In this article I will tell you how to organize a trip to Osaka: how to get there, what to see and where to stay.


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How to get to Osaka

Find flights to Osaka:

From Japan it is easier to reach Osaka train. Consider it possible that it will be profitable for you to purchase a Japan Rail train ticket ( more details ), then traveling around Japan will be almost free for you.

Travel time and fares:

Tokyo – Osaka: 2.5 hours, 14,500 yen

Kyoto – Osaka: 13-24 minutes (560 – 3,020 yen)

Kobe – Osaka: 12-31 minutes (640-3100 yen).

You can also visit Osaka with a guided tour.

Osaka hotels.

If you plan to spend 2-3 days in Osaka, book the hotel in advance. It is better to do this 2-3 months before the trip. When I tried to rebook hotels 1 month before the trip, there were almost no options, and those that remained were very expensive.

Choosing a hotel location is based on the goals of your trip: trips to neighboring cities, visiting Osaka’s attractions, or visiting Universal Studios amusement park. In any case, I recommend focusing on the proximity of the metro station, and even better – the JR station, so you will save on transport.

In Osaka, we stayed at the Infinity Hotel Osaka Nishikujo apartments, two JR stations to Universal Park, as we arrived in Osaka with the purpose of visiting the park.

You can choose a hotel near the central train station Osaka – Osaka Station, then you can easily get to other cities.

If you want to be as close to the city center, focus on the Dotonbori quarter (this is the central quarter, where life is in full swing even at night). See hotels in the area:


Osaka Attractions

Osaka is considered the trading capital of Japan, and it also turns out that Osaka has an unofficial name – “Japanese Italy”. So that’s why I liked this city so much 🙂

Unfortunately, almost all of Osaka’s historical monuments were destroyed during World War II.

No. 1. The main attraction – Osaka Castle – was completely restored. The castle was originally built in 1597, it was planned as an impregnable fortress, therefore, we see only 5 floors and 3 more are underground. Around the castle is a large territory of the park.

The entrance to the castle is 600 yen.

Schedule: from 9:00 to 17:00.

Nearest JR station Osaka jokoen

Castle website:

No. 2. Universal Studios Park is an amusement park, Asia’s first Universal Park. For the sake of the park, in fact, we included Osaka in our travel route in Japan . About the park, I wrote a this article.

universal studios osaka

No. 3. Kitaku is a business district of the city, located north of Osaka Station. It is famous for its many restaurants, shopping arcades and modern architecture. The brightest building is the Umeda Sky Building skyscraper.

Number 4. The Dotonbori Quarter is a vibrant, neon, tourist district of Osaka with many shops, restaurants, and bars. Very atmospheric area, where it is always crowded. We got to Dotonbori after a heavy downpour, and even then there was no pushing. Near Dotonbori there are indoor shopping galleries with shops, game rooms, etc. This is the Shinsayobashi shopping area.

dotonbori osaka
That is how we represent Japan: bright, neon, crowded. The Dotonbori Quarter is fully consistent with the performance.

No. 5. Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in the country, located in the south of the city (Sumiyashi Taisha Station). This Shinto shrine was founded in the 3rd century and for a long time served as a model for the palace built and Shinto temples.

Where to go from Osaka

Most popular destinations from Osaka:

  1. Kyoto – the ancient capital of Japan ( Kyoto guide )
  2. Nara – Deer town (about Nara see details in the article about Kyoto Attractions )
  3. Kobe is a port city with Chinatown and European Quarter ( Kobe guide )
  4. Himeji and White Heron Castle ( more about Himeji )

This is the basic information about Osaka. If you have something to add, leave your comments. 


Guided tours in Osaka

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