One of the days in Prague we devoted to a trip to the Zoo. What was able to see – read (and see) in the article.

Prague’s zoo is really huge, and you need to lay the whole day to visit it. If time is short, then at least 4 hours to briefly inspect the lower part of the park. Which day to visit the zoo to choose, I do not know, because we were on a cloudy, cool day (mid-September), everyone hid in their minks and we simply did not see many animals. Again, on a hot sunny day, animals will also hide from the sun 🙂 Maybe you are lucky!

Zoo map

Prague zoo map

You can buy a zoo card with tickets at the box office, it costs a lot – 5 krons. You can also download a map of Prague zoo in advance on the official website.

How to get to the Zoo

To get from the center of Prague to the zoo, it is more convenient to use a metro + bus. We got it, it’s easy.

First you need to get to the Nádraží Holešovice metro station (from the Florence station on the red line there are only 2 stops). Next, exit the subway following the signs to the Zoo

Prague zoo how to get

And we take the bus number 112, which goes right to the entrance to the Zoo (it takes about 12 minutes), the stop Zoologická zahrada

Bus to Prague Zoo

If you are traveling from the center, then a short ticket for 30 minutes (24czk) should be enough to get to the Zoo.

Trams No. 5, 12, 14, 15, 17, 52, 53, 56 stop 2 km from the zoo, I see no reason to use this mode of transport.

You can also get a taxi, how much a taxi costs in Prague, wrote in an article on prices.

What is in the zoo. Zoo photo

Briefly about the zoo:

  • 58 hectares – total area 
  • 12 pavilions
  • Over 150 expositions
  • Over 4700 animals
  • 681 types

In the zoo you can see animals such as hippos, polar bears, camels, elephants, giraffes, giant turtles, kangaroos, lions, tigers, moose, gorillas, etc. (see map)

There is also a cable car (it lifts to the top of the zoo, but you can go on foot):

Prague zoo cableway
The cable car lifts to the upper level, however, you can climb there on foot


cable car at Prague zoo prices

Observation tower, Gocharov’s houses, a 19th-century adit (not very interesting), a geological track with fossil specimens, paper manufactory.

Prague Fossils Trail
One of the exhibits of the Fossils Trail

Of course, there are toilets, souvenir stalls, cafes.

Prague Zoo Cafe
There are a lot of cafes in the zoo – you can eat and have a beer

You can ride a zoo on a train:

train in Prague zoo prices

I will show a few of my photos, which animals we managed to see. Most liked the polar bears

zoo prague bear
The legs and ass of the polar bear look very nice.


Zoo Prague Giraffes
The coolest are giraffes. They live in conditions close to natural.


Zoo Prague Hippopotamus


zoo penguins


Zoo Prague elephants

and elephants:

Zoo Prague baby elephant
Charming baby elephant

Pink flamingos

Prague flamingo zoo

Here is who we still managed to see:

Prague meerkat zoo
Prague Llama Zoo
These are probably Lamas
Zoo Prague Turtle
Giant tortoise. Below is a video of her feeding!
zoo prague monkey
And it happens that a monkey is next to you
Zoo Prague Elk
Hornless Elk


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Practical information

Zoo on the map of Prague:

Zoo address: U Trojského zámku 3/120

Zoo website:

Prices for visiting the zoo (as of March 2020):

Zoo opening hours

prague zoo opening time


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Bonus: video feeding giant turtles at the Prague Zoo

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