This article tells how to get to Portofino by different variants of transport – from Genoa, as well as from other italian cities.

From Genoa to Portofino: on your own and with a guided tour

To visit the city where the stars and millionaires rest, you can buy an excursion or come on your own. You can book an individual excursion from Genoa.

You can also visit Portofino on your own . There are several options:

  • Car rental
  • Train + bus (or bus + bus)
  • Boat from Genoa
  • Private transfer to Portofino from Genoa or the airport

In Portofino by car

You can rent a car upon arrival at Genoa Airport , or already in the city. I usually rent a car through the rentalcars.come – you can compare car rental prices at different companies without spending time looking through each site, and the price which is cheaper.


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The distance between Genoa and Portofino is about 47 km. On the way – about an hour.

It’s better to go on toll roads. Firstly, it’s faster, and secondly, it’s safer. Fare on toll roads between these cities 1.70 €

According to travelers, from Genoa you need to leave on the SS-1 road, then to get on the A-12 highway. Follow the signs for Rapallo, and in the area of ​​this city, get off the autobahn and head towards Portofino.

The road to Portofino is quite narrow, in some places to part with, for example, a bus, can be quite problematic.

Road from Santa Margarita to Portofino:

If you drive recently, then consider whether it is easier to go by public transport.

how to get to portofino from santa margarita

It is also difficult to park in Portofino. Parking cost 5 € per hour. Therefore, as an option, leave your car in a free parking lot in Rapallo or Santa Margarita, and in Portofino get by public transport.

To Portofino by train (+ bus)

The next option to get from Genoa to Portofino is a bunch of train + bus (or train + on foot). We got this way and it seems to me quite simple and budget. The main problem is that there is no train station in Portofino, so there is no direct connection to it. It is necessary to take a train to the city of Santa Margarita Ligure (another resort city on the coast). The fare from Piazza Principe in Genoa to Santa Margherita Ligure is € 3.60 (on a regional train, it takes about 50 minutes to travel), there is also a high-speed train for € 8.50. See timetables and prices at

genoa portofino train

After getting to Santa Margarita, there are 2 options: to walk or take the bus. Google shows a distance of about 5 km and the travel time is a little over an hour, however, we walked in the opposite direction, and our journey took almost 3 hours (of course, we walked with stops in the photo, short breaks to rest and contemplate the beauty of the sea and a walk around the center of Santa Margarita). I recommend at least one way by bus.

If you go on foot, you can see such beauty:

portofino italy types of portofino how to get to portofino on foot

A bus stop is located to the right of the exit from the train station.

to portofino by train
Santa Margherita Ligure train station and bus stop

I photographed the schedule for you (actual for May 2017).

bus to portofino timetable

Important: bus tickets must be purchased at the bar, which is located to the left of the station exit. You just need to go to the seller and ask for tickets to Portofino.

bus tickets to portofino
The building of the railway station and a bar where you can buy bus tickets

Tickets cost 3 € one way (solo andata) and 5 € round-trip (andata e ritorno).

The bus takes about 20 minutes, makes a stop in the center of Santa Margherita. Therefore, if you got on an empty bus, do not flatter yourself, at the next stop a group of German pensioners with Scandinavian sticks can enter, take the whole bus, put a backpack on your head, and stick a stick in your leg)))

To Portofino by bus (+ bus)

Also from Genoa to Santa Margarita can be reached by bus. The route is served by ATP Esercizio. The bus leaves from the stop at Piazza Victoria in Genoa and arrives at the bus station in Santa Margarita. The bus schedule should be on the official website of the company (website in Italian). But frankly, I could not figure out the site. Maybe you can do it. Or it’s better to see the schedule right at the bus stop.

From Genoa to Portofino by boat

From Genoa, the boat leaves from the pier of Porto Antico. It takes about 2 hours. Round-trip ticket price around 20 euros. Cashier – to the right of the Aquarium. There is a schedule near the ticket office. The route runs through picturesque bays, but there are a lot of reviews that the boat is small, and, despite the small distance between the cities, for 2 hours on the road it very much shakes even strong people in this regard. The choice is yours – you can combine and travel one way, for example, by train, and the second by boat.

from genoa to portofino on a boat
Tourist boats arrive in Portofino constantly

Transfer from Genoa to Portofino

This option is more suitable for those who are going to Portofino on vacation – with lots of luggage, or arriving in Genoa late in the evening. The price will, of course, be more expensive than public transport, but, firstly, much more comfortable, and secondly, late in the evening or early in the morning there simply may not be an alternative, and it will be possible to get to the airport only by taxi. By the way, please note that you can order not only a car, but also a minibus for 6-10 people, and if you are traveling with a big family or company, then the price per person will be quite adequate. I recommend the Kiwitaxi service, a reliable international service with good reviews, here, by the way, are examples of transfer prices to Portofino

genoa portofino transferHow to get to Portofino from Italy and Europe

There is no airport in Portofino, so it’s easiest to fly to Genoa airport.

To get to Portofino directly from the airport, you need to use a taxi, or order an individual transfer . If you prefer public transport, then in any case you need to come to Genoa (the easiest way is by bus to the train station Piazza Principe), and from Piazza Principe take the train to Santa Margarita Ligure and then to Genoa.

How to get from Turin to Genoa see in the article.

Getting to Genoa and, accordingly, to Portofino from Europe is also not difficult. There are many flights to Genoa from cities in Italy and other European countries. A lot of low cost flights. It’s better to search for them on the Skyscanner . I wrote how to use it here .

These are the main ways to get to Portofino. If you know other ways, please write them in the comments. And I recommend going to the article about hotels, prices and attractions of Portofino .

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