there is a hockey machine or football (paid), local people play between beers.

There is a menu in Russian, some of the waiters speak Russian.

We ordered Plzensky Prazdroj beer, from which my husband is still enthusiastic and recalls (49 korunas per 0.5l), their own Sadek beer (31 korunas per 0.3l), Merlin beer (38 korunas per 0.3l).

Food – Pilsen goulash and Moravian sparrow (Moravsky vrabec), in fact, stewed pork. Both dishes with sauce and dumplings. Each costs 165 korunas.

local pubs in Prague


We just rolled out from there, and when we calculated the price of such a dinner, we were already rolling with laughter – 448 korunas or … 20 euros !!!

Beer bike in Prague

Another cool beer entertainment in Prague is a beer bike.

You ride around the city for 2 hours on a funny thing that looks like a bicycle, see the sights and drink Czech beer. It looks very cool, I photographed one on the Republic Square:

Rent a beer vehicle – from 350 euros for 2 hours, a sober driver is included in the price [ Rent a beer bike ]

Beer in the Prague monasteries

Where to taste beer in Prague? Yes, one that has been brewing for more than one hundred years? At two Prague monasteries you can try real ancient monastery beer, one of which has been brewing for more than 1000 years!

Monastery Brewery Strahov

Brewery Strahov Monastery

Restaurant, brewery and beer garden at the Strahov Monastery. We stopped by for a beer on the terrace. By the way, beer is very amateurish, strong enough. Nevertheless, it is interesting to try. I can’t say anything about food in a restaurant, but in the photo in Google, it looks quite tasty.

We ordered 2 beers at 70czk (5.40 euro)


Prague beer monks


Here are the prices for 2017:


cluster czech republic

Restaurant  and brewery in the Břevnov Monastery, Markétská 1

Another monastery in Prague where beer is brewed. Visited in 2019. It is located in the Břevnov district, it is even farther than Petřín and Hradčany, so you have to travel on purpose (trams 22, 25, 97 to the stop Břevnovský klášter). Therefore, it is better to book a table in advance, there are a lot of people, we were just lucky and found a table for us.

The monastery has a beer bar (Abbey Granary), according to reviews, beer is cheaper there than in a restaurant, you can also buy monastery beer in bottles. But the bar is open until 20:00.

Opposite the bar is a restaurant (Abbey Inn or Klášterní šenk), open until 23:00.

Classic medieval interior, little light and wooden tables


monastery in Prague where beer is brewed


Beer has been brewing since … 993 year!

We ordered Benedict dark (45 CZK per 0.3 L), light (Benedict 12, 45 CZK per 0.5 L) and cut or rezany (55 CZK per 0.5 L).


the best czech beer in Prague


Food – paste, to it, as you see, they brought half a loaf of black bread (115 korunas) and a duck leg with mashed potatoes, dumplings and two kinds of cabbage (259 korunas).


beer benedict


The menu is in an interesting monastery style, the prices are in pennies (they are equal to crowns):


tank beer in praguewhere is the tastiest beer in Pragueold pubs in prague


It is very unusual that this restaurant serves a lot of ostrich dishes.

Our bill: 519 korunas / 22 euros. You can pay in korunas, euros, the accept cards as well. They do not hint at tips, but they are very actively asking to leave, you can even use a card. Seeing that we had already prepared a tip in cash, the waiter simply blossomed.


Wine in Prague

Few people know that the Czech Republic is not only beer, but also wine! And even in Prague itself there are several vineyards! For example, the historic Grebowka vineyard, founded by Charles IV in the 14th century.


vineyard in prague


Now on the territory of the Havlíčkovy Gardens there remains only a small vineyard.


Prague Rowing
Vineyard Grebovka
Where to taste wine in Prague
View of the vineyard and Prague


In the eponymous pavilion Grebowka you can taste several varieties of Czech wine.

Rose is, of course, not Provence and, frankly, sour. But the light is completely nothing. Served in glasses of 0.1:

Frankovka rose (Moravian) – 40 CZK per glass

Rulandske sede (Rwanda gray) – 48 CZK per glass.

where to drink wine in Prague

czech wine

Until 14:00, only sandwiches or pizza from food, after – in good weather, the grill is kindled and you can order something more satisfying.

Finding Czech wine in other countries is almost impossible, therefore, I can recommend a walk about Prague wine shops, many of which are hidden from tourist eyes. 

Beer SPA in Prague

You can not only drink beer in Prague, but also swim in it. This can be done in the beer baths, or Beer Spa.

We really wanted to get into the beer baths in Prague, but due to the fact that we didn’t plan a visit in advance, we just didn’t get there when we arrived, it turned out that everything was booked 2-3 days in advance. Therefore, I recommend booking in advance.

What is usually included in a beer spa:

  • Beer bath for one or two
  • Unlimited beer
  • Rest after bath, usually on a bed of hay
  • Necessary accessories – bathrobes, towels, slippers.

There are several beer spas in Prague, in the very center near the Powder Tower, Bernard spa in the Majestic Plaza hotel, I saw another spa next to the Staropramen Museum. Booking a visit to the Bernard Spa is easy via the Internet, 108 euros for two in one bath, 133 euros for two with two baths, in addition, you can order a package with massage. Price includes unlimited Bernard beers. [ Book a bath ]

Czech breweries

The most famous factories in the Czech Republic are Pivovar Velké Popovice, Pivovar Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) and the Royal Krušovice Brewery.

The good news is that you can get to all breweries. You can book a visit yourself and get by car (then you will have to do without tasting) or buy an excursion with transport support.

Pivovar Velké Popovice

Address: Ringhofferova 1, 251 69 Velké Popovice


Group tour with transfer from the hotel and tasting – 30 euros

Pivovar Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell)

Address: U Prazdroje 7, 301 00 Plzeň 3


Krušovice Brewery

Address: pivovar 1, 270 53 Krušovice,



Read also my author’s guide to Prague


Beer Prague on the map + Czech beer factories:

beer bars in prague
Taste responsibly!

I hope that my article will help you navigate a huge number of beer restaurants in Prague and have a great time! CONSUME RESPONSIBLY!


  1. Where did you find this exact same beer passport? It looks amazing! The ones on internet are different :/

    1. Hi! Thanks! I bought it in travel agency in Prague (, Václavské náměstí 846/1 (entrance B, office No. 100)) and I saw almost the same one in the souvenir shop in the restaurant U medvidku:)

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