Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport is a small but rather popular airport in Italy, as it accepts flights from low-cost airlines, including Ryanair and, more recently, our Victory. I tell you how to get from Pisa airport to the city and other cities of Italy.

Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport is located just 5 km from the center of Pisa and 1 km from the main railway station. Based on this, we can estimate the size of Pisa itself.

The official website of the airport http://www.pisa-airport.com/en/ On the site you can see the online arrivals and departures board, as well as information on the airport itself and how to get to the airport.

Information can also be obtained at the Information desk, where you can buy tickets for public transport, and also leave the luggage for storage (baggage is accepted from 9 to 19, baggage claim from 8 to 20, price 7 €).

Car rent at Pisa Airport

You can rent a car at Pisa Airport; most of the international rental companies have representative offices at the airport. If you do not book a car in advance, then there may be problems with the availability of suitable and inexpensive cars, especially in the summer season, therefore, it is better to book in advance. This can be done both on the websites of the companies themselves and through a broker, 10-15% cheaper. I recommend the Rentalcars.com service , which I usually use .


I can also recommend my article about car rental in Italy .


The cost of renting a car at the airport of Pisa starts from 80 euros per week for a car of the “mini” class. I also recommend that you purchase full insurance coverage: this will increase the cost of rent, but in case of damage to the car (or bad faith rental) it will save both money and nerves. The cost of gasoline in Italy is 1.20 € -1.40 €. Italy also has toll roads; you can see the information on the website http://autotraveler.ru/italy/

Pisa Airport Transfer

If you do not drive a car, but do not want to use public transport, then a taxi is at your service. It is safer to use official taxis, or book a transfer in advance (at the same time you will book in Russian, and you can also pay in advance so that there are no questions about payment during the trip). For example, see the transfer here ( my review ). The cost to the center of Pisa is from 35 euros per car.

How to get to Pisa from the airport or to the airport from the city

  1. The first method is the most budgetary. You can get there on foot. If you travel with a small amount of luggage, then you can walk from the city center to the airport in an unhurried step with short stops and a break for gelato, you can take about an hour and a half, at the same time see the city. The roads are smooth, the route is safe and even pleasant. What to see in Pisa and where to spend the night read in this article .
  2. Bus line CTT Nord – LAM Rosse. Scheme of bus stops at the airport:

Pisa Airport Buses

The bus travels via the train station, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Santa Chiaro Hospital and the city center (Piazza Duomo). Buses depart on average every 15 minutes, on the way to the center 10-15 minutes. The fare is 1.20 €. Tickets can be purchased at the airport information desk or at a kiosk at the bus stop. Bus route:

Pisa city bus

The schedule can be downloaded on the official CTT website at http://www.pisa.cttnord.it/Linee_e_Orari/Linee_Urbane_Pisa/L/133

  1. Taxi / Transfer

Taxis can be picked up upon arrival, or booked in advance. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much an official taxi costs (if someone used one, please write in the comments). Transfer to the city center will cost from 35 €. You can order through the service indicated at the beginning of the article.

  1. The fourth option is to rent a car. If you plan to be only in Pisa, then you are unlikely to need a car, but if you plan to travel to Italy, then this will be a great idea. You can order a car in advance via the Internet.

How to get from Pisa to Florence

The distance from Pisa to Florence is only about 100km, and air tickets to Pisa are much cheaper than to  Florence , therefore, many choose this particular arrival airport. Getting to Florence is not difficult.

  1. Of course, in this case, the most convenient way is to get there by car in less than 2 hours. You can compare car prices through the form at the beginning of the article. It is better to book a car in advance, while the lowest prices and a large selection.
  2. Transfer from Pisa airport to Florence will cost from 130 €. If you are traveling four or you have a lot of luggage, then the amount is not that big. You can order here .
  3. Bus is the cheapest way to get to Florence. There are several buses on the route Pisa Airport – Florence.

Autostradale bus . It takes about 70 minutes, a stop at the airport exit, a stop in Florence at Piazzale Montelungo. The cost of tickets indicated on the official website is 10 € one way (perhaps this price only when buying on the website, when buying on the spot, the price may be higher). Price and schedule at https://www.airportbusexpress.it

Flixbus bus . The company was personally verified by me, about which I wrote a review article . It takes about 1 hour 10 minutes. Tickets cost from 8 €. The bus follows from Aeroporto Parcheggio Scambiatore. Find tickets (or an alternative) through the omio.com search engine

how to get from pisa to florence

Terravision Bus (http://www.terravision.eu/). Another low-cost bus, popular in Italy. Departs from Pisa Airport and follows through Florence to Florence Airport . Buying tickets – on the official website. Tickets cost from 5 €, but as of May 2017, this route is not serviced.

Also , the Caronnatour bus goes to Florence Airport , ticket price is 20 €.

  1. Train Pisa Florence. As I already wrote, the Pisa Centrale train station is located just 1 km from the airport, you can walk on foot in about 25 minutes, or take the city bus for 1.20 €. Travel time to Florence 1: 10-1: 20, trains run very often. Ticket price from 8.40 €. Schedule and price can be checked on the website trenitalia.com, and you can buy tickets directly at the station (at the box office or machine)
pisa how to get
View of Pisa and its falling tower from the airplane window

How to get from Pisa to Siena

Pisa does not have a direct connection with Siena, therefore, the only way to get there without connecting is to rent a car (roads are free) or order a transfer, as I wrote above. The distance between cities is about 125 km. To get to the dock, you can use either the bus or the train.

  1. Autostradale bus. The fare is about 15 €. The schedule and time of connections can be downloaded from the official website (https://www.airportbusexpress.it/Acquisto.aspx?ida=7&idc=19&senso=A)
  2. Trenitalia trains from 10.70 euros. It takes more than 2 hours. Do not forget about transfers and be prepared to delay trains and, consequently, reduce transfer times, and sometimes be late for this change (I’ll say from personal experience), therefore, on my last flights I would not recommend traveling if you do not want to spend the night somewhere along the way. Yes, trains leave from Pisa Centrale Station.

How to get from Pisa to Genoa

  1. Car rental is a great way, but not for everyone.
  2. The Flixbus bus from the Pietrasantina station in Pisa to the Fanti d’Italia stop in Genoa. We used the bus in the opposite direction. The bus delayed a little (about 30 minutes), therefore, lay a little more time on the road (no one has canceled traffic jams and the bus delay is unlikely to be related to the mentality or laziness of the workers – you just need to accept this). It takes about 3 hours. Our tickets cost 5 €. If you buy in advance, then it is more likely to buy at that price, and if there is also a company stock, the price will be even cheaper. The buses are comfortable, with wi-fi (unless, for technical reasons, the bus is changed)
  3. Trains to Genoa. There are direct ones, including fast and night. On the way 1: 30-2: 00. Price from 21-27 €. Regional trains – with transfers. The ticket price drops to 13.30 €, but the travel time increases to 2: 30-3: 00 (in case the train moves late and you have time for the planned connection)

This is basic information about Pisa Airport and how to get to the center of Pisa and other Italian cities. If you have something to add, leave comments.

I wish you fast trains in Italy!

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