Portofino is a wonderful town on the Ligurian coast, known to us for its beautiful pictures in magazines, star gossip and romantic songs. Although in fact, Portofino is just a small fishing town with a population of just over 400 people, every year it attracts more and more tourists. In this article I talk about the town, its hotels and prices and excursions, and also show my numerous photos.


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Portofino Hotels: Where to Stay

Portofino is a small town, so by definition there can’t be many hotels here. The most expensive and famous hotel in which world stars stay is Belmond Hotel Splendido 5 *. The cost of one night in this hotel starts from 1900 euros for a double room. The second five-star hotel of the same chain is Belmond Splendido Mare . If the first is on a hill, the second is closer to the sea and the windows offer stunning views of the bay. By the way, the second hotel costs “a little cheaper” – from 900 euros per night.

The cost of simpler hotels, as well as b & B, starts from 180 euros for a double room. For example, Albergo Nazionale 3 * will cost 210 euros per night. Booking.com rating – 8.5.

By the way, there is no public beach in Portofino. There are only hotel corners, and even hotel guests can use them, and everyone else needs to go to the beaches of Santa Margarita or Rapallo.


Prices in Portofino

If the price of hotels is understandable, then how are things with prices for everything else. But things are such that the prices here are quite high, which corresponds to the level of the resort. Judging by the menu, lunch in a restaurant will cost no less than 100 euros for two. The most expensive cafes and restaurants are located in the central square of the city – Piazetta. Souvenirs here are also not cheap.


prices in portofino
A jar of strawberries in Portofino will cost 4 euros. A half-liter bottle of water will cost the same


We bought strawberries in Portofino. About 500 g of strawberries cost us 4.20 euros, that is, about 8 euros per kg. At the same time, in Turin, we bought strawberries for 1.60 euros per package (300-400 grams). Another about 4 euros costs a bottle of water of 0.5 liters, so whoever saves, stock up on some water.

But gelato is not so expensive. Before reaching the bus stop in (if you go from the port) on the right side in the shade of the trees there is gelateria, ice cream in which costs only 2.5 euros, and there is a lot of ice cream in this portion. For comparison, a gelato for 2 euros in Genoa was significantly less.


rest in portofino prices
Gelato in Portofino and Genoa


By the way, in this cafe you can also go to the toilet.

As I already wrote in the article on how to get to Portofino, the cost of parking in the city is 5 euros per hour, and even then, it seems that this parking is only one in the whole city.

Entrance to the Brown Fortress costs 5 euros.

What to see in Portofino: attractions, map, photo of the city

what to see in portofino
Brown Fortress View


A popular attraction in Portofino is Castello Brown. This castle fortress was erected in the 15th century. Until this time, there was a wooden fortress on this site, which was supposed to protect from pirate raids.

Official site of the attraction: castellobrown.com (website in Italian). There you can see the current schedule and ticket price.

For June 2017, the castle’s work schedule :

From March 15 to March 31 – from 10:00 to 17:00

From 01.04 to 31.05 and from 01.09 to 31.10 – from 10:00 to 18:00

From 01.06 to 31.08 – from 10:00 to 19:00

From 01.11 to 15.03 – open only on weekends from 10:00 to 17:00

Ticket price 5 euros.

Watch a minute video about the castle and Portofino:


You can visit the castle in order to see the original postcard view of Portofino. Here is a picturesque view from the terrace of the castle.


Portofino Brown Castle
View of Portofino Bay from the terrace of Brown Castle (photo from castellobrown.com)


If you need just this kind, then you will have to pay 5 euros.

Slightly different, but no less beautiful views can be obtained for free, at least from two places. First place – not reaching the castle along a walkway with a live fence. In some places, this fence is slightly lower and on outstretched arms you can get a very beautiful photo:


sights of portofino


Another place with a beautiful view is the square at the Church of St. George. There you can take a picture of yourself:


what you can see in portofino
I, Portofino and some kind of package)))))


St. George is the patron saint of Portofino and his relics are kept in this church. The very first church, built in 1154, was destroyed during the war, and acquired its modern look already in the 50s.\


Portofino Church of St. George
Church of St. George


Another temple in Portofino deserves attention – the parish church of San Martino. It was built in the 12th century. Today, sculptures made of stone and wood and many other works of Italian masters are stored here. This temple can be seen from the main square of the city.

The main square of the city is Piazetta, where the most expensive cafes and restaurants are located. And the most expensive shopping is on the main street of Via Roma.


piazzetta in portofino
Piazetta – the main square of the city, where the most expensive cafes and restaurants are located


The town is located in Portofino National Park, so you can just walk around the city while admiring the views.


what to watch in portofino
Narrow paths leading to the lighthouse
types of portofino
Brown Castle Terrace View
attractions in portofino what to see
I want to admire and enjoy these species
portofino lighthouse
Portofino Lighthouse


If you go towards the cape, you can go to the lighthouse, where there is also a cafe with a picturesque view.

By the way, a cocktail in this bar costs 10 euros, espresso 2 euros, cappuccino – 3.5 euros, soft drinks for 5 euros.

There are few tables, and there are high chairs at the entrance, which means that in the season there are even lines of people who want to enjoy the moment


cafe at the lighthouse of portofino
The lighthouse has a cafe with a picturesque view.


And next to the lighthouse you can admire the turquoise sea and breathe in the smell of pines.


what to do in portofino


Not far from Portofino is the Abbey of San Fruttuoso di Capodimento, and in the bay of Fruttuoso at a depth of 17 meters there is a statue of Christ. They say that it is visible not only from the sea, but also from the hill on which the abbey is located.

The complex itself was built in the 10th century, and in the 15th century a watch tower was built to protect against sea robbers.

The most detailed map that I found on the Internet is presented below. To view or download, click “open image in new window”:


portofino map


Also see my map of Portofino’s attractions, where I marked not only the attractions themselves, but also the places where beautiful views for photographs open.


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